How to do permutations on the Ti 89 calculator. The Common Core related standard is, “Use
permutations and combinations to compute probabilities of compound events and solve problems.” Remember the formula for Permutations is n
factorial divided by (n – r) factorial. Where n is the total number of objects and
r is the number of those objects that you want to arrange in an order. Thus, order matters
in permutations. Permutation notation is also written as: little
n, capital P, and little r. nPr. Example. We have five different colored boxes.
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. How many different ways can we order any three
of those five boxes. So the permutation notation is five P three.
The permutation formula is five factorial divided by five minus three factorial. To solve with the Ti 89 calculator. Go to
second, Math. Math is the five key. Choose number seven, Probability. And
choose number two, nPr Now on the calculator you see the permutation
notation nPr with an open parentheses. Enter the n variable which is five. Enter a comma,
and enter the r variable, which is three. Now put a closed parentheses. To calculate the answer, hit the ENTER button
on the lower right of the calculator. And the Answer is sixty. If you choose any
three of the five colored boxes, you can make sixty different ordered combinations. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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How to do permutations on the Ti 89 calculator
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