hi guys and welcome back to crash
bandicoot the insane trilogy now it’s actually been quite a while since I
played there’s been a couple of weeks because obviously I recorded quite a few
things in advance and obviously last time we finally got the gem cuz I had to
cut it cuz I got very angry it took me an hour and a half so I thought what we
should do today let me just switch to call call and we are going to go back
and complete the levels get the crates because we now obviously we’ve got the
green gem it unlocks and different sections of the other one so we’re gonna
try and we’re gonna go back and do these so I’m going to be recording for quite a
lot for quite a lot of time today because I’m trying to get ahead for you
guys whilst I go on holiday which is not good so we’re going for jungle rollers
with coca so we’re gonna do all these extra go back and thingy levels with
Coco because I think that I think that’s quite fitting I don’t know yep so this
weekend I’ve just I’ve just got back from camping the weather was horrible
despite the fact the UK being sunny everywhere else
and yeah it was not not at all so we’re gonna do we’re gonna go and get back all
these and then we’re gonna carry on with heavy machinery which is the level we
have got to oh no okay pop pop drive so we’re going back to get all the boxes
that’s the that’s the idea of this wasn’t this some thanks I like it kick
it’s pretty cool but yeah so um let me think there was like her or just gonna
say there was there’s a few of the state all the gems we’re gonna get and if I
don’t know whether the challenge is are different to get each gem why we see
that one way we couldn’t done yeah I was just you know just I was just
giving you an example you know I was like yeah yeah that’s that shit oh my
god about 31 that’s right yeah we got tons of lives from the level yeah
so because you can’t die that made it so tough you know you
I think I would get almost the end of the level and if he died you have to do
the complete thing all over again and the annoying thing was you have to
you have to completely reload so it wasn’t like a quick sort of crash
restart the level kind of thing it was a proper like I had to reload everything
that’s go back out to go back to the level so how I kept my cool I was a lot
calmer than I thought I was gonna be oh yeah so yeah so we’re gonna be redoing a
few levels I need to pay attention it’s been a while okay okay it’s been it’s
been at least a week in a bit since I’ve played this so give me give me strength
so yeah so I’ll be going on holiday look here we go look here’s the gym
it’s the here’s the new platform so yeah so by the end next this time next week
although well the timer the time it recording not when you’re going to get
this I am going to be ogre nice I’ll be on holiday enjoying the Sun and I’m
going to be taking Crash Bandicoot with me on my with me on holiday so I will be
playing it up see I won’t be able to record it well it’s not that it’s not
the problem I probably could record it on my laptop
however it’s not blade in it and you don’t I did we don’t get you think it
good see we’re doing a good Wi-Fi where we are okay forget it to the same place
this is like our 15th year in a row Yeah right so hopefully that’s all the
crates at this level now we’ve got this thing was it three I have no idea how
many we had left whoa wait for the skunk’s yeah I’m gonna be trying the
could be like I’m trying to get as much record as I can today there’s gone I’m
trying to get a bit of northern Springs done a bit of yeah I’ve got my n I’ve
got my ocular set up as well now so I’ll get and going to hopefully I’m gonna
might get a bit of VR for you guys one holiday say though the facility I want
to do a year I want to do a proper update but um I think I’m going to be
uploading like one Episode a day just so although it’s not gonna be you know
you’re not gonna be getting 30-second mods and stuff at least it’ll give you
something once a day that’s that’s that’s what I’m trying to so any like
1414 stuff so I’m thinking if I can get like roughly three hours of this she’ll
give you 9 episodes and then I’ll get the other episodes of northern Springs
that’s a massive model oh no we didn’t get them all oh for God’s sake God’s
sake me talking at me talking to you guys yeah I can get the boxes again it
was just the germ I’m used to I’m used to having to quit the level after last
time after doing about 50 times before me not paying attention I need to get
these boxes goddamnit well we’ll do the tough I’m not quite
sure on the time trial thing is this I don’t know I don’t know how I feel about
doing the trial trials ghosts like to get the Platinum of it if I remember
correctly you have to do you have to beat the time but you’ve also gotta get
all the boxes as well just to add insult to injury let’s try and not lose any
acuities this time yes that would be bad so China I’m trying to blast these Oh
God trying to blast these Devils as quick as I can yeah so I’ve just
finished doing a video on the fallout 76 beta because we finally be given
information and of course yeah that’s the information out to come out when I
was away on a camping trip so that’s really frustrating always happens I want
to be like one of the first to get the information to you guys but obviously
other things happen nope thank you no no need that like one client Thanks I see this is not life anymore so we’ve got to get them you’ve got to
get the bonus okay we’ve got the life back right I was over said I think it
was on said I missed two on the bonus that she’s weird hmm oh did I read the wrong thing
there’s literally five boxes I kind of I can’t have possibly missed them I don’t
know oh right sorry I I just recited that
lower for no reason didn’t I Oh kidding me here the two boxes and we have
unlocked the Joe can you see it got all the boxes yi oh god he died give
me the jam yay okay that’s one Jam folks I’ll try not to restart another level
perfect thank you oh we got a key oh no that’s just telling me I’ve got
one key cool thanks Kay Kay good oh my god you should have seen I think it was
in the other day some of the idols that Koga has is safe when she starts getting
it like it a failure now I’m doing like some selfies it’s very funny very funny
the great great I can’t remember well from its now some
of me my not able to do because like some of them require the different gems will be to go oh I’ve got it
but I’m pom-pom but I’m I haven’t had many of these actually I don’t know many
super will be diggers and there we go bonus time time to get the boxes okay pong buying buying got it
two more we’ll take those lives nicely done Evan out of it alert maybe on the
platform thank you eight boxes to go oh no this is not one of the green gem ones
okay that looks like yellow so we can’t get that one yet oh I need to run it
should really say like what one it is because I don’t want to have to play
through everyone Bogdan that one up stream see I think I think this might
like require like both gems so what I’m thinking I love those I love the sound
of hope for those issues so funny was this the one we had to go back for
before I’m pretty sure it was mr. Go Go Go Go Fish oh my god
really James really you got attacked by the gobble-gobble fish
it’s that technical night that’s why I’m calling this for no one
no gobble gobble fish no oak another gobble gobble fish mister gobbles Oh No
yeah well I don’t know can’t do this one I’m not dead yep thank you we don’t need
to carry on with this one I wonder if I press pause neither it
tells me alright no that’s good can I do that Rolling Stones let me see if I pause it
see if it’ll tell me like maybe as an outline of the color would be helpful if
it was it doesn’t say which is a bit unfortunate I didn’t know we could blast them
through them we just check I’ve forgotten
I have a funny thing this was one where it had it had a a box we couldn’t see like here or something there we go
oh I did not know there was a and here abrió on this one release oh Jesus do
you know give me give me me one pose simple mistakes steer this money in them
so we got to look out for the Brio stuff cuz I I have you already got it I’ve checkpoint right oh I did not see naked
bounce on them tears China I’m sorry I’m just getting paranoid the missing boxes the rest are just I don’t need them ah hang on
Oh God I thought this turtle might be here for a reason maybe not no no no no
no no no it’s not that I need another one I need a Brio nope maybe it’s just
I’m gonna get we’re gonna get to a path aren’t we that we go on we’re just gonna
end up getting to a path we can’t go on isn’t it that’s what’s gonna happen now
look so there must be one here it must be the most yeah okay none no extras oh no right we got
the bonuses anyway let’s get the out first Wow definitely other Sundays no I love
the life life’s lives right so collects limes also here nightly that’s that’s
what else for doing for the harder levels when we need like 12 million
lives we’ve got 50 lives it’s pretty good innit we should be okay for when we
get to the see that blue one god damn it which means you don’t get those lines
either no I’ve done that one hog wild native
fortress and then we run to the second island of the creek by native fortress let’s see if this one’s a green one
I almost hope it doesn’t cause this one’s way they were fastest level is
showing it’s a bit difficult bit our guts let’s try again
eat me thanks mister plant Oh Oh that was an achievement yeah
completely that was that was completely intentional ladies and gents completely
well and truly hey no food for you sucker
so is that challenges I need to actually I need to get killed by certain enemies
didn’t realize that sure we can I’m sure I can make that happen pretty easily no
time on this one okay jobs the good news there was one where we missed like it
said we missed Windsor boxes and I think I’m over this one fire fires nice show good doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo no nope nope
nope big ol knope’s to you nope nope nope
nope nope nope nope okay got you sucka Oh God Oh God do-do-do-do-do that was
the key okay I would rather voice it up than be
completely murdered to be honest all right fairness nice um Oh any Firefox’s
Hey name up nope better be two bucks whose
coin coin take the lives nicely done see you know this is what I was saying about
the game is like it’s a massive like skill change between like you have the
first island and then suddenly whack they hit you with this next next level
oh you know difficulty change see cuz some some of these levels could be could
have invisible things but are they okay good job we got that checkpoint



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