No, no, no! The Mask! It went over the edge. It just keeps going on, doesn’t it? Echo! Echo! – It’s so deep, and Dark. – Yep, looks pretty deep and dark. – Whoa! Who turned out the light. – Oh, we’ll never find that mask, if we can’t see anything! Oh, here it is! – What! Your kidding? No! I’m not! It’s right here. Only… I can’t read the writing. It’s so dark down there. You need a light. Okay. Wait Here. Light, please! Yikes! That’s Great. – Oh. The first line’s “El Primero.” – “El Primero” doesn’t make any sense! Ok. Second line. “42.” Don’t bump me. Don’t bump me. Aah! [Moos] Light, please! “Walla–walla” Waah! Waah! Waah! – The second line’s “42 Wallaby Way.” – That’s great. Just finish up here. Speed read. Take a guess. No pressure, No problem, There’s a lot of pressure. Pressure. now with pressure! – “Sydney”! It’s “Sydney”! – Duck! Aah! I’m dead. I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead. I died. I’m dead. [Mavis laughs] Whoo-hoo! (Singing) We did it, we did it! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! No eating here tonight, whoo! Both: (Singing) Eating here tonight. (Singing) No, no, no, eating here tonight – Arlo – (Singing) You on a diet. Arlo! So what did it say? what did the mask say? El Primero, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. [Gasps] I remembered what it said? I usually forget things, but i remembered it that time! – El Primero – Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Now where is that? I don’t know. But who cares? I remembered. – MOO!!!!!! – Aah! El Primero, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it again! – Now we know. Where to go? Right we know not to go back there! – No! We know where to go look for Dennis. – Right, El Primero, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it again! It says, “El, Primero, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. You like impressions. Heh, heh, guess what we are? – I’m a fish with a nose like a sword. – You’re a swordfish. Now can you help us out? – Where’s the butter? – You’re a Lobster. Look we need directions? – Lots of legs. Live in the ocean. – Clam. Close enough. You win Arlo. Great. I”m miles from home with a dinosaur who can’t even remember his own name and everyone’s playing games. – WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME DIRECTIONS? – Right. You see, she lost her son, fabio. Any of you heard or El Primero, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Sydney, sure. You wanna follow the E.A.C. That’s the uh.. East Australian Current. It’s in that direction. Great. You did it, Arlo. – Oh, hey, sir. One more thing – Yes! When you come to the canyon. Walk through it. Not over it! Canyon, through it. Not over it! I’ll remember. Hey, hey, wait up, partner! Hold on! Wait, wait, wait! I ga… I gotta tell you something. Whoa. ARLO: Nice canyon. Hello! [Echoing] – OK, let’s go. – No, no. Bad Canyon. Bad Canyon. Come on, we’re gonna walk over this thing. Whoa, whoa, partner. Little red flag going up. Something’s telling me we should walk through it, not over it. Are you even looking at this thing? It’s got death written all over it. I’m sorry. But I really, really, really think we should walk through. And I’m really, really done talking about this. Over we go. – Come On, Trust me on this. – Trust you? Yes, trust. It’s what friends do. Look! Something shiny! – Where? – Oh, it just went over the canyon. – Come on, we’ll follow it! – OK! – The Only way i’m gonna see my son again, is to get past this freight car forest. – We can do it! Let’s hop on some freight cars. – Don’t Move! This is bad, Arlo. – Hey, Watch this! Arlo, Don’t bounce on the tops! They will not sting you! The tops don’t sting you! That’s It! If we jump on the top of the freight cars by the safe path. We should be able to cross the forest safely. Boing! Boing! Boing! Follow Me! Hey, watch this! The question is, Arlo, are you hungry? ‘Cause you’re about to eat my dust! Give it up ol’ lady. I dare ya to follow this path. Ha, Ha! I’m so fast, you’ll never catch me, Arlo. Just watch my path. The vampiress is the winner! Whoo-hoo! We did it! Look at us! Arlo? Oh, no. Arlo! Arlo! Arlo! [Gasps] Arlo! Ohh! [Screams] Am I disqualified? No, you’re doing fine! You’re actually winning! But you gotta stay awake. Where does El Primero live? El Primero… Wallaby Way, Sydney… That’s it! – Wallaby Way… – Stay awake! Stay awake! Stay awake! Stay…awake! – Awake. – El Primero. – Awake. – 42 Wallaby Way. Wake up…Dennis [Mavis Groaning] – Ooh, What happened? – Oh, saw the whole thing dude. First you were like:Whoa! And then we we’re like: Whoa! and you we’re like, whoa! You got serious issues, dude. Awesome. Name’s Papa Q. Bear. Papa Q. Bear! Really! OK, Mr. Q. Bear, um Arlo and I need to get to Sydney. (Gasps) Arlo, Arlo! Is he Alright? Oh, the green dino, Jaa, He’s right here. Whoa, bummer! Where’d he go? Hey, i know you. I told little bears all about you. So what brings you on this fine day to the E.A.C. – Arlo and I need to get to Sydney. You see my son, Dennis, was taken away from me. – Oh that is not right! Get Ready. Sydney off-ramp is appoarch. Hope you find Dennis, dude. – What’s you’re name, kid? – D-D-D-Dennis. – Well, Dennis, Now you’re stuck in the hybrid cage with the rest of us. – Stuck? – No way out, Kid. Unless, you can help. – Me? – There’s a lot of folks here, and i want you to meet them all. Take this Badge. – OK. If you could get a totem from each folk in the cage. Then maybe, you’re the one who could get us outta here. I Got a plan. – A plan, what is it? – I’m not gonna tell ya unless you can collect all six totems. – When you get ’em, come back and see me. – OK. – Hey, little guy, my name’s Big Paw, whatca doin’ over there? – I don’t know? But i don’t wanna be here! Ha Ha, join the club kid. Hey, look at that weird pebble. – Don’t be scared, little fella, we ain’t gonna hurt ya. – You’re not. – Nah, we were all scared, the first time we dropped into this tank. – Uh I’m not scared. Ha, ha, ha, Sure you’re not kid. Here take this totem. It’s my way of saying, welcome to the neighborhood. – (Gasps) What who who who’s there? – Dennis, My name is Dennis. I’m from the land. I’m Bones. Please to… THE LAND! YOU’RE FROM THE LAND! AAH! AAH! YOU HAVEN’T BEEN DECONTAMINATED YET YOU HAVE LAND GERMS!!! – Uh, I’m sorry. I just thought. – STOP TALKING! YOU WOULD BE SPITTING GERMY LAND POLLEN ALL OVER ME! – Um, Hello. – Bonjour, I’m Luigi. – I’m Dennis – Dennis, bon. – Bones won’t talk to me, ’cause he said i have land germs. – Ze Land, bon. Voila, Tell this to Bones and he will talk to you. You are ze next birthday present. – Um, Mr. Bones. Luigi, he cleaned me. And he gave me a message for you. – A Message from Luigi. What is it? – Oh No, I uh… I see. Had no Idea. Dennis. Poor dear sweet little Dennis. – What does it mean? – It Means you’re supposed to be Pac-Man’s new pet. This is terrible! – It is. Yes! But, but we’re gonna help you. First. First. How much time do we have? – I Have to know how long until Pac-Man’s Birthday. – Maybe i can find out for you Bones. Oh Yes! Yes! You go do that, Dennis. We won’t let Pac have you. – Hey, honey – Hi – My name’s Toadstool. – I’m Dennis. Welcome to my little corner of paradise, kid. – Toadstool, how many days until, Pac gets here? -Well, let’s count the days that El Primero hasn’t crossed out yet? – 1, 2, 3. – Three Days! Yep! Not too far away. – If you see my frond, let me know won’t ya. – Sure Toadstool. – Bones, I found out. I know how many days until, Pac gets here. – How many? – There’s a calender over by Toadstool, and looked at it. – Just Tell me. How many days? – Three Days. – Three Days. Three Days! – That’s what it says. – Oh, Dennis. Three Days isn’t very long. Here take this totem. It means we will always be friends. Wow! Thanks, Bones. – It Does Not Work! – What doesn’t work? Ze Diver, and my Keys. They are caught. You must help.

Finding Dennis (Mix-Up) PC Game Version Part 2/4
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