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Today we’re going to be testing a IC697CPM915 Central Processor. I have the door off just
so that it doesn’t distract what I’m trying to do for the viewer, but this is the door
that goes to it, and these are the LED’s: Module OK, Run, Outputs Enabled, Memory Protect.
I’m going to go over that and some of the other features that this processor has in
just a moment. So, I have it in an IC697CHS750 five slot rack which is empty other than the
processor and that’s because we’re just trying to get this into Run Mode. Next thing I have
is an IC697PWR711 power supply which I do have powered up and the first thing I want
to mention of course is that I have an OK LED and it’s solid. So, if you don’t have
an OK LED on or if it’s blinking, or you can’t connect, then there’s definitely a problem
with your processor and you would need to stop immediately because you won’t be able
to follow the test. That’s an indication that there’s a fatal error with the processor and
it is something that we do repair here quite frequently. We offer repairs, exchange programs,
new and re-manufactured products with same day shipping so, if that’s something that
you need or interests you please see us at PDFsupply.com So, now that I am powered up
I’m going to go through a test okay, I have here an AS693232SNP cable with LED’s that
are blinking that you may not be able to see through the video but it’s good for user interface
so you know that the processor’s talking. I am connected and communicating with it through
Proficy Machine Edition alright I have a blank test file. So, now that I am connected I’m
going to go ahead and hit the hand print icon, the green hand print icon which toggles to
the program mode. Once it’s in program mode, I’m going to go to Target on the top menu
bar and down to Online Commands. Once you’re in Online Commands, you’re going to go to
Clear and a window pops up and it asks you what do you want to clear, just the bottom
two selections which is Controller Fault Table and I/O Fault Table. Do NOT Clear Anything
Else because the trouble there is you may end up clearing some memory or some information
you need to keep on your processor and that could be dangerous. So, do not clear anything
other than Controller and I/O Fault Tables. Then, now that I’ve done that I’m going to
go to the Download and Run button which is the Download Information & Run Icon in one
button, okay. Alright, now next window that pops up is asking me what I want to download
to the controller and this is just, our goal is to just get the processor into Run Mode
and go through some of the switches and lights, that’s all. So, Configuration and Logic the
top two selections, Hardware Configuration and Logic okay so we’re going to select that.
Once that’s done, it’s going to build what it is we’ve asked it to build and allow us
to go into Run Mode and we’re just about there. Alright, so now we’re in Run Mode and ask
you can see these three LED’s are on. The bottom one tells us we’re in Run Mode and
the outputs are enabled, the middle one tells us well as I’ll go through it. This is to
do with the Toggle Switch, alright. Toggle Switch in the most upright position is the
bottom LED is corresponds with the bottom LED telling us that the Outputs are Enabled
and we’re in Run Mode. If I shut the Outputs Off, now the Outputs are Disabled. Alright,
and then from the bottom most selection for this Toggle Switch it shuts Run Mode off.
Now the module is stopped. It’s manually stopped so it did that just to check that the switch
is functioning and it appears that it is, so next thing is we have a key that goes into
the top Memory Protect. That’s this LED right here, and of course when we turn it On we’re
hoping to see that the LED is On and if the LED is not working it’s likely that the Memory
Protect isn’t working because perhaps the switch is broken, which does commonly happen
believe it or not. So, that’s just the basic features. There’s
only one Port to test. The next thing is if you feel like the processor is a troubled
processor and it’s giving you problems, you might want to let it Run overnight is what
we do here. Let it Run overnight or over a weekend, a couple days and what you’re trying
to do there is you’re hoping that the processor stays in Run Mode, alright. So, if you come
in after a couple days and the processor is not in Run mode, then it kicked itself out
voluntarily and there’s a reason for it. So, what I would normally do is go into Proficy
Machine Edition, go to Target and go to Diagnostics and the Diagnostics Table will open up in
your Info Viewer and it will let you know what happened and why. Sometimes the information
is hard to interpret because it’s all technical terms and codes but there are times that valuable
information does come up so if it’s something that you are still able to figure out, please
keep us in mind that we do repairs. We can get you guys back up and running again, we
offer exchange programs and new and re-manufactured products with same day shipping, if that helps
you. Thank you. PDFSupply.com

How-To Troubleshoot: IC697CPM915 (PLC Training/CPU Tutorial)

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