what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
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ecommerce insights and really step-by-step how-to content for any
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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today’s gonna be a
really short one I just want to answer a question that I’m getting a lot across
the board and especially if you if you just recently seen the two Instagram
videos that I put out on the the Instagram tips and the new algorithm
updates and so on and so forth if you haven’t go ahead and check them out
they’re really really great I’m gonna drop them as a plus because they’re not
really related obviously to this this piece of content that I’m putting out
today but they’re great if you want you know updates on the new in serum
algorithm if you want to ensure that your you know your your audience is
really kind of engaging with you the most possible then go ahead and check
them out they’ll really really help you out with Instagram but this question was
one that I got emailed probably five to maybe five six times just in the past
two days or so and it was how I essentially recorded my screen for my
phone now it’s really really simple and I’m just gonna touch on that and then
you know we’ll get right into it for you so I use software called lonely screen I
downloaded it and pretty much all I did was swipe up on my iPhone and it’s I
believe it’s similar on the Droid as well I haven’t had a Droid and God knows
how long but if you do I’m sure there’s a way to do it you could google it but
all I did was I swiped up on my iPhone I hit screen mirroring and lonely screen
popped up now how and then obviously it just pops up here in your cake you can
you know do whatever you want with it you know how do I get that essentially
all you do is you go to lumely screen comm and you can download it it’s 100%
free so I don’t have any fancy software for that I literally just use lonely
screen and I record my phone that’s how I showed you you know what I was doing
on my phone clearly there’s more advanced software’s out there that can
do it better kind of put some like fancy stuff on the side of the screen here you
know when what you’re recording I don’t really care about that while I do care
about the production of this channel like the production quality on this
channel for sure I don’t necessarily think that you need all the bells and
whistles to you know really a good message if you have it so the content
was great I don’t think you know I needed some fancy software to basically
relate that to you you can get this 100% free but that will basically allow you
to put your phone on your computer and kind of mirror that so that people can
see that if you want to kind of relate that to an audience and you’re maybe
doing content creation yourself or for you see fit no I do want to care another
little caveat with you if you want to do the opposite of that and basically you
know use your computer from your phone this is another great way so this is a
little caveat and I’m just a bonus tip that I’m gonna add in here because I
think it’s related so like I said loading screen comm download that
software that then you do screen mirroring from your phone very very
simple if you have any questions feel free to drop in the comments I’d love to
ask or answer them for you sorry but TeamViewer comm will basically allow you
or team here or us I apologize just google TeamViewer it’s the first one
that pops up and make sure that you’re on the actual TeamViewer us website and
then you simply download TeamViewer it’s it’s 100 some free it doesn’t cost you
anything and what that will basically let you do is you can you download the
software to your computer and you see that it’s running in the background my
computer right here and what that does is lets me open up the app I can
download the TeamViewer app on my iPhone as well and then I can open up the app
put in the code that I get from the software that I download here and that
allows me to literally open up my computer and control my mouse and click
and type for my actual computer from my literal phone so my phone turns into a
computer it’s pretty cool so you can you know there’s a variety of different you
know possibilities and contention yeah excuse me well potentialities on why you
might want to use that for example you know maybe you’re on the go and you want
to send out an email blast or you know maybe you’re on the go and you know
there’s only something that’s specifically on your computer hard drive
and not on the cloud that you need to access TeamViewer or let you do that
from your phone literally anywhere on in the world for me I used to actually use
TeamViewer because not only can you not just use it from your phone but you can
also I can also use somebody else’s computer if they have TeamViewer as well
so if they send me their code I can hop on their computer from my phone or from
my computer as well and then I used to come and do consulting that way I don’t
necessarily do consulting anymore I don’t have the time for it and Allah is
getting a lot of questions about you know consoled things so I kind of
stopped but when I used to do consulting I used to do Skype consulting which was
face to face or if the person needed a little bit more of a technical kind of a
you know step by step you know show me how like this channel
basically features all the content I would literally hop into their screen
via TeamViewer and then I would literally go through in a bit you need
to do this then you need to click here and I would tell them and literally
control their mouse so that they they were shown how to do it not just told
but that’s really you know the bread and butter today guys I come and just wanted
to touch on two pieces of software that can really help you out you know
regardless of what you want to use that for so hope you like them as always like
the video if I thought you if you thought it you know brought you some
good value comment below it really really helps
channel grow and obviously genuinely appreciate both of them and I will see
you guys tomorrow

How to Screen Mirror Your Phone to Your Computer

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