Getting started in AI might seem
a little overwhelming at first. All the deep neural
networks and deep learning might be, well, too deep, right? I’m David Shaw, and in
this episode of AI News, we’ll teach you how to
jump off the diving board into the deep end, pun intended. [DIGITAL EFFECT] The exciting thing
about AI is that it can revolutionize any industry. Most people think of it as
being something out of reach, that only computer science and
engineering experts can do. But in reality, AI can also be
applied to all kinds of things, including sports performance,
photos, ad targeting, voice searches, industrial
maintenance, creating maps, image recognition
for those who might be visually impaired, I could keep going. Many compare the
future influence of AI to things like the industrial,
technical and digital revolutions. So how can you get started
in an AI-infused world? Intel has a lot of
tools that can help. Start by getting involved
in the AI community. Check out the AI page on
the Intel Developers Zone. Here you can find
tutorials and learn about AI conferences
and meet-ups happening in your area. For students, there’s the Intel
Student Ambassador Program. Here, you can access resources
like free software tools and libraries, as
well as direct access to the Intel AI
Dev Cloud and more. Next, take a look at
AI-optimized frameworks. One of these, Caffe, is
popular among developers, specifically for
image recognition. And TensorFlow is another
framework for deep learning and creating models. Finally, make sure you
have the right hardware. The Intel Xeon scalable
processor family delivers great power
for machine learning. You’ll need that power for
all the processing AI takes. Those were just a few simple
tips to get you started in AI. To learn more about how you
can get involved, check out the article in the
links provided. Thanks for watching AI News
and we’ll see you next week.

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