Hello and welcome to pdfsupply.com. Today
we’re going to be testing an RX3i redundancy processor. This is an IC695CRU320. I have
it attached to an IC695CHS007 seven-slot rack. It’s being powered by an IC695PSA040 power
supply. As you can see, I’ve already got the power supply powered up and the processor
powered up, and I have a CPU okay light on. The first thing that you want to do if this
is a troubleshooting exercise for you is you want to make sure that the CPU after it’s
gone through its self-diagnostic lands at the CPU okay green LED on. If you don’t have
a light on or if the light is red or blinking red, that means that there’s something more
catastrophically wrong with this processor and you’d have to have it replaced or repaired.
Basically what we’re going to do here is get the processor into run mode. We’re going to
check the run-enabled switch and we’re going to check com ports one and two. Currently
plugged into com port number two using an HE693CBL232 cable. The adapter I’m using to
get to the 15-pin com port two is an HE693SNP232. When we do com port number one I’ll show you
I have a gender adapter that we’re going to use, a mail gender adapter that’s going to
attach to this nine-pin connector. I’m using Proficy Machine Edition, so if you
could direct your attention to it. What I have here is an open blank file that doesn’t
have a program or anything in it. It’s simply just a hardware configuration. Everything
that you see here physically in front of you I’ve put into this blank file under rack zero.
When you open rack zero it will
say IC695CHS007, IC695PSA040 power supply, and the IC695CRU320 processor.
The first thing I want to do is connect up to it. Again, we’re in com port number two.
We’re going to use the lightning bolt icon which is in the upper left hand corner of
the screen if you guys are following my mouse. Then click the green hand print. If you look
down below, this status bar is telling me that I’m in programmer mode, stop disabled,
configuration equal, logic equal. Typically it would say configuration and logic not equal
but this is a file that I’ve used before for a CRU320.
First thing I want to do is go to target, online commands, clear. What I want to clear
is the bottom two selections: controller fault table and IO fault table. If you don’t clear
these out, if there are any inherent minor faults, it will hang it up when you try to
do your download and get it into run mode, so make sure that you clear these two selections
and nothing else. We don’t want to clear all memory or anything that you may lose, then
select okay. Next thing we’re going to do is the download,
which is the download and run icon, which is download and start active target here.
First thing it’s asking us is what do we want to download to the controller. In this particular
situation it’s hardware configuration and logic. We don’t want to write anything to
the permanent flash memory or initial force values. These two will get us into run mode.
I’m going to hit okay. Now another thing, as this is downloading
I wanted to point out I do have my battery connected. It’s a good battery; it’s a tested
good battery. There’s not light on indicating that I need to replace the battery. Always
make sure that you guys have a good battery. That part number is IC695ACC302. Very important
to make sure that you always have
that connected. Now it’s asking us if we want to start the
controller or enable the outputs. Yes. Now in the upper left side I can see that I’m
in run mode because the only function I can do from here is stop the processor. Then down
below we’re looking for the status is programmer run enabled, configuration equal, logic equal.
This is the way it should read when it’s properly in run mode.
We know that com port two is working. In order to test com port number one we’re going to
use the gender adapter. It’s a male nine-pin gender adapter. We’re going to take our HE693CVL232
off, attach the gender adapter, and apply it to com port number one. Now, I don’t know
if you can see this in your video but the LED above where it says com one active is
blinking. Of course in my Proficy Machine Edition I’m reconnected to the processor.
That way I know that this com port is working. If you don’t have a blinking light or if the
Proficy Machine Edition suddenly gets lost and it can’t communicate, there’s obviously
a problem with com port number one. The other thing I wanted to test I mentioned
before is the run enabled switch. Going by these LEDs and the switch itself is three
positions. The position it’s in right now is run with outputs enabled. We’re going to
take it out of run mode, out of output mode. The outputs are now disabled but it’s still
in run mode. Then we can stop the processor. You only have one LED on if you’ve stopped
they processor; that would be the CPU okay like we were before. Back to run and back
to run with outputs enabled. We know that switch is also working properly, too.
Now if you still feel that there’s a problem with the processor, if it’s hanging up, maybe
it’s reacting slow in Proficy Machine Edition, another thing you can do, you follow my mouse
here in Proficy. Open target, go to diagnostics, and your info viewer screen will turn into
a fault viewer table. Now this will give you any errors that there are occurring in the
processor. Sometimes they may be something where it’s not showing what the processor
is meant to do. It may be no backup unit available; that would be normal. You can go to clear
controller fault if it’s a minor fault, if it’s something that you know you’ve already
taken care of but it’s still showing up. Another thing I wanted to mention about this
fault viewer table is that it gives you the location, it gives you the description, and
you can expand by clicking on the bar where the problem is. Sometimes it’s clear. Sometimes
it will tell you that you have a configuration mismatch and it will tell you where it is.
There might even be a star next to it at the slot location. That would be easy to figure
out but sometimes it’s written more like in a code, and those are not so easy to figure
out. Those are usually some deeper-type problem. Either way, if you do feel like the processor
is giving you trouble and it’s a problemed processor, this is something that we commonly
repair here at PDF Supply. We offer exchange programs, new and remanfactured products,
and same day shipping. If that’s something that you need or interests you, please see
us at pdfsupply.com. Thank you.

How-to Troubleshoot: IC695CRU320 (GE IP Rx3i CPU, Proficy Machine Edition Training)

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