Hi and welcome to Outsite TV. A user has asked us to test the Hammock Hang Calculator from The Ultimate Hang Sure – we’ll give it a go. From the first view it looks as though some Mathematics just wanted to play with some formulas However, as the App is about 1.99 USD it’s not sure you want to support that game. The app works excelent though. The App went to meters itself and it’s very well made. Before you begin you might want to take a look at the Quickstart guide. Back to the main screen there are a lot of predefined number, but you can change them easily. Let’s type in 5 meter between the anchor points. And my hammock is 3.5 meters. You also got “Preferred sit hight” and so on, but we’ll just press “Done”. That’s it, the numbers change and what can you use all these numbers fore? Please click on the link if you want to know about all the numbers (In danish). “Distance between anchors” is the distance between the trees or whatever you use to pitch the hammock. “Shear Force” is how much the roots can take before the tree comes falling down on you. “Ridgeline Lenght” is how long your ridgeline should be. So when I’m done, can I really have the best night ever in the hammock? Well yes! However there are some unknown factors there might be hard to calculate. How will you messure the distance between the trees if you didn’t bring a thumb stick to the camp. And what about the distance from the ground to the hang point? And what about the hang angle? Well the angle is easy to find with the build in “angle app”. Try holding the app against your suspension Hit “Save angle” and then you’ll get the rest of the numbers and that’s pretty clever! The last thing you can do with this App is to share the numbers with a friend… I don’t know how useful that is, but I did try to send it to Outsites hammock tester Zach. The result was that we’re going for a christmas hang this weekend, so stop by if you’re close! What can you use this app for then? Well not much! If you’re a first time hanger and want the perfect hang right away then go the your garden or the woods and plot in the number on you and your hammock and then you can try to pitch your hammock the perfect way. Then install the ridgeline in your hammock. If you don’t know what a ridgeline is, please see the link (danish). Install the ridgeline and if it’s tight, then you have the perfect hang from now on. The ridgeline can be flaccid, but must be tight, then you hang will be as this first time you pitched it. You will be sure to have a good night sleep in your well pitched hammock. To put it in another way, use this app if you’re a newbie. That’s all, if you know a great app, please write us and we’ll have a look at it. Thanks for watching!

Hammock Hang Calculator
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