Hi! I’m Sylva, the product owner for a diverse team of software engineers. My engineers often discuss how they can take advantage of modern tools without impacting the existing workflows. They routinely modify back-end, mainframe applications in CA Endevor. Core mainframers, like Rob, enjoy using green screen and are content with the way they work today. For others, however, and especially younger developers like Michelle, freedom is the key. She wants the freedom to choose her own IDE and utilize Git. For a long time, I’ve tried to find a solution that allows Rob and Michelle to work the way they want and still develop concurrently on Endevor. The new Git front-end for Endevor changed everything for us. My engineers can now choose to work and collaborate using Git and ensure that their changes are all synchronized with changes made in Endevor. With the Git front-end, my developers can work with COBOL code managed by Endevor on the mainframe just the same way they work with Java code running on Linux or Windows. At the end of the day, all members of my team have the freedom to choose how they want to work with Endevor.

Git Bridge and Che4z – Flexibility in Concurrent Development
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