I’m gonna spin the turtle into you know there’s no boxes there’s no boxes
I remember this there’s no incentive for you to do that difficult bit great for
the Oh God Oh after all that we went the Chiti way and we still missed it so guys
let’s try again get killed this time what’s that all right oh my girl that was scary
scary go let’s go to school at school no no no see I honestly thought it was when
you were getting low on lives they did that no this is the red damn god damn it
I don’t know why I just wasted her life I could have just quitted quitted okay
not on that on either so I’m kind of we’re kind of halfway through now and
I’m kind of thinking should we just should we just leave it see we’ve got
some more gems oh I really don’t know I’m not sure oh no I have a look oh I
should probably I should have probably googled which levels don’t do whatever G
what levels of I think we do I think we just missed them on this one to be
honest I think we just a generally think we just missed it on this week that’s
right there any we missed like we missed like two of them and I don’t know how go
okay JEP fine noise how you mr. snake yeah
this one definitely had invisible invisable my bugs okay this is where the
bats come yeah no did the bats only come once oh hello
nice to spider right firepits I thought that I was definitely on it murdered
there nope nope nope check for suckers okay so far so good
that’s waiter yep I like how it’s done that
little like see-through effects you can still see yourself by a VA so scary holy cow
wow that was P scary right so I got all these and I kind of expected that okay these are the ones that job okay we got this 1000 I’m not gonna spot
it oh oh oh I didn’t expect oh wow it’s a closed head I never got 62 so I think this is the last bit as well 67 okay so one more there is okay I
don’t know how we missed it last time then that’s weird
oh well goddamn this time you nice okay let’s not get cocky very nice nice
another gem on the two ball hey I love how your laptop just magically turned to
a gym that are exactly what oh he’s just like don’t forget about me right oh I don’t know if I can put myself through
this one again oh good boy the ones right well cook we’ll come back to that
one in a minute because it’s literally just days and then we’re back on them a
cool right so we’re gonna do boulder dash we’re gonna do boulder dash first
which I’m not sure how we actually miss them on this cuz these tend to be ones
where it’s kind of just they give you them nice this has got a bouncy thing so just checking and we just check there’s
no boxes I think it was like one of it no this is a little okay I don’t know
let’s run for it bum bum bum quite like the music on this one I realize jumping
in this one it Oh No make sure it makes it easier for you to get distance from
it checkpoint nope no I oh my god I didn’t think I
made that joke you’re watching out for four boxes that
we made no no no for me again no second chance to well maybe you have to go back
light on the the polar bear level one crash – no oh God
getting card bit very difficult so difficult right
is it this why is this about two bucks any reason no it’s just bouncing let’s
go bumbum oh god we’re going a bit too far you’re only got 17 of 35 and I should
not have been looking at that distracted myself this is a longer level than I
imagined no we hang it lives anymore
let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go metrical Boulder that just keeps rolling
no matter what’s in front of it actually one thing I’ve realized this isn’t
exactly on a hill is it really you know it’s not like we’re running downhill
it’s kind of just like rolling on a straight line and why is that log so big
oh yeah we are we are bandicoot villi little mouses so that’s probably why
it’s a large these like little pebbles can’t see me now let’s make it the easy
task difficult just run by this over my thumb keeps trying to
slip off the thumbstick going to hold it down so much I’m pretty sure I press
jump then what 60 lives the lad allows peeps so I think TNT would blow a good chunk
out of that bowl there which had probably stop it from rolling as well press the jump key James yeah there you
go how far we’ve got ahead of it now it’s for jumping Carney would see it dilly-dally all the way it’s yellow
never mind after all that after those many attempts it’s yellow purple like
I’ll remember now red let’s see how if road to nowhere has any anything better
see if that’s good agreement if not we have caught up on the ones we need to –
I just got one above it nope not quite sure why this is got sort of like
oriental music nice dog I can’t remember was there was
there an extra thing no it’s red see ya I’m not carrying on with that other
thing yeah okay that’s mosquito right so we’re back to crash them folks so here
we go heavy machinery let’s swap back to crash
ok let’s go we are on the 3rd we’re in the fourth
well then I think wonderful annoying oh I like this one
oh yeah but you can’t touch those things you know nope see if I can write those
hard to notice I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of things you can’t touch in this
one like these icy cold things or these red hot things whoo oh right I’m not
gonna try and jump on him I know he’s there we go hmm we seem to be in a bit of a pickle
here hey oh I can’t touch the cold on yeah let’s say okay then
as long as I can touch the cold ones I don’t mind
see I think you couldn’t touch either whoo Oh abrió funky music got a treadmill that’s what
supposed to be delicious 100% oh my god Hey Oh coin oh hey okay just ban him just in case
oh it’s just start oh god this is the start how annoying that that’s really
annoying let’s go quick – at least we get our accurately this time they don’t
want to just accidentally span him away last time


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  • August 2, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Awesome video! Looking forward for more 👀

  • August 2, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    Wonder how long this game will last


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