(Intro Music) Hey Guys, Welcome to Gamer’s Depot , with
this video we are starting a new series of videos called LOUD , which stands for Let
Out Ur Doubts, in this series I ll pick up 3 of your most appealing questions and answer
them.There will be a LOUD video every 3rd Sunday of the month where I ll pick three
more questions in each video.Now moving on to todays questions. Question no.1 When I did the Top 5 CPU video , Jaswant Kumar
Singh asked “Do we need a high end processor for gaming”.He is a very interactive and regular
viewer of this channel.I regularly mention that the Graphics Card is the main part of
the gaming rig, so he was confused as to why we should spend all that money on the CPU
and buy the i5s and the i7s.When you observe how the PC works , the CPU does all the calculation
needed to run the games while the GPU renders all this and displays it to the user on the
Monitor.In games these days , the CPU usage is not as much while they require a lot of
work from the Graphics Card,Cause most of the time, its the GPU that restricts people
from playing great games,thats why I recommend spending more money on the GPU.But if one
of the parts of a gaming rig is not as good as the others , the PC usually gives the performance
equivalent to the performance given by the least performing parts , this is the concept
of bottlenecks in the builds , So i won’t recommend ignoring the CPU or RAM or any other
part for an instance, if you wanna know more about bottlenecks , do tell me in the comments.
So I think that sums up his question, if you still have any doubts ,do tell me in the comments. Question No.2 When I did the ₹50,000 PC Build , yash kejariwal
asked whether he can upgrade to an SSD and if this build was future proof. So future
proofing a PC is quite trending these days but if you follow what I say next , you’ll
know why it isn’t a good idea to spend this much money on future proofing.Some People
bought the GTX 980 last year to future proof , when they had a budget of a 970 , expecting
, this will get them a few more years with this PC , they spent like $300 dollars more
a year back and now with the release of the Pascal series of GPUs and the $375 GTX 1070
being compared to the TITAN X, is a disaster for these people , they could easily have
saved those bucks and sold their 970s here for the 1070.Cause PC is a dynamic platform
unlike the consoles , you should expect these kind of improvement every now and then , and
should buy the best performance you can get now for the cheapest you can get , dont think
of after 5 years, cause after 5 years , the best hardware you brought today would be a
piece of junk . Moving on to the second part of his question , you can almost always productively
upgrade to an SSD , it justs gives you a sure bump in performance. Now finishing off with. Question No. 3 Lastly Kshitij Barnwal asked why I recommended
8GB of RAM but myself use 16GB of it. The thing is I always mention for gaming 8GB is
always that is what you will use these days , and a few minutes ago , I told you why its
not a good idea to plan 5 years ahead on a platform such as a PC , cause I have to edit
videos , stream games and other RAM consuming tasks , so I do use the extra 8 gigs , but
if you won’t use more than 8 i dont think spending that money now is intelligent enough.
Also , RAM prices just saw a rapid decline , with the DDR4 coming up , the cost of DDR3
memory is going down substantially , I think the prices have gone down to half it was 3years
ago. So finishing off with this video.Do tell me
in the comments if you have any doubts for yourself. If you liked the concept of LOUD
episodes do give this video a like and share it among friends and dont forget to subscribe
to the channel if you haven’t already , and ask out your questions, which could make it
in the next LOUD.Thanks for watching ….. Bye.

Do You Need A Good CPU For Gaming and more.. LOUD#1
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    Hey Guys , ask out your questions for the next LOUD, or tell me why you liked or didnt like this video or if I can improve and where and you can always ask for a video on your topics.

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