you you section mission complete flies an hour
this is echo checking in plus one go ahead echoes up there with you this is
Bravo we are both ready for the glide path Roger that Bravo echo can call the
ball welcome back you skipper Riley honor to have you aboard
sir but shouldn’t you be training dusty crophopper for the next wings around the
globe rally sorry Bravo why I’m here is classified
how was your sortie to be honest we’re both eager to handle something more
important something more notable wings of gold not all missions are about glory
even the smallest assignment can help many in ways we don’t immediately see a
plane can only fly as high as his team spirit of course you’re right these
pictures are all of top rally racers I heard you guys like racin so I’m
dropping off these souvenirs each tells the story about racers from
the circuit you is it hard to train a guy like dusty
crophopper and not usually but there was this one time when dusty got back from
vacation and boy was he rusty we’d love to hear the details on that sir okay I’m ready for a little workout
skipper why don’t you try airing out your wings dusty I know it’s been a
while great but the good work Justine if I call that
a job well done it’s time to try out some stunts I think you’ll like this kid
if you live has to point and want to get back quickly do a 180 turn one more to go dusty that was easy
right time for the tougher stuff time to clean some of that carbon off the
turbine blades head over to the marker Roger that skipper skipper what marker
I’ve mapped out a mark location for you check your GPS to find it find the
yellow marker and Clyde’s early we go oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about got it
use your super boost to find the next objective fly through it and you’ll get
a short burst of speed check and check get the hang of this all right
glad you’re back in the zone now it’s time to get serious these will help you
go faster if you collect enough of them but be careful you bump into a wall and
you’ll lose speed faster than you can blink so fly straight go hunt down those
speed meters and show me what you got hi skipper boof got a ball
every good racer has to have a good eye I hid a camera out there find it as fast
as you can and then head to the next rendezvous point now go snap some photos
you know the u2 could take pics from 70,000 feet but you’re going to need to
get a lot closer with this camera I’ll be scoring your results off to take some
pictures good one dusty I put wing point you can
collect inside the race target’s fly through the targets while boosting to
break them and get the wing points inside you’ll need to break them all
before I can give you the next objective remember to boost through those targets
you can’t break them otherwise yes I got it I’m going to collect every wind point I
can gotcha this wing points mine yes I got it that’s the last wing point mission
complete you see the navigation strobes on your
wings dotty adjusted them to help direct you to your next objective
the faster they strobe the closer you are to finding it if the light on your
left wing is blinking head to the left to find your attention if the light on
your right wing is blinking head to the right to find your objectives both wing
lights are breaking it means you to continue going straight ahead to find
your objective you’re done nice work on that last
mission does he now it’s time for a little secret jolly Lynch’s training in
air-to-air combat grab the toroidal vortex cannon right the tow RORO TOA the
vortex cannon it launches a strong burst of air retreat once you locate a target
knock it down with your vortex cannon well what are you waiting for go for it okay dusty just keep steady aim and fire
getting the hang of this we go
skipper said pay attention to my navigation strokes to find what I’m
looking for God of all that was only a warm-up but
Racing’s in Dusty’s engine even when he’s not in top shape he still enjoys
the ride now we test agility fly through each of the marked race gates if you
miss a gate you’ll lose your speed boost for a bit so make sure you go through
all of them now we’re gonna practice landing I know
there’s nothing to land on but we need to check and see if your rudders are
still working properly just pass through the Rings to simulate a proper landing
the more rings you pass through the more you’ll score the lines and the better
landing you’ll add try to fly through them all nice work dusty head back home and we’ll
get ready for the next sortie

Disney Planes Walkthrough Part 1 (WiiU, Wii, PC) Story Mode – Training [Intro]
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