Hi! I’m James Adams and I’m here on behalf
of expertvillage.com and right now we’re going to talk about serial ATA hard drive.
That’s spelled SATA. It’s the newest kind of hard drive and is the easiest to install
on a PC. So now we took off the panel, we connected our data cable, we identified where
our power cable is, and now these are the drives base. Right here is for small 3 ½
inch drives and this is for 5 ¼. This is where your CD ROM’s will go and this is
for floppies and hard drives. In my case I’ve got so many open, I’m just going to pick
one at random. Take your hard drive and this the end with the connectors and you’ll see
that the other end is just flat its got nothing. So you just stick it in here. Now the hard
drive has some holes for some screws; there’s two holes in this hard drive. You just make
it line up with the one on the drive bay. You proceed to screw it on like this and then
you repeat the process for that one. Then you take your power cable and you just stick
right there and flip it if it’s on the wrong orientation and right there it’s connected.
This is the data cable, you just take it and connect it, and then you’re done that’s
all it takes.

How to Install a Hard Drive : Installing an ATA Hard Drive
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