is your screen going offline while
playing heavy game but the CPU is still on; then this is the best video you must
watch hey guys this is Ankit From The guys computer and recently I found out
that my old computer Had the same symptoms as told; the screen was going
offline when I was trying to Play Heavy games and the CPU was making loud noises
so I found a solution now here we will break this video into Few Parts.
1. Troubleshooting For the Problem. And No. 2 Simple solution.
In First Part I Have Checked For the Cooling System of the
computer and in the second part I have checked the Power Supply Unit. Now before starting up first you must install temperature monitor software and a
stress tester which will put 100% percent load on you cpu Now let’s start
the test now here as you are watching I have run a burn test to put hundred
percent load on t he CPU and at the another side I have open hardware
monitor and now you are looking how fast the the temperature raise from 40 degrees 48
degrees 65 and within a few another seconds it will reach to 70 or 69
degrees of 6 that is too hot for a computer all right now within a few minutes three seconds
we will found out the computer will go offline while making a loud noise. Look I have got the situation Here. here the monitor is off and the CPU is
still on and you can listen to the sound I hope you are able to listen the sound
like is trying on full speed now I will open my cabinet when I searched on the
internet then I found that the problem most of the people were saying that
there is a problem in your cooling system and I found that here is a
compound which is used between the CPU and heat sink. Such type of compounds is
known as thermal paste so I brought up one and applied between the CPU and
heat sink. here I have successfully applied it on
to my processor and now I will – and now I will check back whether it is working
or not Now again I ran all those tests
Intel burn tests also as well as hardware monitor and now you can
see the difference between the previous tests without that thermal paste and
this test after the thermal paste now easily you can see the temperature had
been controlled all the way; but is it the solution of the problem let’s see
whether the computer will go off line whether the screen will go offline or
not. After that when it happened again I checked out I looked at my SMPS was
making a heavy noise here look at this I have put this this power supply out and there is the fan and I can listen to the sound and the fan are on full speed. so there must be a problem in this
either it might be heating up so I have to check this out by Replacing This.
now in my case the power supply is the main culprit so I borrowed a power
supply for 450 watt power supply from my friend and again I will run all those test
will see what happens Next. Now after of a couple of test; while intel burn test as well as I also ran a test on Graphic Card; for more than 15 minutes but there was
no screen going offline and I found the solution there I found
the solution that the problem was on power supplies in my case I if I was
able to change the power supply as well as ask my old computer was factory made by HCL, so I need to change the cabinet also as the new power supply was
big so I got this cabinet from market and now my computer runs fine and I also
play game I just completed COD BOs now finally we have I have
prepared my computer by changing the power supply now it’s your time and your
turn check and troubleshoot your computer for this problem and if you
have another solution for this you can comment or you are facing any trouble or
have any questions regarding this. You can ask there thanks for watching and you can
subscribe to my channel and I will see you in the next video thank you and good

How To fix Monitor Black Off While CPU Power Running

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