Hello I am doing this video on request I have had someone request that I video how I decorate my daughters cochlear Implant Processor, I’m not very
good at these video’s so you have to excuse me
I will do my best to start with I take the processor apart, just helps trim the tape around the bits and pieces so i will just move some pieces out of the way taking the ear hook off aswell I will do the coil later, so with the processor and the battery, I actually keep
them attached just makes it a bit easier keeping the
tape matched up across join. Today I am using pop tape, its a decorating duct tape, it has got a bit of a fabric
fiber through it has got a little bit of stretch its
very soft so it’s be easy to get around the bends of the processor so I quite like using this tape, obviously today we are using watermelons just cut a square a little bit bigger than the processor to start with I’m find it easier with especially with
the N5 processor its got a relatively straight edge of silver there so i actually start lining it up along that silver edge because then i don’t actually have to trim
along that edge, so just lining it up there sticking it over the whole front of the processor sticking straight over the battery, because I will trim that apart later I will start with the bottom, using a nice sharp pair of craft scissors, just trimming off the corner at the
bottom trimming across the other corner, think of it a little bit like wrapping
a presents and folding that little section down, I tend to just cover the front side of the processor you
can repeat the process on both sides if you
like and then you can get an all over cover on your processor just going to trim off the excess, i don’t need all of that and trim up to where the ear hook groove is, just trim hop to there I will trim around that ear hook later as you can see with the bend of the processor, just to help the tape fold around there, just one easy slit across there and then folding the tape around this tape is relatively thin and flexible so it
does bend around the processor quite well now you can either stick with the
scissors now and trim around, which I will actually do over the top side so just trimming your curve. I recommend
getting a good pair of craft scissors designed for cutting and trimming tape if you are going to be decorating lots makes it so much easier these ones have a
non-stick coating so the tape doesn’t get stuck on them makes it really easy to decorate I’ve actually trimmed a little bit too much there, as you can see
just following that line around on your processor, now around the ear hook if you just have scissors that’s fine just trim around with your scissors what I actually like to do is I actually just pushed that into the groove with my nail. And then to get a nice neat finish I actually use a craft knife so using the craft knife just following around that ear hook groove trimming off that tape there we go sticking everywhere. Now you can pop you ear hook back on now should click on. you can see we have a relatively clean finish around there. you can just sort of squish it in around the ear hook too if you please now this is where a craft knife definitely comes in handy separating the implant from the battery again just running my nail along so I can find the groove saves me from cutting into the implant don’t want to be scoring the surface of your processor just following the groove around your processor just to separate the tape if you want
you can do with two pieces of tape and match up the pattern I find this a lot easier, we tend to if we’re doing a decoration I tend to
stick with the one battery, but you can matchup the tape on a second battery and then you can interchange your reusable
batteries if you like, so there you go, then you have your matching cover, I will take a second video to show you how I do the coil just because it’s going to get a bit long otherwise There’s your Processor Done

How to Pimp your Cochlear (Processor)
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