what is up everybody Barlow here and I
am back for the first time in a long time but before I get into what I’m
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now I just started playing this game it’s called glorious companions and I
had recorded a lot of gameplay but what I fail to realize is that the screen was
like messing up and glitching and like it had my sound off from my gameplay so
I scrapped the whole entire project so there there are no videos of me playing
this game but I just wanted to tell you all that I am back and I’m gonna be
uploading on the channel again hopefully this that I’m recording right now is
going smooth and nothing’s happening in the background where it’s messing up my
recording but anyways this game is really cool de semana this is my first
impressions video but if you all want to see the whole series of this game or see
me play some play some place play some of the game and upload some videos of it
then just hit that thumbs up button leave a comment do something I don’t
care just let me know if you want to see it or not and I’ll just upload some
videos or at least I’ll try my recordings don’t get messed up anyways
I’m just gonna go to like the walk through the game so we’re just gonna
start up a new game I’m gonna show you all what it all looks like so as you can
see the faction is devouring a and you got the scares those are the lizard
people that’s what I call them in the game and then my company name on a game
plane that I played through it’s called the savages and in my emblem I don’t
even know my emblem is actually but these are the different types of emblems
that you can choose for your people or your company I actually like this game a
lot though in my opinion it’s really really nice and smooth it’s very
strategic in my opinion well it’s not very strategic but you have to be smart
about your movements when you’re going up against wolves or other people but
anyways those are the emblems these are the colors that you can choose for a
banner alright let’s go ahead on and continue I didn’t put a name and I was like wait
why isn’t it moving let me uh I have no idea what I want to use as a name okay
I’ll just go with Barlow how to be fine okay so as you can see you come to
create your character screen and from here you can choose like three classes I
think you got a July’s the first and you got tough and you got wise so we’re
gonna go over agile really quick the statistics are 45 points 12 action
points 50 out of 50 on the resource 8 strength 12 agility 7 defense 8 mine and
6 on the speed intelligence is starting out with a +1 it company attributes and
wayfaring is a +1 select traits you can go over and select
different traits that you want to start out with so you got a venture summit
nimble number ones increased agility by one and venturesome it starts with an
extra learning point learning points are something that you can use to increase
your strength agility defense mind and speed health points and your action
points or you can start with this which is defense increase by 1 and you get
this right here your mind increases by 1 with dents or it can be cunningly you
can get more experience points or an oath switching weapon sets cost
additional two action points but it could be formidable with with
that you get strengthened case by one and you still get the venture sim I like
that one a lot actually but yeah those are the select race now
let’s go over to the next class which is tough coming with 65 health points not
action points 80 on the resource not strength six agility 12 defense six mind
six speed +1 on tactics and +1 on spoil let’s go over to the next class oh yeah
you can also change their faces by the way so you got a being seen and that’s
it you can’t change the hair though I don’t like that anyways I suppose to go
over the statistics of the wise person so health points 55 action 10 resource
100 strength is 8 ability is 7 defense is 10-12 speed is 6 first day +1
construction plus 1 so this was the class that I ended up starting out with
and I actually loved the class a lot I can’t remember what level I am I think
I’m like levels 7 not want to sing and my other characters are like level 6 to
4 I think but yes I like this game so much like I fell in love with this game
after like the first few days of playing it like as soon as I found this game on
Steam I was like dang I fell in love with it and all I fell in love with was
the the videos that I was seeing in the pictures and I was like this like a
strategic game that I can get behind like something that I would play and I
wouldn’t have a problem planning uploading it I wouldn’t have a play I
wouldn’t have a problem playing it and uploading it to my channel anyways if
you all want to buy this game it’s called glorious companions and if you
all want to see some great gameplay just let me know and I’ll do something I’ll
do some gameplay but anyways hope you all enjoyed this video and if you did
hit that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel if you knew and with that
being said I don’t know see you all hold up hold up no no that’s not what I want
to say and with that being said catch us next time on the newest episode of
Dragon Balls seeds now just when anyways I’ll see you all in the next video
hopefully hopefully yeah but that thumbs up button anyways
while I was out you

Glorious Companions Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – First Impressions (PC-STEAM)

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