Hi it’s Dee from YDC TV Thank you so
much for coming by today I have made an extra special video for you today to
help walk you through doing closed captioning on your videos have a seat
and I will walk you through how to do a closed captioning video on your cell
phone and if you use your computer I will help you walk through how to do a
closed captioning on your computer and why it may be actually important to do
these let’s get started and I’ll walk you through the steps to
do it thank you so much I appreciate you sitting down with me and letting me help
you through this process let’s get started when you go into your phone you
want to log in to YouTube on your web browser and click into your Creator
studio from your main home page and you see your videos here and you see your
edit screen here and then you see the dots the drop down menu whoop I just
clicked on that video let me go back you can enlarge it click on the drop down
menu and you’ll see subtitles let me see if I can get that more
InFocus See subtitles let me get mine you’ll see subtitles and CC you want to
click on that to edit your subtitles now I know it’s gonna take a little bit
longer to do with a phone this one has already been done so let me actually go
back to one that has not been done give me just a second to go into one that has
not been done this one has not been done so click on okay so this one has not been done and you click on that button there let it load for a second and then you
click on edit now on a phone it’ll take a little bit longer because as you edit it will pop up your
screen make sure your button here is clicked to pause as you edit that way as
you edit the video will actually pause and what I’m finding is the YouTube
captioning is relatively close to correct so that is very helpful and just
go in and play and edit as you go and then when you’re finished editing you
click publish and you’re good to go make sure you hit publish when you are done
because all of your edits will not save unless you click publish now you can
just scan through and see what is incorrect like in most cases because
you’re the one who is speaking during your video you can see pretty much
almost at a glance what things are incorrect in your video so it doesn’t
really actually doesn’t take very long a helpful hint that I do is when I upload
my videos I upload them in and with it you can give me unlisted and
I’m doing all of my back-end stuff such as titles tags descriptions and I take
that extra time to go ahead and do my subtitles and that helps move it along
so that is just a helpful little tip there so okay so now we will move into
how to do it on your computer okay when you log into a computer and you go into
YouTube you’re going to create a classic you can skip this portion here give it a
second to load up you go into the particular video you want to do your
captions on and you see the drop-down arrow here click on it and then you
click on the section that says subtitles and CC click on that and then you’ll see
published English or whichever language you want to do your subtitles in click
on where it says automatic and you’ll see the little box you click on that give it a second to completely load up and then click up on the edit button and
once it loads go down and make sure pause the pause video while typing it
radio button is clicked and you’ll push play when you’re ready to start editing
and start playing and listening and correcting as you go what I find is that
the YouTube captioning and closed captions is pretty accurate there’s only
a few areas where you’ll generally need to go in and correct most of the time
since you’re the one that’s creating the video you can pretty much catch it where
you need to fix it and once you’re all done editing it’s really important that
you click publish edits make sure you hit the publish edits when you’re done
because if you do not hit the publish edits when you’re done it will not save
what you have done once you hit publish edits give it time
to save it and then you click the back arrow and you are all done so now please
continue watching to know why this is so important and thank you for watching if
you find this helpful please hit the subscribe button and the bell to get
more helpful tips and all the upcoming videos in the series that will be coming
out I appreciate you for watching this video I enjoyed creating it for you
thank you so much for sitting down with me and learning how to create captions
and subtitles now you’re probably wondering why captioning and closed
captioning are so important well I’m gonna tell you why there are many of us
out there yes and I just said we who use closed captioning on videos because
we’re hard of hearing we can’t always hear videos like we’d like to so
captioning and closed captioning is actually very important for many
audience members so we turn on the captioning and for them to be accurate
it’s actually important for many members of your audience so taking the time to
update the captioning of your videos helps us in the audience so it’s helpful
and the other reason is so I’ve been told and so I’ve seen and read and all
of that good stuff is it actually helps if the first reason wasn’t
important enough it helps ranking of YouTube videos now
please by all means check that information out yourself if the first
reason wasn’t important enough I think the first reason is an awesome reason to
do it that’s my personal opinion but please by all means take this
information and use either reason if you want I’m
just putting this information out to help you however you want I’m just
trying to be helpful so I hope you find this video helpful and I’d like to share
more information with you if you enjoyed this video let me know in the comments
let me know other areas you’d like me to make videos and if you did find this
video helpful I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment in the
comments below like the video if you enjoyed it subscribe I’d love to hear
from you I hope you found this helpful I enjoyed making it I’d really like to
know what you thought thank you so much I appreciate you coming by and watching
it and spending some time thank you so much

How to caption/cc on your phone or computer

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