I’m David Shaw, and
this is AI News. This time, we bring you
a real-world use case from a recent Intel video series
called Deep Learning Made Easy. Hosts Ian Bragg and
Neal Smith discuss how to dynamically scale
applications for performance with the Intel Movidius
Neural Compute Stick, or Intel Movidius NCS. Let’s take a look. In the video, Neal highlights
the role of the Neural Compute App Zoo, an online repository
of pre-trained neural networks and applications shared by
Intel and the community. He demonstrates how adding
multiple Intel Movidius Neural Compute Sticks improves
the performance of an application that analyzes
objects from a street camera. Next, he walks
through the details of how the program works. Let’s look at Ian
Bragg and Neal Smith in action, running
the Neural Compute App Zoo and what happens when
they add a couple more Neural Compute Sticks. So let’s just go
ahead and run it. I can see that it shows cabs
and cars and that kind of thing. But it’s running pretty slowly. So let’s go ahead and
plug in a few of these and see what we get. Can you show us what
the change will be? Yeah. So yeah, these
are actually going by at near-real-time speeds. Pretty impressive, right? Check out the video for
yourself in the links. And I will see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING]

How to Scale Performance with Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Sticks | AI News | Intel Software
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