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Today we’re going to be testing a 90-30 processor, the CPU341. I have a specific part number
here, IC693CPU341 and like usual, the revision letter doesn’t matter for this purpose, it’s
going to be the same for all of them. I’m placing this in a five slot rack, an empty
rack it is the IC693CHS397 and the processor is next to a high capacity power supply, the
IC693PWR330. I’m going to go ahead and power that up and the first thing I’m going to look
for is that I get a solid OK light, not a blinking light and not a blank LED.
If the light isn’t on, you obviously have a problem with the CPU and you’d have to stop
the test right now because it’s something that would need repair, and that’s something
that we look at regularly. Next thing I’m going to do is go into the
software and configure and download and get the processor into run mode and what I’m looking
for in the background here is to make sure that I have an empty rack and all empty slots
so that when we do try to turn it on we don’t have any errors or any missing modules.
Okay, now the CPU is in Run mode. There’s no key on this device, on this CPU so it’s
going to automatically go into run mode as soon as it’s able to turn on the outputs which
we’ve done and what I would do is if this processor is giving you a problem or you think
it’s the processor I’d leave this running over night or over a weekend and when you
come back in the processor over 24 hours or more should still be in run mode. If for some
reason it kicks itself out if this LED is off when you look at it a second time, you
want to go into your software under Target and go into Diagnostics and the diagnostics
will illustrate exactly what happened there. I hope this helps, thank you.

How-To Troubleshoot: IC693CPU341 (GE Fanuc PLC Training Series 90-30 CPU)

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  • February 8, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    que software necesito para realizar un backup a un IC693CPU341W?


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