– Good Job, Dennis. – Thanks! I like your style, Kid. – You’re Mom must really get a kick outta ya! – Yeah! but she sure would’ve worried about me in that filter? – Oh, She just cares about ya! You’re a lucky Dhamipre, Sharkbait. – Yeah! Hey, maybe my Mom can call me sharkbait too! You’re exits coming up, man. Get ready to switch currents. We made it this far. I say we listen to Papa, go in that current, and find little denny. Papa says it’s safe, so does Arlo, so i’m gonna do it. I’m gonna… very shorty. There’s the exit, deep, remember, it’s easier to navigate in the center of the current. Watch out for the other dudes! Don’t Wipe Out! – Wait! Say the first thing again! – Let’s Go! Woo-Woo! Let’s go! What are we waiting for? OW! AGH! Let’s get the flags. D’OH! OOF! Let’s get the flags. Let’s get those signs. It’s a sign, We’re going the right way! Let’s get those signs. We’re getting closer. We’re getting closer. Let’s get those signs. Let’s get those signs. It’s a sign, we’re going the right way. It’s a sign, we’re going the right way. OW! AGH! Hey! Look! There’s our stop. – You’re Right Arlo, Wow! We’re Here! – I Knew we’d make it! OK, first, find your exit buddy. Do you have your exit buddy? Yes! OK, Brother here will have give you a rundown of proper exiting technique. Good afternoon! We’ll have a great jump today! OK, crank a hard cutback as you hit the wall. There’s a screaming bottom turn, so watch out! Remember– rip it, roll it, and punch it! I think he’s trying to speak to me, I know it! You know, you’re really cute, but i don’t know what you’re saying! Say the first thing again. OK, Jellywoman! Go, go, go! [Screaming] – Whoa! – Wahoo! – Whoa! Whoa! [Laughing] Whoo! That was…fun! I acutally enjoyed that. Hey, look, bears! PAPA Q. BEAR: Ha ha! Most excellent! Now turn your monster tails around… and swim straight on through to Sydney! No worries, man! No worries! Thank you, dude Papa! – Bye – Bye, Jellywoman! You tell your little dude I said hi, OK? BROTHER: See ya later, dudes! – Whoo-Hoo-hoo! – (Chuckling) Whoa! That was fun! I actually enjoyed that! – Ooh, again, again, again! – We made it, we’re really close to finding my son now! Guido, Here we come! BIG PAW BEAR: What are we gonna do when that brat gets here? – I’m Thinking. I’m Thinking. – Oh! Mario! – Dennis! – Help me! Help me! – Hold On! I’m coming! – Help me! – Swim down! Come on, kid! – Swim down, Come on. – Everybody jump in! Swim down! – That’s it! – What the–? – Yay! – Ha ha! Good work! Mario! Mommy? [Gasps] Monster? Monster? Wake up! Wake up! SMURFBLOSSOM: Oh, no! MARIO: Quick! To the top of Mount Wannahockaloggie! Why are you sleeping? – Hurry! – Big Paw! [Grunting] Ring of Fire! [Squeaking] Monster! Aah! [Clank] Crikey! All the animals have gone mad! Unh! Plummer on my head! Mario! Sharkbait… tell your mom i said hi. -Unh! -Eww! [Yelling] Go get ’em! EL PRIMERO: Ohh… [Gasps] – He did it! – Yay! – I’m so happy! – Is he gonna be OK, Mario? Don’t worry. Monster! (Panting) Hey, hey, have you seen my mom? HEY! HEY! I Can’t get out with those Skeebos up there! Maybe if i repeat that pattern. HEY!!!! It Worked! HEY! HEY! HEY HEY!!!!!! Cool! I got it! HEY! HEY!!!!!!! I Did It! Dennis. Dennis! Dennis is Alive! Mom! Mommy! – Agh! Help! – Oh, no! Arlo! Mom, i know what to do! We have to tell all the cave people to walk down together. I know this well work. – No! I am Not going to Lose you again! – It’s the only way we can save Arlo. Mom, i can do this. You’re right. I know you can. [All the Cave People Chattering] Arlo: Look! The Cave People are walking down! Hey! It’s Working! Mavis: Walk Down! Mavis: It’s Working! It’s Working! Keep Walking. Arlo: Look! We’re moving! Dennis: Yeah! Mavis: Hooray! Dennis, you did it! ALL: Keep walking! Keep walking! MAVIS: Just keep walking! Keep walking! Come on, Mom! – You’re doing great, sweetie! – That’s my mom. Come on, Let’s get to the bottom! Keep walking! (Singing) Just keep walking, Just keep walking Almost there! Keep walking! [Wood creaking] ALL: Keep walking! Keep walking! [Snap] [Thud] [All cheering] – Oof! – Hey! – Arlo! Where’s Dennis? – There! – (Coughing) – Dennis. Dennis, Baby! Mommy (Coughs) I’m okay. Oh, Dennis, you did great sweetie. – I’m sorry! I.. I don’t hate you – Oh, no Dennis, I’m sorry! I just can’t believe I’m talking to you. Me Neither! – I have to tell you what i did? – And i wanna hear all about it honey, every word. Yay! Does this mean we can go home now! It sure does. – Oh Boy. – Oh Boy. – I’m gonna win! – No, you’re not! – I did it! – Aw, my own son beats me! Climb aboard, explorers. So just then, the sea cucumber looks over to the mollush and says… “With fronds like these, who needs anemones?” [All laugh] Well, hello, Dennis. Who’s this? – Exchange student. – I’m from the E.A.C., dude! – Sweet! – Totally. [Laughing] Seriously Mavy. Hey, did you really do all the things you say you did? King Koopa: Hello. We wanted to make sure our newest member got home safely. Thanks, guys. – Keep up with the program, Arlo. – Remember, hybrid are friends… Not food! Bye! BAYMAX: Hold on, here we go! Next stop–knowledge! Bye, son! Have fun! DENNIS: Bye, Mom! Oh! Mr. Baymax, wait. I forgot something. [Panting] I love you, Mom. I love you, Dennis. (Shining Time Station Theme Song Playing) (Singing) Reach for the speed, reach for the whistle. Go where the railway runs. Reach for the words. Reach for the story. Follow the rainbow sun. To a Shining Time Station. Where dreams can come true. Waiting there for you. So Much to see. So far to travel. So much to learn to know. Friends by your side. Folks still hold on to.. Who knows how far you’ll go. To a Shining Time Station. Where dreams can come true. You’re own imagination, waiting there for you. (Song ends)

Finding Dennis (Mix-Up) PC Game Version Part 4/4
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