No No No, Don’t take it seriously. I tweaked
the Windows Registry, to amaze my friends, just like you. So, do you want to surprise
your friends too? Then here are steps to tweak and rename Processor Name in Windows.
Do remember, this tweak evolve registry modifications, so you must backup your Windows Registry,
before applying the trick. Open the Run command by pressing Windows +
SYSTEM, CENTRAL PROCESSOR, and then 0. From the right-side pane, double-click ProcessorNameString
value, and change the Value Data as you like. Close the registry. To see the changes, right-click
on Computer icon, and choose Properties, or alternative you can press Windows + Pause
Break key to open System Information window. So, here you have your brand new Processor.
But unfortunately this tweak will only work, till you restart the PC, because upon restart,
Windows will again identify the actual processor, and will modify the registry entry again.
To make these changes permanent, you need to follow some more steps. Copy and paste
the code given in the description into a new Notepad file. Change the ProcessorStringValue
accordingly. Click File menu, and then click Save As. From the Save As Type drop down menu,
choose All Files, type a name for your file, with REG extension, and for now, save it to
C drive. The last step evolves creating a new shortcut
for your newly registry file, and place this shortcut to Windows Start Up folder.
Right-click on the Desktop, point to New, and then click Shortcut. Enter the following
path, REGEDIT /S, and then path and file name of your registry file. For example, REGEDIT
/S, C:myprocessor.reg. Click next, and then click Finish.
Cut or Copy the newly created shortcut and paste it to, Users, User Name, App Data, Roaming,
Microsoft, Windows, Start Menu, Programs, Startup folder. Do remember, App Data is a
hidden folder, so don’t forget to turn on Show Hidden Files, from File Explorer options.
That is all. The new name of your Processor is permanent even after you restart your PC.
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How to Change Processor Name | Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

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