All these gears, need to be lined up for the Diver to work. – I did it! I did it! – You fixed ze diver. Take this totem, Dennis (Speaking French) Thanks! – Luigi, can i borrow those keys. – Take them away! – Yoshi, I borrowed those keys from Luigi. Maybe they’ll help open the chest. – Free the Bubbles. Free the Bubbles. I gotta pick the right key. – It worked. – Bubbles. Big Bubbles, Little Bubbles, all the bubbles. My Bubbles. Oh, Dennis. You really are my friends, please take this totem. Thanks! Dennis, if you bring me the golden bubble. I’ll trade you for this bubble. Yoshi will give me that pearl, if i catch the golden bubble for him. Ha! Cool! Yeah! Ha! I Got the Golden Bubble! – I Got the Golden Bubble! – The Golden Bubble! The Golden Bubble! Oh, let us trade. Take this bubble and give me the golden bubble. Sure, thanks, Yoshi. Oh, Hello there. (Gasps) Dennis, you found it, thank you sweetie, you are such a life-saver, give me kisses. No better yet. We’ll give you something. Here’s a pretty totem just for you. Now we’re officially friends. (Laughs) Thank you, Smurfblossom, and um Smurflily. – Smurfblossom, can i have this frond. – Of course, sweetie, it’s all yours enjoy. Thanks. Oh and you too, Smurflily. – Toadstool, is this your frond. – Thanks, kid, I can’t believe it. I knew you were special. Take this Dennis, it’s a token of my apperciation. A Totem, Thanks, Toadstool. – All six titens are here. Good work, kid. – So you’ll tell me your secret now. Soon, Go back to the hut and wait. It won’t be long. LUIGI: Psst, Dennis. DENNIS: Mmm… Luigi: (Singing) Dennis – Huh? – Suivez-moi. Follow me. Ha hwa ha Ha hwa ha ho ho ho Ha hwa ho ha Hahoo wahoo yahoo ho Hahoo ho ho wahoo ha hee Ha ho wahee ha ho ho ho Hoo! State your name. D-D-Dennis Brother Big Paw, proceed. Dennis, newcomer of red curly hair… you have been called forth… to the summit of Mount Wannahockaloogie… to join with us in the fraternal bonds of cagehood. – Huh? – We want you in our club, kid. – Really? – If… you are able to swim through… [Echoes] the Ring of Fire! Turn on the Ring of Fire! You said you could do it. The Ring of Fire! [Chanting] Bubbles, let me–Oh! Ha hwa ha ho ho ho Isn’t there another way? He’s just a boy! [Wailing] [Chanting gets faster and louder] [Thumps] [Chanting stops] From this moment on, you will now be known as Sharkbait. Listen Kid, the Dentist wants to give you to his nephew, Pacster. But we can’t let that happen. So we’re gonna help you escape. We’re all gonna escape. To do that. We have to clog the filter. And your the only one who can get in and out of that thing, but you have to be a better walker. So we’re gonna teach ya. See those tikis. That’s where we start. Okay, Kid. Before you stop the filter, you gotta be a better walker. See those tiki heads. You need to tag them in the correct order, take a look at this map. Part of the sequence is missing and you gotta figure out the pattern. Once you know which tiki heads belong in the empty spot. Walk through the course and tag the tiki heads in the correct sequence, like this. There’s the one that was missing. Don’t take too long. You’ll run out of time, the more you practice, the faster you’ll get. Before you know it. You’ll be stopping the filter. – Ready, Sharkbait. – Ready. OK. Tag the scroll if you want to begin. Nice. I wanna see you do it, again. Touch the scroll. Cool! You’ll be ready for that filter in no time kid, touch the scroll and we can do it again. Yeah! Hey! That’s It! I did it! Good work, Kid. You’re the only one who can get in and out of that thing. What we need you to do is take a pebble inside there… and jam the gears. You do that, and this tank’s gonna get… filthier and filthier by the minute. Pretty soon, the dentist’ll have clean the tank himself… and when he does, he’ll take us out of the tank… put us in individual baggies… then we’ll roll ourselves down the counter… out of the window, off the awning… into the bushes, across the street… and into the harbor! It’s foolproof. Good work, Kid. Your ready to face that filter. Take this bag, and go collect five pebbles, you’ll use them to stop the gear. Okay! When you got all five pebbles, come back to me. My first pebble. I’m keeping that pebbles, thats two down and three to go. Bubbles! Bubbles! That’s pebble number three. That’s four pebbles, one more and i’ll be done. Ha! I’ve got all five pebbles. – I have five pebbles, just like you asked. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. – Okay, Kid, your walking’s top-notch. And you got the pebbles to stop the filter, you’re ready to go in. Now remember, match the pebbles into the slots, and you’ll clog the filter. Good Luck, Kid. I can see the slots in the gear, i just need to put the right pebbles in the right slot. That’s Two I’m getting good at this. One more and I’m done. I did it! I stopped the filter. We’re getting outta here. I’m gonna see my Mom! Grab the end! [Clank] Sharkbait! – No! – Can you hear me, Sharkbait? Dennis! Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Sharkbait, you did it! Sharkbait, you’re… covered with germs! Aah!

Finding Dennis (Mix-Up) PC Game Version Part 3/4
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