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info Pro tip click subscribe,subtitles and start. 1-Discord Down
Discord is down but why,because of Google’s suite of cloud computing services were hit
with some technical difficulties.People have been asking and hashtag “discorddown” started
trending on Twitter as users worldwide posted about their struggles with latency and messaging
failures. Discord started investigating the issue around
10 a.m. ET Saturday after the company’s engineers noticed “anomalously high iowait”
across its databases, according to Discord’s online status report. A later update from Google pinpointed the
problem as “an issue with SSD Persistent Disk and SSD Regional Persistent Disks,”
a.k.a. where Discord and other services using GCP store data from their servers.But that’s
not all let’s see some memes from hashtag “discorddown
2-Mac pro goes up for order in December 10 The system starts at $5,999, plus the $4,999
Pro Display XDR monitor. Mac Pro specs
Cpu-up to 28 core Intel Xeon W Memory-up to up to 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC
Gpu-up to two MPX Modules with up to four GPUs
PSU-1.4 kilowatts Storage-up to 4TB of SSD storage
3-Intel will trade CPU dominance for success in new markets
Intel’s CEO Bob Swan sais at Credit Suisse conference. “We come to work in the morning with a 30%
share with every expectation over the next several years that we will play a larger and
larger role in our customers’ success – and that doesn’t just mean CPUs. It means GPUs, it means Al, it does mean FPGAs. It means bringing these technologies together
so we’re solving customers’ problems. So, we’re looking at a company with roughly
30% share in a $288B silicon TAM (total available market), not CPU TAM but silicon TAM,” he
declared at the recent Credit Suisse conference (transcribed by Wccftech). Thanks for watching and see you tomorrow,and
if you want to watch more see our X and Y show.Links below.Peace.

Discord Down,Mac pro,Intel will trade CPU dominance for success in new markets,
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