are you troubled by strange noises in
the night do experience feelings of dread at your basement or attic have you
or your family actually seen a spook Specter or ghost and the answer is yes
then don’t wait another minute just pick up the phone and call the professionals
call the Ghostbusters yeah but buy the new coats or exhibit
yeah why something edit your way wait I hear something I’m gonna take a look
want to hear something really creepy I was reading about Shandor you know the
guy who donated most of the Gozer stuff he was into the occult
you know supernatural why don’t we talk about it some other time
any other time hey you can’t be here stop strange Ghostbusters is you’re wanting an
apparition poltergeist phantasm rate Banshee demon spective tortured soul Oh
what now we do not summon dead family members then catch them so you can ask
the combination to the safe yeah well same to you now hey it’s the new cadet
welcome aboard this might be a little dangerous great
danger is our life let’s start a 50% capacity that should keep any burning or
tissue damage to a minimum Hey if you’re going to burn any tissue
do it to the new kid you can’t use ray on mortgage deserves name I guess he’s
right what’s your name again kid no name’s ray I don’t want to get too
attached to this kid you know just in case whatever he’s tuned and ready to go you may feel
a little tingle good we’ve perfected an extensive and rigorous training regimen
that will teach you all your equipments basic functions it takes some time to
achieve master throw skills but it’s definitely worth the effort was that us
I don’t think so granny he needs some sort of Sai energy
pulse substantial a significant collected and centralized necromantic
convulsion level seven or more agreed we need EMF measurement checks now I know
the answers but I’m going to ask anyway is a level seven whatever bad or very
bad on a scale of one to ten I would say let me guess it’s a seven let’s just say
we’re about to get real busy and that is not the fun kind of getting busy is it
Rick look out Slimers escaped again no wait come back let’s move there it is
it seems oddly drawing up a containment grid he’s been fascinated with it ever
since you added the viewer to the unit okay easy now cadet I’ll talk you
through this use the proton stream to get his attention that’s some highly sensitive equipment
you’re disintegrating there kid woof still my that’s my boy I was fine tuning
the interspatial gasket this afternoon I’ll fix it you to get those ghosts back he went into the sub-basement and his
escapee friend went with him hmm come on kid we got a job for you taking
the right precautions Slimers harmless more or less not sure about the other
guy though okay let’s go get him oh and don’t sweat the containment yeah
it’s easy to get excited your first time out with a proton screen
O’Donnell fix it in no time now first and foremost before things get out of
hand but we want to get to know your protons
it can be your best friend out there in the field everything you need to know is
displayed on the pack itself here’s where you keep an eye on your current
physical condition the more green that’s on the bar the more damage you can
sustain and still stay on your feet this bar indicates your packs heat level and
gets to the power you want to bet the pack keep it from shorting out and reset
for the most part capturing a ghost is pretty straightforward we break it into
three basic steps sap them cap them and problem the first step is blasting of
those the SAP it’s an accumulation of a ghost
the more you disperse the weaker it becomes
that’s moving into the Redcat Bennett whom we lost Slimer there it is and I
thought slime I was disgusted all right you’ve got it good and women
that stage tap you can project the caster stream or Wrangler manually using
this control on the other hand the pack will detect when a ghost is sufficiently
weakened and auto select the capture screen settings get in there and throw a
capture stream on that tub of goo you’ve gotta scream the slam meter
begins to slowly jerk if you want to accelerate the slam meter charge you can
wrangle or counter wrangle the ghost at the end of the line here’s how there you go perfect man you like that
get 2-tone pork belly if ago still have some serious fight in
him it’s almost impossible to drag him into the crowd back to soften him up clear we did run a background check on
you right now we can move to stage three crap it’s gonna need some place to see
the beacon signal coming from the closed trap that helps you find it when things
get crazy when a tropical ghost moves into proximity the crap will
automatically fall into the trap we’ll do the rest
I’m on now just put that big blob of ectoplasm right over the crap right and yeah oh yes one escapee accounted
for oh and always remember to retrieve your trout Slimer slipped up mark
because that bag is very clean though very nasty customer oh and you’ve got to
be very careful about crossing the streams
don’t feel seriously things like the dippity-do hey how come
this mum gets all the new stuff these are new experimental equipment
technician he gets a cool title too it means he gets to carry around a bunch
of untested extremely dangerous hardware that if not handled correctly could blow
him somewhere into New Jersey oh this knucklehead loves around our very
dangerous prototype hardware that could potentially blow us into New Jersey
thanks keep the title kid it’ll work hard for you scooter we need to go let’s roll where
to ray besides Rick hotel that’s the first place that little spud will go
right back to its initial manifestation point
they’ve got a real good buffet it is a great 120 when Winston returns from the
Opera extend an invitation to join us at our table at the sedgwick hey you you’re
up buddy training will be on the job tonight find out to destroy too many men
having landmarks that disgusting green blob is up on the
12th floor again wreaking havoc I demand a refund right now sir if you check the
fine print on our invoice invoices write invoices you’ll see that your warranty
on rehan ting expired some time ago you should have taken the extended service
agreement and getting some interesting pke spikes here disturbances don’t seem
to be exclusive to the 12th floor I’d like the chance to look around the
building a little more good they got what you can that little greenie
shouldn’t cause us too much trouble well hello you’re perfectly safe no miss
the ghostbusters are here back off loser never gonna happen that
approach rarely works with me I’ll show you why later all right ace get ready doctor stance if
you do the honors crowd – dr. Venkman part of our settlement with the city
proton packs must remain often heavily populated public areas and in close
quarters it minimizes the City liabilities and satisfies the
restraining order the maid here had put on us where we live in today you shoot a
proton stream of highly charged particles and someone they get all sooo
happy it’s him nice now we got another plaintiff oh come on
wait I’m the one that gets a face full of slime watch it ah geez we’re burning daylight pilgrim
can we get out of here Showtime we wear them out and we capture him that’s what
your proton stream is for come on let’s go Peter yeah I’ve seen
this one already know how it ends you two have fun though
I’ll cover the elevators and escort any ladies safely to their rooms
yeah okay and this is signal looks just like your elusive little target identity
your meter will flash and buzz when it detects a potential signal the pair of
goggles are linked directly to your active PKE meter this lets you see
otherwise undetectable phenomena while you track out those trails object guards
all kinds of cool events now in the center of our Peaks you’re headed in the
right direction when it’s flashed you’re following a cold trail line the target
up with the smallest circle for the best skin okay you got it
now just take a scan way to go red signifies the hidden ghosts green
indicates an environmental paranormal anomaly blue means an active sample getting a good scan is sort of like
taking a good snapshot when you’ve got an entity and range hold the Scan button
this will analyze the ghosts pke signatures and cross-reference them with
your online Tobin spirit guide database you can then a couple whoa he’s definitely been here an active
sample is something you can collect like a cursed artifact we get paid extra for
everything we scan and collect then we roll it back into research and
development the extra funds let us experiment with new equipment and
offensive technologies which in turn you get to wear on your back to test
remember you can always review techniques tutorials and equipment in
your online Ghostbusters field menu it’s all accessible from your PKE meter Peter
come in you okay old man down we’ve got a man down go go go come on
shake a leg you can move faster than that can’t you double time connect he’s been slime again hustle over here
and help him up yeah happen I was covering the elevators and mutant
Stromboli snuck up on it funk the fire again when one of us goes down we always
help each other out it’s all about teamwork oh no my friend that was back
in the priest line the era right now it’s all about payback you guys need to
get down our living science experiment is tearing apart the lobby and he’s not
alone and more ghosts but we gave this hotel a clean bill of health five years
ago no people die every day call the elevator Junior alright Slimer you’ve had your fun the
elevators off-limits you gon come in I think we’re stuck in the elevator we
need some help think we’re stuck well let’s see think we’re stuck think we’re
stuck think we’re stuck ray you guys good with officially stuck in the
elevators show of hands here it comes kill it
ray need it in you always family never mind the onion head for now
Margalo station women one of the books Potter cast now above you Hey what I’m out I’m Pittsburgh Wow freak you’ve got him on the ropes conductin balsa PK shockwave really
stirred the nest man this Lobby is so wrecked
can we please call Winston and tell his night off is officially ended Lorelai that trouble was its fees are crossing
a piece of that one Raye follow me
the others are floating back upstairs thank menu to pull our friend Slimer
into a trap as fast as you can there’s a massive bulging these spikes
indicating this isn’t just some routine clearing job he gets there the Alhambra
ballroom no way he could pass that absolutely not you can’t go in the
Rodriguez bar mitzva is set to start in half an hour I’ll bet the beef brisket
is today’s special and you’ve done quite enough already I’m sure the thing will
just go away I’m willing to risk it you’re not going
in there that’s all we needed to hear all right
we’re out coffee time everyone service has been declined beyond this point sounds like they’ll have resolved limits nobody slimes pea fragment twice you
bring your apron we’re gonna take a little shortcut through the kitchen the Humber should be right through here
hello okay champion you leave like don’t touch the slime it’s slimy
and it’s extremely dangerous nothing to worry about most kitchens
have self-starting pilots Adso okay I dare you everything this is why I check this up to trap them
you’ve got to grab them and to grab them you use the other half of the proton on
the capture stream that’s all there is to it you can just throw it jeonggi
anywhere we don’t you know I thought that guy said
Rodriguez parmesan would it kill him to mix in a green
salad one in oil I’m gonna take backup blast them until these days and then
throw your capture street Oh good buddy we’ve got to breathing yeah trying to hold me still you got to
wear them down sorry completely lucked into a truck by
trap see you’re almost there guys yeah perfect see that’s a big wow I
don’t teach that pitiful goop sakta slime big Venkman and by extension you perhaps a place sitting disturbed still
pretty much ready full go for the Rodriguez blow up the Alhambra ballroom
the Bob mitzvah what have you done the guests are
arriving in 15 minutes what seems to be your problem thanks to me and my new
exclusively assigned recruit here the festivities can now proceed in an
entirely ghost-free environment so you’re welcome huh and to the Rodriguez
oh hi I’m from the ghostbusters oh nice of you guys to join us you grab the
little spud ray we need to have a heart to block talking Oh heads up your
initiation is over and now give us a hand we’ve got a couple of really
persistent but big trouble to the right weights on the rise kid I’m high it’s river crossing they watch it that’s good night for
streaming the hang of it good trap whoa it’s on your lap good right
turn around one more christening oh yeah come down here and say that don’t quit easy that is such a detour now what who
is going to pay for all of this no need to worry sir as you know the mayor wrote
to office on a strictly Pro Ghostbusters platform we now invoice the city
directly for all captures and eliminations and unhaunted New York is a
tourist friendly New York no but damage the mayor in the city of taken out of
extensive insurance policy as well so you’re covered honestly I’m sensing some
hostility here perhaps we should just leave the ghosts here if that’s where
you would prefer sir no no but please be discreet discretion
is our professional water Penza well where did he come from
I suppose we should go after him unless you want to discuss it first did I go
with dr. Spangler check out the angry fishermen

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Walkthrough Part 1 (PS3, X360, PC) No Commentary
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    Teenage Andy Barclay Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?
    Kyle Simpson Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?
    James L. Anderson (A.K.A.) Axel Foley Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter monsters villains or ghost? And Criminals
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