(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, my
name is Blake Mitchell and I’m with
Microsoft and today, I’m actually here
with James from Dell who’s gonna be
walking us through some of the new
amazing innovation from Dell that we’re gonna
check out on the consumer side. James, do you wanna tell us
about some of the new PCs? – Yeah, sure Blake. We’re very excited to
be really demonstrating our innovation in the industry. What we see is we’ve refreshed a lot of our product
lines bringing in so we have the XPS 13, we’ve
integrated now eighth gen intel processors
across the line. We’re doing this in the
black with the silver, or the white with the
rose gold, color on there. So a choice of
look for the users. But, we’re continuing to
use the premium materials and the high-quality design that we’ve become known for with XPS. – Absolutely, I really like
that carbon fiber finish on it as well, it gives
it a really nice touch. – Yeah, and it’s
good, I mean in terms of the thermal management
around the products, an area we focus on
a lot to make sure we’re getting the heat comes
out of the side of the systems so it keeps the panel,
the touch pad cool, so it’s comfortable to use. We feel that’s very
important on our systems. And the thermal
management, actually, with the 13 inch two-in-one which we’ve also
updated to eighth gen. That’s using the Ambe
Lake processor technology from Intel, but
what we’ve also done is through the thermal
management of the system and our dynamic power mode. We’re actually able
to allow the processor to overclock when the
user is doing things that are demanding
and that helps deliver a better user experience, while still getting the benefits of the lower power so
the longer battery life, the lighter weight
of the system, so it really delivers
a great overall solution for our users. – Gosh, that’s incredible. That’s really cool to hear
the different approaches you guys take, even in
the performance section to really offer that
variability in one device. – Yeah, also with the XPS line, we’re also doing our bit to
help save the environment so we actually use recycled
plastics in the packaging for our XPS line and 25% of
that is actually ocean plastics that we’ve reclaimed
that is then being used in the
packaging in the product. So it’s not just
the product itself, we look at the whole experience when we’re delivering
that for our customers and doing our bit to
save the environment. – That’s really cool to hear.
– Yeah.

Dell XPS Lineup Gets CPU Refresh
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