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Today we are going to be talking about a 90-70 accessory battery. The part number is IC697ACC701.
Here is an example of the battery. These batteries are common to central processors for 90-70
series, which would include IC697CPX928. But it is also common with all the CPX line, CGR’s,
CPM’s, and CPU’s. In the case of 90-70, it is also included in the PCM, which is our
programmable co-processor. It has a program that needs to be protected, so that part number,
as an example, is IC697PCM711. So, i am
going to go ahead and plug this in. There
are two connectors, and the reason for that is if you ever decide that you need to change
a battery, you will want to leave the old one connected while you plug in the new one
before you remove the old one. This way there is no lap in having the CPU, processor, or
co-processor, programmable processor, where it is unprotected. So please install new battery
before you take out your old one. I also want to stress that for such an inexpensive part,
this is extremely important. If there was a situation in where the CPU is powered down
and you do not have the battery connected or worse off, the battery is dead and you
didn’t know it, you are going to lose your program. So if you can just imagine how catastrophic
that would be. So please do not under estimate how important this part is.
So that is the two battery connector. A couple things i wanted to mention about troubleshooting
to see if this is bad, the 90-70 series does not have a light that tells you that the battery
is dead or disconnected. So what you want to do is go to your Proficy Machine Edition,
and go to your top menu bar under target. And towards the bottom you would like to select
Diagnostics and your Fault Table will pop up, and if there is a failed battery signal,
meaning: if your battery is disconnected or dead, it will tell you in the fault table.
So that is one way you can see. Another way is to leave the CPU up and running, do not
shut it off with the battery disconnected, i cant stress that enough. You can get a lithium
battery tester. I have one here. and i have a plug at one end. And i am going to go ahead
and plug this battery in and i am looking for it to be in the green or good. i do not
want it to be questionable or anything like that. A good working battery, a new battery,
will last any where between6 weeks to 6 months with the CPU powered down. It will protect
it for 6 weeks to 6 months. So please keep that in mind as well.
Questions i get once in a while is that this battery looks like a simple AA Battery. Of
course, it is not. This is a 3 Volt Battery. It has a very particular amperage that is
specific to the requirements that are for these modules. There is also, if you can see
this bulge underneath the shrink wrap, that there is a resistor in there. And that is
a specific resistor that makes sure that the amperage that is flowing through is correct.
So the other thing is that you do not want to try to make one of these batteries. The
trouble you are going to have is these are quickly welded from both ends to make this
connection. They are not soldered. If you try to solder this on, it drains the battery.
The result you are going to get is you are going to plug in a battery that is not charged
and you are going to have a false sense of security and again, have a problem. So do
not attempt to try to make one of these batteries, it just doesn’t work that way. Please use
the manufactured suggested batteries. This is an example of a package of batteries.
They come two to a package. This is something we carry and always have in stock. We offer
same-day shipping. So if that is something that you need or like to discuss, please contact
us at PDFsupply.com, Thank You.

How-To Install: IC697ACC701 Battery (GE Fanuc Series 90-70 CPU)

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