Hello everyone and welcome to another brand
new video. Today we will be looking to put together a
gaming PC build for 1500 dollars that will be maxing out all games at 1080p and will
give you decent performance in 1440p as well. In this PC build you will have everything
from SSDs, water cooling and all those cool stuff. With that being said lets get started. For CPU we are going to use the fastest Skylake
Core i7 6700k a quad core CPU with hyper threading. It will cost you 329 dollars. This is the best CPU you can buy for gaming
in 2016. Its clocked to 4 Ghz with a max turbo boost
upto 4.2 Ghz. But this is an unlocked CPU and you can overclock
it to 4.6 or more with a decent CPU cooler. Overall this CPU will be more than enough
to handle any games you throw at it when paired with a decent graphics card. For motherboard we are going to use the Gigabyte
Z170 Gaming 5 motherboard. It will cost you 160 dollars. With this motherboard you will have access
to plenty of features like some great overclocking, DDR4 memory, 2 way Nvidia SLI and 3 way AMD
crossfire. This motherboard will be more than enough
to fulfill all your gaming needs and provide you with a lot of head room for future upgrades. As we are going with an unlocked processor
you will need a decent cooler to get a higher overclock and keep it cool at the same time. So we are going with the Corsair H100i all
in one liquid cooler for the CPU. It will cost you 100 bucks. This is the best selling AIO liquid cooler
on amazon and it will help you overclock the i7 6700k quite a bit. For RAM we are going go with 2 8 gigabyte
HyperX Fury Black memory clocked at 2133 Mhz. It will cost you 89 dollars. With more and more games coming up with 16
gigabytes as recommended memory this 16 gigabyte of memory kit will last you more than a few
years. For hard drive we are going with the best
selling Western Digital Blue 1 terabyte 7200 RPM hard drive. It will cost you 50 dollars. Yes we do have an SSD coming up for the windows
and few of your games. So this hard drive will be more than enough
to store all your games and medias. The use of SSDs have increased quite a lot
in the last few years due to its faster read and write speed. So for solid state drive we are going with
the Samsung 750 EVO 250 Gb SSD. It will cost you 75 dollars. This will be enough to store windows and a
few of your games that you play on a regular basis. Now lets move on to the GPU. For GPU we are going with the EVGA GTX 1070
Super Clocked edition. It will cost you 400 dollars. This GPU will be killing games at 1080p and
will allow you to play games at high settings 60 fps at 1440p as well. You will be maxing out games like DOOM at
1440p and still get more than 60 fps. The GTX 1070 is an insane amount of value
for the money. For power supply we are going to use the Corsair
RM 750 W fully modular 80 plus gold rated power supply. GTX 1070 is not a very power hungry card and
the 750W PSU will give you enough head room for upgrades in the future. It will cost you 110 dollars. Finally for casing we are going with the Master
Case Pro 5 from Cooler Master. It will cost you 125 dollars. This is one of the best casing with free form
modular system, Window side panel, Top Mesh cover and water cooling bracket. Overall it’s a great case for air flow and
will make your life a lot easy in the long run. So that’s all for a 1500 dollar gaming PC. This gaming pc build will last you more than
a few years and allow you to max out all the current titles without a problem. Also with all the parts used in the build
you have a lot of headroom for future upgrades. For current pricing and more info you will
find all the parts linked in the description. If you like the video make sure to hit that
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me cultivate a better pc gaming community with more computer tech and gaming videos. I am AbsTechie and see you later.

High End Gaming PC Build $1500 2016

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    Awesome Video man! Does an MSI Motherboard only take AMD Graphics, because I would love if you could put an GeForce!

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