Welcome back to V-Store Center or V-Tech Gaming Center TV I’ve seen a lot of request from lots of people “Bro, which laptop is suitable for IT students” “Bro, which laptop is suitable for designer students” “Bro, which laptop is suitable for Civil engineer students” “Bro, which laptop is suitable for Architecture students” For those who’ve asked me those is because they wanted to know relating to a performance laptop that is suitable for their needs So, today i have 3 laptops as a recommendation for those who want a laptop suiting their needs Ok, let’s get into the video and see which one is the perfect choice for u Today, i have 3 recommendation for u guys which is in front of me right here it is all a budget laptop My first recommendation is the small boy right here It’s been imported in Cambodia for around 2 months already This one is really a budget laptop which is only What rather special is the looks of it This is the new design logo of ASUS which has never made before I don’t really know what to call this color Also, there’s a line on the screen lid which also has the same color as the logo as well as the touch pad which has been highlighted Sadly, there are no back lid light for keyboard because of the low price as u know equipping a back lid can be pricey that is why ASUS removed the back lid light For the specification it is labeled right here there’s no need for u to look anywhere else Its CPU is AMD Ryzen 2500U if we compare it to Intel which end with U as well which is Intel Core i-5 8265U This right here is better if we talk about the clock speed the cores RAM is only 4 GB If u are an IT students or Civil Engineer students an extra RAM is recommended which make it 8 GB which make processing things easier because u IT and C.E uses a lot of RAM For Designer and Architecture students this right here had difficulty because those 2 major require a stronger graphic card and CPU as well This right here is only for IT and C.E its graphic card is a GTX 1050 4GB 1TB HDD also u can an extra SSD because there’s a free slot First laptop done Now the 2nd budget laptop which is well known as the Red Dragon (MSI) which is priced only for $799 the special part of this is the casing is made by plastic with lines on the edge of the lid which make it look really premium what we see first is its screen All the edge has been cut the thickness is really slim and it is in the G series of MSI which is a gaming series what makes me really think this is a budget laptop at a price of $799 is because we can get this spec Core i-5 8300H H at the end mean that it is a high performance unit For the RAM, 8GB is already inside there’s an extra slot for another RAM 1TB HDD with no SSD but there’s an empty SSD slot so u can add it later the graphic card is GTX 1050 4GB you might have wonder between these 2 why is the MSI is more expensive let me explain why this has a different price the first reason is the look because this right here i can tell is slimmer compared to this but for the material that is has made there’s a huge different between these 2 What’s more is the back lid keyboard light For the screen panel this right here is TN and this is IPS IPS has a better color which makes it better then the TN panel because TN panel is focus largely on gaming This right here can be used by Designer because of its panel color. Architecture student can also use because the CPU is a high performance unit Second laptop done The last one on my recommendation is this This is the largest of them all from the outside and the inside These 2 on the side is no match for this It has a 17.3″ screen which these 2 has only 15.6″ This has a price of (it’s kinda pricey) The CPU is AMD again ASUS this year has a assemble a really good specification why good? because AMD is equipped by new tech consumes less power and good performance and the price is far cheaper then Intel I’m not on either side but i talk what i see and im sharing it with u guys the CPU is AMD-3750H and the RAM is 8GB which also has an extra slot 1TB HDD for the FXs SSD is not included which also can be added because there’s an extra slot The really special feature on this isss GTX 1660ti as you’ve already know it just released this year also people have been asking me about this what is this one equivalent to? So, i’ll tell u right now it has a performance similar to GTX 1070 According to the community from other country such as Tom’s hardware Gamers nexus and Hardware unboxed as they’ve already did the comparison and ill show it on screen I can tell that the 1660ti is similar to 1070 not 1660ti is far better than the 1070 there is no way that’s happening the difference is close to 1% its not possible so no further misundertstanding this is an actual example and i also have a plan to test it as well So this $1119 right here You’ll have a 17.3″ laptop An aura sync keyboard 2 fans and a GTX 1660ti There are no other laptop then this that has price and spec like this This whole spec right here can be used by any students but not for rendering

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