First download Root Explorer I have already installed it Opren Root Explorer Download the CpuProfiler from Link Given in the Description Extract it Open CpuProfiler These are the Bash Script to set Active Cluster, run C0 or C1 or C2 Each have its own property In my case I have 3 cluster(helio X20), Watch full video to edit these file according to your device running any one of the C* will allocate that cluster to top app, C0-battery life /C2-performace/C1-Medium performance and battery life To run Just click the script file and run it as root The Expected and current will be same if the script worked The Mix make 4-7 assign to forground and 8-9 for top application Sb is custome cpu allocator for background and System application You have to edit the script cpu values to work for your corresponding processor you have to first know how much core you have and core for each cluster now you have to open the script and change the cpu values For example if you have first cluster with 4 cpus(0-3) Then you have to change the C0 values to 0-3 Now let me show how to edit In here am setting 4-7 cpus to foreground and 8-9 to top app So you have to change 4-7 to your own values like if you want 4 and 5th core to work then give value as 4,5 or 4-5 so sb script is made simple as you have just change in only one place In Here bcpu is background application and scpu is system application Just change the bcpu values as you like but within 10 if your cpu is deca core or 8 if octa core But there are limitations the kernel may not accept your value if its invalid so be carefull on giving value Its upto your kernel to accept or reject your value To run just click and run as root After running check Current State to check the active cluster for top and forground application and systemstate to know the cores allocated for background application and system appication If you want to understand more watch my manual cpu cluster control video Thats It, Best of luck for your experiments

How to disable and enable cluster in big little technology cpu
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