To dice a tomato you need to first cut the
tomato longitudinally into slices. Make sure you leave a tiny bit of tomatoe
attatched to hold it all together. Then turn it 90 degrees and make another longitudinal
cut into a cross section. It is pretty easy to do this if you have a
sharp knife otherwise when you start to cut the cross section the tomato will fall apart. And a lot of people are actually uncomfortable
sharpening a knife. I will link to an unintimidating sharpener
below. Then you simply make a lattitude cut or slice
in the tomato and viola you have cubed tomatoes. Now if you dice a lot of tomatoes you might
want to invest in a processor. A lot of them actually dont dice tomatoes
that well. I will show you soon how to select a good
food processor. To get a sharp knife I use this sharpener
I will link to it in the description below. Four swipes and a wash and it is ready to
go. Most processors out there will just mush your
tomato. Now I make a ton of salsa so even cutting
it like this was too long for me. So I got a processor to dice my tomatoes. You need an attachment that mimics the cross
section and separate latitude cut like we explained here. I will link to my processor and a few other
good ones in the description below. Like and Subscribe.

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