The Bonebridge is a partially
implantable hearing system. It is suitable for persons with
conductive and mixed hearing loss. The Bonebridge hearing implant system
consists of an externally worn audio processor and an implant which is
surgically positioned under the skin. The Audio Processor is held directly over
the implant by magnetic attraction and can be comfortably
worn under the hair. The microphone of the Audio Processor
picks up sound waves. The Audio Processor converts
sound into signals. These signals are transmitted through the
skin to the implanted part. The implant is fixed in the temporal bone. The signal converter of the implant
converts the signals into mechanical vibrations which are
transmitted to the skull. The bone conducts the vibrations to the
inner ear. These implants are therefore called
bone conduction implants. Transmitting the signal to the inner ear
via bone conduction bypasses hearing loss in the outer and middle ear. The inner ear processes the mechanical
vibrations similar to natural hearing and transmits the information to the brain. The Audio Processor of the Bonebridge
offers the user state-of-the-art hearing technology, intelligent signal processing,
a selection of different programs and dual microphone technology. The Bonebridge is a leap forward in bone
conduction hearing system technology.

How the BONEBRIDGE works with Amadé Audio Processor
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  • February 9, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Hi Ii looks like I might be going to have this done and one of the things I have not found out is how strong the magnet is? I have read about a hair clip that can be used as a safeguard against it coming off. I have a friend who has had the baha done and has had t knocked off a few times.


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