Hello and welcome to PDFsupply.com. Today
we’re going to be testing an IC693 CPU 323. This is described as a 10 slot rack with embedded
CPU as you see in front of you. It’s being powered by an IC693 PWR330 power supply. I
have the power supply powered up as indicated by the power LED. The CPU is okay according
to the self diagnostic and that’s what this LED means right here. If you start this process,
if you feel like you have a CPU 323 that may have a problem, the first thing you do want
to check of course when you power it up is that you have an okay light. If you don’t
have an okay light, it’s very likely that it’s a troubled processor, there’s something
wrong with it and you won’t be able to follow this test. Our goal here is to get the processor
into run mode on it’s own with no other modules and to keep it in run mode. To do that we’re
going to use proxy machine addition. In processing machine addition, what I’ve
done is I’ve selected a new blank file. Under main rack, under CPU on the drop down, if
you double click on CPU or right click on CPU you can replace the module. I’ve replaced
the default module with an IC693 CPU 323 and a PWR 330. The same physical presentation
I have in front of you is what I have in the proxy machine addition under my navigator
bar. The next thing I’m going to do is click the
lightening bolt icon which is on the top left corner. That’s the online, offline button.
Get [00:02:00] connected to the processor. Okay. Once that’s done I’m going to click
the green hand print icon which is toggling it to online mode or program mode. Not that
that’s done, the top menu bar under target, halfway down, is online commands. You click
that and another window will open up. You want to select clear. A clear memory will
pop up and it’s going to ask you what you want to clear.
In this particular case, I’ll we’re doing is just a simple get the processor into run
mode test. The only thing we want to clear is control or fault table and IO fault table.
Select okay. Are you sure you want to continue with this? Yes. Don’t select anything else
that you may lose something that you have saved. Okay.
Once that’s done, we’re going to go and click the download and start active target button
or F9 which is the download information icon with a play button. It’s going to say there
is a built in progress and it’s going to start to put together this blank configuration that
we have here. Then it’s going to ask you, a window will pop open, what do you want to
download to the controller. In this particular case, just hardware configuration and logic.
The top 2 selections, we don’t want to initiate any forced values or write anything to flash
memory. That’s not what we’re trying to do here. I’m going to select okay. Again, that’s
just the top 2 selections, hardware configuration and logic. The build will continue to progress.
Then it’s going to ask you whether you want to start the controller or outputs enabled.
Yes or okay. All right. [00:04:00] If the processor is in good working
condition, it will go under run mode as you see here. The green LED next to run should
come on as soon as you ask it to start the controller. Now that the controller is in
run mode, what I want to do, again, if this is a processor that I think that could be
troubled, I’ll let it run for a couple days, 2 or 3 days, maybe in a warm room, a hot environment.
What I’m trying to do is assimilate that it’s in a situation where it’s working and see
if I can create a fault or a problem. If I come back after 2 or 3 days and it’s still
in run mode and there is no faults or errors and everything is fine, I believe that the
processor is in good working condition. If for some reason it jumps out of run mode or
if it kicks itself out of run mode, what I would want to do is go to target again and
then 3/4 of the way down that window is diagnostics. When you click on diagnostics, you’re info
viewer tab will become a fault table viewer. It will give you any errors or faults that
the processor has had within the time that you started it until the time it may have
kicked itself out of run mode. You’ll want to pay attention to what those errors are.
Sometimes they’re understandable and something they’re not. They’re technical information
that’s difficult to interpret. If you do have a processor that has failed
or you think that it is failed or has a problem, any of these things that I mention, we do
repair these processors here at PDF Electric and Supply. We offer exchange programs, new
and re-manufactured products, and same day shipping. If that’s something that you need
or interest you, please see us at PDFsupply.com. Thank you.[00:06:00]

How-To Troubleshoot: IC693CPU323 (GE Fanuc PLC Series 90-30 CPU)

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