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Today we’re going to be testing a 90-70 processor I have a part number here, IC697CPX772 don’t
be concerned about the revision letters, this test will be the same for all of them it’s
just a simple test. I’m going to go ahead and put this in the
rack. Power it up, what I’m going to do here is
remove this door so that you can better see everything on the inside that I’m going to
be pointing at. The first thing I want to do is plug in. I’m
going to be using a cable here, AS693232SNP this is a programming cable connected to the
computer it has LED’s that flash when it’s communicating and I’m placing that on Port
3. I’m going to go ahead and connect up.
Now, it’s communicating and it’s connected up if you are unable to connect then there’s
obviously a problem with the processor and this is something that we commonly repair
here or we offer exchange programs and new units that we can ship very quickly so please
see our website if you can’t get connected and there’s a bigger problem, you won’t be
able to follow this test. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going
to place the processor into run mode and what I’m doing in the background is just going
into a programming screen, clearing any processor or I/O faults.
Don’t clear any other information from your processor that you may need such as flash
memory, just I/O faults and processor faults. Now, I’m going to go ahead and download and
run. The processor is in an IC697CHS750 rack, the
slots are empty because again this is just for the processor and it’s being powered by
an IC697PWR711 power supply. And again we can see this Port #3 talking
these LED’s are Port 3, Port 2 and Port 1 and I’ll be going through that shortly.
As soon as this build is complete, we’ll be able to get it into run mode right now. So
now, I have all three LED’s on which means that the processor is in fact in run mode.
The run mode is the middle LED the bottom is the I/O Inputs Outputs Enabled and I want
to test this toggle switch below the LED’s and that lets me shut off the I/O or put it
back into run mode and all of those work. I also have, if you can see, a key on the
top of the processor this is for memory protect, I’m going to turn that on and I should get
an LED that comes on that tells me that my memory protect setting works, so that’s fine.
Now, last two tests I want to make sure that all the ports work, so I’m going to unplug
Port 3, plug into Port #2 and immediately I have communication so I know that that works
and I can see on my software screen that it’s working so I’m going to unplug that and put
it back. And last, I have a cable that fits to Port
#1 this is IC693CBL316 it looks like a phone jack on one side and on the other side is
a serial cable that plugs into my computer and as soon as I plug that in I should get
some kid of response on the LED. Here and we do it’s blinking and it’s talking so this
is good all three ports work all the switches work and the processor can go into run mode.
That’s the basic test, what I would recommend doing if you can get this far and you feel
that the processor is a problem I’d leave it running over night or over a weekend a
couple days and what you want to do is you want to make sure or check back that it’s
still in run mode. If for any reason it kicks itself out of run
mode there’s actually a problem with your processor you can go into your, I’m using
Proficy* Machine Edition GE You can go into Target on your top menu bar into diagnostics
and the diagnostics screen will tell you why it fell out of run mode.
Okay, I hope this video helped you, thank you.

How To Troubleshoot: IC697CPX772 (GE Fanuc PLC Training Series 90-70 CPU)

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