Here at Whitaker Brothers we are hard drive
shredder specialists. Today we are going to use our shred cam to
show you the inside of one of our favorite hard drive shredders – the 104. We love the fact that this shredder has that
industrial utility about it, but it’s still small enough and easy and user-friendly and
safe enough to be right in an office space. This shows the hard drive being absolutely
destroyed by the cutting chamber. And keep in mind, different types of multimedia
can be used in this device as well. Note those large metal gears on the right
that really drive that pushing power. The 104 Hard Drive Shredder actually comes
with two varieties – The 104/2 and the 104/3. The main difference is the electric interval. The 104/2 is a 20-amp, and the 104/3 is a
30-amp. The 20-amp model has a more universal electrical,
while the 30-amp model provides more power. Let’s take a look at the scraps using the
pullout bin. The particle size is 1.5 inches x Random. Platters are shredded and bent, making data
recovery nearly impossible. It can fit through a standard door, it can
plug in to most standard office outlets, and it’s as user-friendly so that any office employee
can use it. This is the shredder for the everyday office
environment. For the latest in Data Destruction Technologies,
click on over to, give us a call, and we can help.

Hard Drive Shredder Footage from Shred Cam!
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