I received the replacement schedule cpu by post. I will exchange it for this cpu. Also dedicated grease was included. Unlike exchange of RAM and storage, cpu replacement requires opening all the back. There are no hidden screws. Remove all the screws visible from the back, the black cover on the back comes off. Screws on the outer periphery of the back are easy to dismantle because they are common in size. Even if you remove the back cover, you can not see cpu. It is because it is under the ocher-colored waste heat plate. Since the waste heat plate is only screwed, it is removed with a screwdriver. There is a silver aluminum plate, but this is also a waste heat plate. Also remove this. To the aluminum waste heat plate, Internet cable is sticking with adhesive tape, so peel it off. Remove the tape carefully because it is reusable. Aluminum waste heat plate is hard to peel off as old grease existing under the plate adheres to the plate even if the screw is removed. Since the copper plate for waste heat is not screwed, it can be easily removed just by lifting. Since you can see cpu, you can easily remove cpu by turning the socket 180 degrees with a flathead screwdriver. Place the replacement cpu in the socket and rotate the lock 180 degrees with a flathead screwdriver. Pay attention to the mounting direction. You can put it in the wrong direction even if you make a mistake. In that case pc will not start. The direction can be known by looking at the character of cpu. Apply grease. As the fan was dirty, I cleaned up. The fan is stopped by one cable and three screws. When cleaning, remove them. After that, I will return pc to the original by the reverse procedure to the previous one, but temporarily confirm whether pc starts or not. Temporarily check whether pc starts up. I was relieved without any problems.

The CPU exchange has the following conditions.
· Whether there is room for waste heat.
· Are CPU sockets the same?
· Is the cpu generation the same? Complete up to the end. I hope this movie was useful for you!
※ Dismantling is done at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility.

How to upgrade the CPU, clean the interior (SONY PC)
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2 thoughts on “How to upgrade the CPU, clean the interior (SONY PC)

  • February 24, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    Do you know if I can upgrade t7100 to t9600?

  • September 2, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Wat musuc intro


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