Welcome to PDFsupply.com Today we’re going
to be testing I have a part number here IC693CPU350 again, as usual the revision doesn’t matter,
this test will be the same for all of them. I’m placing it in a five slot rack, that’s
the IC693CHS397 and I’m placing it next to a high capacity power supply this is a IC693PWR330
I’m going to go ahead and turn that on, and like usual the first thing we check for is
that this OK light is on, if you don’t have an OK light and it doesn’t come on during
the power up you definitely have a problem with the CPU and in this case we don’t so
I’m going to go along with the test. And CPU350 is pretty simple we’re just going
to be testing two things, one is to get the CPU in run mode and stay in run mode and the
other is to check the memory protection switch. What I’m going in the background is checking
to make sure that I have a completely blank program for the purpose of getting this processor
into run mode and testing the processor solely. I don’t have anything configured in the rack
as you can see, the rack is totally empty and I want to make sure that’s the same in
the software so that we power up and we don’t have any errors or missing modules. So it
should be ready to go into run mode when I turn this switch it should get a run LED on
and I do so this is working perfectly. Now, I would just say that if you think that
this CPU is giving you problems leave it running over night over a weekend and what you want
to do the next day that you come in to check on it is this should still be in run mode
it shouldn’t kick out on of run mode, if it does you obviously have a problem with it
and what you want to do is go into your software that’s connected to it and go to Target on
your top menu bar and down below there will be a, you can click on Diagnostics and the
Diagnostics will tell you what happened. Thank you

How-To Troubleshoot: IC693CPU350 (GE Fanuc PLC Series Training 90-30 CPU)

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