If you are watching this video then congratulations! You have been hand selected to participate in the future of
computing. Me? Yes. You. In this video, you will learn how to build a computer and
become an asset to your team. Step one, order your parts. Parts you will need
include a case, motherboard, CPU, memory hard drive, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Step 2, prepare a workspace. It is important to
have a clean workspace to prevent damage to your sensitive computer parts. Step 3, assemble parts. Let’s start with the motherboard. First you’ll need to insert the processor. Remember not to touch the pins on the bottom of the chip. The oil from your skin can ruin the connectors. Then insert the memory. You will need to
apply a bit of pressure until you hear a click. Step four, put parts in case. Make sure to move any messy cables out of the way to prevent cable pinching. When screwing in the motherboard,
work in a crisscross pattern. This will prevent bending the motherboard. Then let’s install the hard
drive. These are usually as simple as plugging
it in. Make sure to move any messy cables out of the way to prevent cable pinching. Then we install the power supply. This is usually done after putting the
motherboard in. Some computers require you to screw in the power supply. We got lucky and we don’t have to. For our case, it just slides in on the top. Step five, congratulate yourself. Now that you’ve taken all the right steps to building a
computer, you will be making the big bucks in no time. Hello? Hey, can I leave?

How To Build… A Computer
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