Got an old laptop you’re looking to sell or donate? Or a bunch of old hard drives sitting around that you don’t know what to do with and you just want to get rid of them? Well in this video, I’m going to show you how to completely wipe the data off of your devices or your hard drives. Please note that this will not work on solid state drives or flash drives. This is only applicable
to mechanical hard drives, which would be in most older laptops or desktops. Also, a quick disclaimer, I am not responsible if you accidentally delete data you did not intend to. The disk that I’m going to show you how to create will completely wipe all disk drives, all hard drives in the computer or attached to the
computer that you insert this disk into. Okay, so the first thing you’re gonna
need to do is burn your disk nuke CD. So you’re going to need to go to So that’s just: On their homepage, you’ll just click on “download”. For this video, we’re just going to use the free
version here. So you click on this first download link. Wait for your download to start. Once your download starts, you want to go ahead
and save the file. Once your file is done downloading, go to your downloads folder and you’ll have to locate the DBAN ISO image. You’ll know because over under type, it’ll say “disk image file”. If you’re on Windows 7, you can just
double click the file or if you’re on Windows 8, right click and then
click burn disk image. Real quick, if you’re on
Windows 7- er sorry- Windows XP, you will have to
download an ISO image burner first. Select your DVD or CD burner drive, make sure you have a CD or DVD inserted and then go ahead and click burn. Once the disc has finished burning, you’ll get a confirmation message that the
disk is successfully burned to the disc. Go ahead and click on “close” and remove
the disc from your drive. Now please keep in mind, at this point this is a live, bootable disk and any computer you put
this in you run the risk of completely nuking
the disk to where- or actually, the computer to where it will not
boot anymore and all the files will be removed. So please use this disc with caution.
Don’t leave it in your computer and restart it. It’s not like it’s gonna wipe it
automatically, but it’s just not a safe thing to do. Now if you’re going to be wiping an entire computer, simply insert the
disc into the CD drive of the computer you wish to wipe and
turn on the computer. If you want to delete any additional
hard drives, or if you have a bunch of drives sitting around, go ahead and make sure you have those
drives hooked into the computer as well. You can do that by simply opening up the
side of the computer and plugging in some additional drives. Once you have the disc in the computer, go ahead and turn it on and press F12 on the keyboard to enter the boot screen. On some computers, it may not be F12, but as you turn on
your computer, you should get a prompt on the screen that says boot options and you want to press
whatever key it tells you to press. From the boot menu,
you want to select CD-ROM and boot from your CD-ROM device. Some computers may be
configured to automatically boot from the CD-ROM automatically. Once you
get to the DBAN and type in “autonuke” and keep in mind at
this point as soon as you click enter after typing in “autonuke”, it will
automatically begin the process of completely wiping your hard drives. Once you type in this command and hit enter, there is no reversing what it will do to the drives. Please double check, triple check to
make sure that you are wiping the correct computer and that every drive that is connected is a drive that
you want to be wiped, including any attached USB drives. Pretty
much anything that’s connected to that computer is going to be wiped. Now the process may take several hours, depending on the size the drive. It could even take up to eight to 12 to 24
hours depending on how large the drive is. Once the application finishes, you’ll be
presented with a DBAN succeeded screen, where it’ll show you each drive that was
connected and give you a pass or a fail if it was successful or not. If the drive did fail, you may be resorted
to having to physically destroy the drive. Now to show you that the drives are
completely erased, I went ahead and took out the boot CD and restarted the computer just to see
what I’d get now. And this is what you’ll see: you’ll get a
“disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter” and
this is because the drive has been completely erased and
there’s nothing left on it for it to load. But of course, there are some programs
out there that try to recover data. So in here I’m showing- this is a
over-the-counter hard drive recovery tool that you can purchase that does a pretty good job at recovering
files after a format or after you’ve accidentally deleted or if the
drive fails. As you can see here, it was not able to find any files on the drive that we wiped. There you have it. Again, I’ll say that this
isn’t going to work on solid state drives or flash drives. And it’s not a guaranteed solution; it’s a free solution. It’s an easy solution. If you’re going to sell or donate your computer, run this on it, wipe everything completely off of it. It’s going to be great, you know, for most uses. A regular user is not going to be able to get your information back off of your computer. [For] governments and people that have
way more time on their hands, there are still ways to attempt to
recover part of the data. But I feel pretty good that this is a
way to remove all data. It’s a method I use for drives when I get rid of them and it’s been working good for me so far. So thanks for watching my video. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, please click the subscribe button and subscribe to my channel. If
you haven’t checked it out yet, check out my website at: There’s a forum there; you can sign up for an account. Ask questions there and I’ll use those, possibly to make a new video in the future. So again, thank you for watching.

How to Erase All Data on a Computer or Hard Drive

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