Hi, my name’s Dave Andrews. Today I’m going
to show you how to change a lap top battery. Before you remove the battery from the bottom
of your lap top, one thing is a good idea to check is to make sure that the lap top
is turned completely off and shut down, that way you don’t kill the operating system while
it’s running. Now, all batteries are different, but most lap tops, if you look at the very
bottom, will have a little slider kind of device similar to this one right here. All
you have to do is pull the slider all the way and that releases the battery from its
clamp. So here’s our battery from this lap top. I’m going to grab my other battery here,
and we’re just going to take this battery, the new battery, put it kind of in there so
it matches exactly the way the original battery was sitting. Just put a little bit of pressure
on it and you should hear it pop right in to place. This little spring will also probably
move as well as it’s popping in to place. My name’s Dave Andrews, I’ve just showed you
how to change a lap top battery.

General Computer Tips : How to Change a Laptop Battery
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