I’m Stephanie Essin,
and this is IDZ Weekly. High dynamic range
rendering or HDR, can make the future
of gaming brighter with higher contrast and
more colorful imagery. Getting HDR into your
game has also never been easier with 11th generation
Intel processor graphics and Microsoft DirectX
11 and DirectX 12. To get your game
HDR-ready, Intel recommends a GPU
vendor agnostic API for detecting and handling
HDR for your DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 title. Using Microsoft DirectX
API allows your title to be GPU-independent, and adds
future proofing to your game so that your fans can enjoy
playing the game for years to come. This article on the
Intel Developer Zone will walk you through the steps
to enable HDR in your game and get those visuals
looking sharp and bright. Follow the links to the article
and I’ll see you next Monday. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Get HDR into your Game! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software
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