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we’re just going to do some nail removal of the planks now we’ve got them apart I’ll just show you what i’m wearing. I’ve got one of these carpenters belts on, I haven’t got much in it at the moment as my tools are on the ground as I’m already using them. They’re very handy to have, if you are doing this kind of work this sort of work you know we need a lot of tools chopping and changing because Often you’re quite a few tools And you want to move around a bit and quite often just leave them around on the ground and I have to go and get them well that’s was I used to do, and now theoretically this makes things easier if you remember to put things back in the belt Okay, I’m gonna adjust the camera maybe zoom in a little Can see what’s going on here so I’ve got a nail here All right so Here to get rid of I get the nails out this one looks Relatively straight like I’m gonna go a hammer that out all you need to do is put your hand You know somewhere sort of Near the end and have the end nearest something else that’s solid like something that;s stacked on top of pallets And just tap it down,That was a, that was a nice easy one that doesn’t always happen, and then you use the back of your hammer and pull it out It’s the It’s the nail that came out, not too bad pretty small one all had once Oh Ridiculously big, there just, some of them you can’t even get out the wood once their in them, they’re just so big Okay, that was easy, I’ll try and find one that’s gonna be troublesome. This looks like it might be okay You see that all these nails are on a angle, so The first thing you can try and do is knock them up, tap so they’re straight And then, tap them out, so this one looks pretty easy too. Having a bit of luck here. What I try and do, is really make it hard for myself Just so I can show you what I do. I think these nails are going to be fairly easy to get out ok, so I’ve already got one down like that. And I tap it up it’s going up I think that’s…. Alright, so that’s what I wanted to do okay, so now that nail is so bent That even if I try and straighten it it should be hard to use the pliers here So you can try and use your pliers to straighten the nails too but I didn’t want to do that as I am trying to bend them Straight, this one. This is alright. It’s going pretty well this should come out now Now some nails, now I’m trying to see if I’ve got one actually that’s, some of them are a bloddy nightmare Or basically what happens is the nail is so deformed, and the wood is so tight that You just can’t get the nail out. You know even if you try and being it straight It just keeps on bending, over so if that happens, so it was like, I’ll try and do it with this one, try and actually physically bend it so it’s In pretty bad shape you can see that It’s not what you want, but that’s why I’m going to try and do make this nail really bad Okay, so now if you have a nail like that and sometimes you do get some weird shaped ones, or when you try and hammer them out the wood grain so tight that they do bend quite badly like this And you think, how am I’m gonna get that out? alright some people try from the other side Maybe that works, and this is its nails alright. It’s sort of going you know It’s really straight, but anyway. It’s just happen already. I’ll just kind of show you that basically what you do is Yeah, all right so basically what you want to do is you just Wiggle the nail from just a little bit above the base because what we’re doing here is we’re weakening the middle So it’ll just snap off There we go so it’s just snapped off Because I don’t know if you can see that, but there’s a little stub there now it’s it’s relatively straight, which means that you’ can Bang it out I don’t think I have got any nails that are gonna really show you, what a nuisance they can be I’ve got this little piece here, a little broken piece. Let’s see what happens if I hammer that, hopefully that bends and becomes un-useable I’ll get that out of the way These ones are all nice and easy today, they weren’t the other day and but hopefully get there you still saying So yeah, so you’re trying to get nails and they’re just bending You know they’ll like that and no matter even if you straighten it no matter what you do it Just keeps on bending and getting worse every time you try to do it. Just get your pliers And they’re the base just wiggle with nail back and forward just twisting and it will break off And then you can just you know be careful and tap that out Unfortunately I don’t have one playing up enough that I can show you, that’s sort of what happens I hopefully you get the gist of that do that all right, so I will leave it there and all till the next video Yeah happy yeah, happy removing nails

How to Remove Pallet Wood Nails – DIY Pallet Computer Desk Part 2
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