What’s going on YouTube, it’s Doctor Danno of 77Pacer Studios speaking. Today, I’m here to speak about a special series of Hot Wheels cars,… …called the Hot Wheels Computer Cars. There were 6 cars in this series… Hydroplane… Rigor Motor… ’93 Camaro… Power Pistons… Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and ’96 Mustang. The first 3 cars were released in 1995,… …and as indicated the bottom-right corner of the boxes of Hydroplane, Rigor-Motor and ’93 Camaro,… the other 3 cars were later released in Spring of 1996. I originally owned Hydroplane and Rigor Motor back in the day when my mother bought them for me and my older brother Stephen. Thought I still have the cars themselves,… I sadly don’t have the boxes they originally came in or the floppy disks they came with. However here’s images of Hydroplane and Rigor-Motor as they would’ve appeared in the boxes they came in. Here’s Hydroplane… And Rigor Motor… Now to start things off, I’m gonna
showcase Hydroplane’s disk data… which I happen to have on my mp3 player. But before we do that… I gotta explain that all 6 disc’s data are available to download from Vetusware.com. I put the link in the description. (Hydroplane coming into view) (Hydroplane revving engine) (Seagull talking) (Seagull talking) (Hydroplane revving engine) (Hydroplane revving engine) (bell ringing) (TV monitor buzzing) (TV Monitor buzzing) (Hydroplane turning to Dock) (Hydroplane body being placed on chassis) (Hydroplane cockpit canopy being placed on body) (Hydroplane rear wing being added to rear of Hydroplane) (Hydroplane engine choices coming into view) (Engine choice 1 rev) (Engine choice 2 rev) (Engine choice 3 rev) (Hydroplane leaving the dock) (Hydroplane going to Cove) The Jewel Theives are headed you way! (Jewel thief boat goes by) I see ’em! Go Get ‘Em! Oh no! They’re dropping explosive mines! (Hydroplane attempting to evade the mines only to get blown up) (Wrecked Hydroplane returns to Dock all battered up, where it is cleaned up and repaired before leaving the docks again. (Hydroplane returns to the cove to get the jewel thieves) (Hydroplane evading the mines) (Hydroplane successfully evades mines and catches up to Jewel Thief Boat. That was close! I’ll kick into Turbo Drive and ram their boat!! (Hydroplane rams the Jewel Thief boat, forcing the occupants of the boat to surrender) Got ’em! We give up! I’m bringing them in!! We’ll meet you at the Dock! Good work Agent 127! Glad I could help! (going through collector facts on Hydroplane disc) (car name guessing game) Power Pistons! Rigor Motor! ’93 Camaro! Hydroplane! Oscar Mayer Weinermobile! ’96 Mustang! (Well done, you guessed them all correctly!!) (returning to home screen) (exiting out of game) Well, I guess that’s all there is to Hydroplane. Well, stay tuned for the next episode in this mini-series showcasing the 6 computer cars from Hot Wheels. Please like, comment, subscribe and share. Thank you very much, peace out! Doctor Danno out!

Hot Wheels Computer Cars: Presenting Hydroplane

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  • October 15, 2019 at 1:23 pm

    I rember those,never had one as a kid,but ima be looking for them now lol


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