My name is Diane Matthews. I’m from Rotherham in the UK
and I’m a Cochlear™ implant recipient. I was twenty when I was first
diagnosed with hearing loss. It was progressive.
It was getting worse. I was becoming
very depressed, very isolated. The only way that I could
see forward was a Cochlear implant. I feel extremely lucky to have been able
to get the Nucleus® 7 [Sound Processor], to be able to start living my life again,
to be able to stop feeling as isolated and to start enjoying my life
and my family’s life. Florence thinks it’s wonderful because she’s only ever known me
as a deaf or hard of hearing Mum. The streaming functionality with the phone has been unbelievable,
not just for the phone calls – I also started playing music again. One of the things that
I really love is the [Nucleus] Smart App. It’s handy, there’s no
extra remote to carry around. It’s not something else that you’ve got
to think about because the app is just there. The quality of the sound
for me is very crisp, very clear. I’ve never known anything like it. Just to be able to walk along and actually
enjoy the wind blowing through the trees. It puts a smile on your face because you’re
actually then realising what you’ve missed. The Nucleus 7 [Sound Processor] helps me live
the life I want because it gives me everything I want. I just feel like everything’s better.

Diane Matthews shares her experience with the Cochlear Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor
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