Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve? how many
course do you have on your Windows 10 PC? Let’s get straight to the point and
let’s find out! The first way to do this is by using the Task Manager. Right-click
an empty spot from the taskbar and then select Task Manager. If you see this
small window, click this arrow next to where it says more details. All right! Now
click the Performance tab and then go to where it says CPU. All right! If you go to
the bottom where it says cores — go this is what you need. As you can
see, in my case I have four cores. Therefore, I have a quad-core CPU. But
wait, what is this immediately below it? What is a logical processor? Well, this
has to do with the concept of hyper threading, where one CPU core behaves
like two CPU cores. another way you can check how many CPU
cores you have is via the system information tool. To do that, right-click
the start button and then select run. and then in the text field next to where it
says open type msinfo32.exe. Now click OK. And then — there you go — this is
the system information tool. From the system summary section, go to where it
says processor. As you can see here as
well it tells me my CPU has four cores. So, therefore, again I have a quad-core
CPU. And remember: logical processors have to do with the concept of hyper
threading where one CPU core behaves. like two. But wait, just knowing how many
cores you have really is not enough. How many cores do you actually need? This is
one of those questions where it’s hard to answer. It’s hard to give a fixed
answer, and the truth is it depends on what you’re doing. The more you, do the
more cores that you need. If you’re going to be using your computer for video
editing or playing video games, then you are going to need more cores. But you know
what’s helpful? It’s good to know just how many cores are being used at once.
Let’s say you are playing a video game or you are editing videos using Adobe
Premiere pro, for example. It’s useful to know just how many cores are being used so
that way you know just how intense you use your CPU. In the next video, you are
going to find out how many cores you are actually using live — at the moment! So,
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How to Check How Many Cores Your CPU Has on Windows 10
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