How to correctly read, change, and save the content of a 44-leg flash memory. Hi! As promised, today I will show you how to correctly read, change, and save the content of a 44-leg flash memory with label AM29F400BT To read it we will use a WL-SOP44 adapter and a programmer Put the flash memory into the adapter, paying attention to the location of the first memory leg. To do this you can use pliers. Press down the protective sides of the adapter and place the memory in it. Now put the adapter with the memory into the programmer. Unlock it and gently insert the adapter. Remember the location of the first memory leg. Release the safety lock and make sure that the memory is correctly inserted. Open the software that supports our programmer. Select memory type by clicking SELECT Write the name of the memory in the search bar In this case it’s AMD AM29F400BT and confirm by clicking OK Read the memory by clicking READ and, what’s very imporant – save the original memory reading file! To check the correctness of the file that has been read, repeat the reading and saving twice, and then compare it in HEXcomp software. If the files are the same, we can be sure, that it has been read correctly. Click EDIT, find the right address and make the change. This is just an exemplary address Write FF FF FF FF and click OK. Now let’s program our memory. Don’t touch the programmer until the saving has been completed. If you want to restore the original content of another saved content click LOAD and select the file from its location. Then click OK and PROG If the programming process has been completed successfully, we can take the memory out of the adapter and solder it into the ECU. Subscribe to our channel and become Immo Expert!

FLASH processor programming – how to read, change and save correctly
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