Xbox one build a national I mean I do
the intro we wouldn’t do this yeah you ready yeah ready you got it great in
this episode of the full nerd core I 9 reviewed soundblaster 30 done Sound
Blaster 85 alright here we go again in this episode of the full nerd core I 9
reviewed Sound Blaster AE 5 and Xbox one xboct P use is declared news at 11 welcome to the full nerd episode 24 did
I get that right are we on 24 sure did had even count yeah you got it recorded
on June 25 25 see I’m terrified sorry for up earlier welcome to the full nerd
episode 25 that’s for the edit which we won’t edit in recorded on June 20th 2017
I’m Gordon Mong with co-host Brad charkas hey yo
yes guests our special guest I don’t know why I even have this not it was
there like a non special guest it’s like not even special she’s special
Alain EE special guests Eleni and controlling the vertical and horizontal
Adam Adam Patrick Murray uh hey Gordon did you see all the hot new world of
warships Oh from e3 last week was there I was playing last night but yes you did
not just like the livestream and no really was I would have lied no no no no
there’s not nobody’s paying attention to that during
e3 come on it’s because it doesn’t they’re actually doing your own show
they’ll need III it pulled out a e3 couple years ago and said that exactly
yep yeah they don’t they don’t leave it okay
oh my god it’s a free-to-play model what do they need to pay them for
free-to-play it’s for you to buy stuff right yeah okay uh they were talking
about one in if you’re wondering right behind Adam is uh is our special guest
our other special guests Martin Williams who’s gonna teach us how to say aluminum
how do you say aluminum how do you say it aluminium uh I think he said aluminum
I said aluminum that’s why we’ll trance goggle translate what to say that is
aluminum nice uh but I want to get our first topic because we got a lot of
stuff to cover obviously we’ve been talking about Coraline it feels like God
four months it’s officially here now and of course I’ve lost my benchmarks we
actually have some benchmarks we’re gonna look at how I got it right here
look so Adam is actually in a flash let’s so basically if you don’t know
Cora nine benchmark reviews lifted this Monday at like 6:00 a.m. I’ve got a
small subset of them the ones that I think are important to talk about it is
of course I only review the ten core part I did get 2k
belike ex-parte very very late in the process but I’m not putting a 250 dollar
GPU into a 500 all a motherboard at this point so I’m not not really sure who
cares about that but uh can we get the first graphic up there Adam we sure can
here we go are we we were trying to go mad but
they’re good yeah so the first thing you are what are we here for audio people we
are showing you basically a a results from handbrake and we basically take a
very large 30 gig file we encode it in handbrake which is multi-threaded and
right on top of all these other CPUs we can see we share all the way down the
bottom of the Empire State Building down there is that 10 core skylake x part and
that is for the most part the story of skylake x the 10 core part it is simply
the fastest consumer cpu intel has ever sold us the score i9 right it’s pretty
impressive pretty impressive let’s flip to the next
chart we’re going to go on a Cinebench revolt as Cinebench results sorry for
audio listeners but I’m looking at a score of core I 9 of course my chart is
core i7 there’s just there’s a whole backstory to that core I 970 900 X xx
180 basically in Cinebench pretty damn good again this is heads heads and
shoulders over the eight cores an eight core Broadwell e 1554 you basically
you’re getting what mmm maybe 25% more cores for about 30% plus more
performance for that 10 core part of course you’re getting hyper theory as
well but audio listeners uh you can’t you can’t see this but the people that
are looking at this slide right now the go and we’ll look at that broad well II
that broad will e is right there now that is really kind of the problem I had
with my skylake X review is the 10 core Core i7 6950 X part the infamous 1700
$23 CPU is right there the whole time it’s in right in the rear view mirror of
skylake X and that is a little bit of a problem for sky like X but we’ll get to
that later let’s flip to the next chart yeah this is just this is just like
college there will be a test there will be a test what was the score of
Cinebench in 1872 I don’t know again pas vrai this is another three
rendering thing again skylake X right on top we see actually a better delta
between the ten-course Gallic X and the tank or broto II but it’s not that far
behind it and both those 10 cars are sitting way way in front of a core part
and I will say I just want to give the shout out to the AMD fans there look at
where that rise in seven 1800 X the thing is looking pretty right there
right 3300 versus 4500 yeah that’s big gap 1800 X is $500 right so that’s a
moral victory so in this part that we’re testing is a
thousand bucks right yeah this is a thousand dollar the tank core part is
$1000 and I’m actually the next one I picked specially because I want to point
out one of the key differences with skylake X we’re going to go to wind this
is a WinRAR 5.40 I also did run the 5.5 beta didn’t make any damn difference
again I’m going to explain it for the people who can’t see the chart on top is
no longer sky like X it is at 10 core Bodwell ‘part and then second place 8
core Broadwell ‘part finally third place 10 core sky like X and it is tracking a
solid third place of course you’re wondering like what the hell why if it’s
faster in all these 3d rendering apps why is it slower in WinRAR I initially
thought it was because of the cache differences with a 60 with the with the
sky like X because they did rejigger the entire cache design of sky like X it is
a different chord is not sky like K I guess is probably an easy way to break
it down for you for desktop it’s got a different cast but I talked to him Tony
said you know actually it turns out this is probably due to the mesh architecture
of sky like X so previously on broad well II on has well on ivory bridge they
use a ring architecture where they basically had a ring if you think about
it of these a ring connecting four cores a ring connecting six cores a ring
connect a Coors you get up to like you know 20
what 22 Coors 28 Coors that we’re starting to hit now that you know you
can see a ring architectures not going to work is it’s a great big hoop going
between between all those CPUs sometimes I’ll actually run multiple CPUs or
multiple rings you’re just going to add a lot of latency they Intel sees a
feature says this ring thing is ain’t going to work when we start stacking all
these cores on here let’s go to a new mesh architecture it’s basically like a
grid so all the CPUs are interconnected on a grid so you know it doesn’t have to
go all the way around to visit either the data doesn’t have to visit all these
other CPUs before it gets to the next CPU it can go directly from you know
core 0 to core 5 so this mech mesh architecture is pretty much the future
for Intel processors Intel says yeah and you’re seeing the result here in WinRAR
where the performance is lower than expected and it’s the it’s actually the
mesh architecture I actually saw that and also 7-zip as well sorry go ahead
so if they’re switching from the ring buss to this message architecture and it
results in a performance segregation at least here why are they doing that well
because um I Intel thinks that you know as as they get to you know 28 cores and
God knows where this ends right people seem to want more and more especially on
servers you get up to 40 plus cores on a die a multiple ring architecture is just
connected to each other it just is is going to put them at a penalty to AMD
which you they use a fabric right and you know and this is actually something
where people think well this is this is all because of AMD Intel did this mesh
architecture because of AMD and that is probably not your way there’s no way
because this is stuff that’s been in development for years and years and
years they didn’t just suddenly pull this out of like a you know their black
bag and stick it on the CPU and crank you know push the print button this is
something that has been in the works for years
it just happens to line up now with the launch of a rise in thread Ripper and
rise in so it looks like they are reacting to AMD I don’t think the actual
CPU designs that we’re seeing today are a result of Rison we are seeing pricing
that israel a result of rising but we are not seeing the actual design
that are the result of Verizon so I mean it is possible for more than one person
to have the same idea yes yeah and then you know again it takes a couple years
or more for these things to come to fruition so it’s I know people want to
read a lot more into it but I don’t think it’s their last couple charts uh
we can flip it really quickly we’re going to show you premier
premier we’re basically hey back to Scott like X being on top very nice this
is a CPU encode I will say I also dip you in code and people go use my GPU for
encoding and premiere I don’t care the Delta is between the ten core and eight
core and 6-quart we’re about the same except you could you know cut the times
in half so if you’re doing say a three-hour render on your GPU you know
it would definitely take longer on four core than it would on a ten core even
though you are doing that render on the CPU I I do select maximum render quality
so that does make a difference but it still does help to actually have more
cores in Premiere even up to ten cores so pretty good next one we’re going to
flip on the Rainbow six I’m not really going to run a lot of game benchmarks
here I’ve done a lot of reading of reviews on the internet and for the most
part the message is like yeah it’s the sky like X is a fine chip for you know
gaming it’s definitely a little slower in some things in actually the results
you see here it is number four between behind Broadwell bridle e kb lake uh but
you know you’re looking at what 267 versus 274 and Rainbow six siege at 1910
medium so we’re not looking at a huge difference here for the most part it’s
like you know you’re gonna play your game you’re not gonna you’re not going
to really suffer in a framerate advanced disadvantage so last one I’m going to
get to actually a couple actually this one’s cool this is an IPC chart where I
take sky like X I took KB Lake broad will eat everything and I just clocked
them at 2.5 gigahertz and Iran just Cinebench with a single thread and the
idea here is you can explore the instructions per clock of the chip so
sort of how efficient it is if they were all running exactly the same speed
they’re pretty close there were slight differences from because of the B clock
differences but for the most part this is a good message for sky like X because
you would think it’s basically 6700 K but we’re looking at sky like X here
having a higher IPC then KB Lake slightly we’re not looking at a lot
we’re looking at four people can’t see the chart we’re looking at 110 on sky
like X at 2.5 gigahertz versus a KB Lake part at 107 at 2.5 gigahertz and
Broadwell II 106 and actually it’s kind of cool has well an old Devil’s Canyon
Park but running at 2.5 gigahertz 101 and risin 7 is if you can’t actually see
this chart because you’re listening to the podcast rise in 7 1800 x 2.5
gigahertz 102 so I know AMD has said um the IPC is closer to broad well but you
know I think this kind of tracks with our I’ve read other results people
saying yeah it’s a little lower than what AMD said of course this is just
simply one test this is this is it maybe another test that puts them a little
closer but you’re not looking at a huge difference between 101 and Broadwell
part at 106 and the one thing I do want to point out is I do have the Vasher
part on this chart if you’re going wow look how great fish area is that is
actually not true because I left it on there intentionally I could not
underclock my 4 gigahertz for share it at 2.5 gigahertz it wouldn’t go that low
so I just left it at 4 gigahertz so that 94 that you’re seeing versus a has well
running at 2.5 gigahertz the Bashara is 94 Haswell is at 101 and Sandy Bridge
ancient 2600 K is at 89 so yeah hey Fisher is faster 4 gigahertz then a 2.5
gigahertz Sandy Bridge chip sorry I just sorry FX fans this was actually the most
interesting graph that you had in your overview to me
I did not expect sky like X to top the 7700 K in pure a PC I really did not
either and I think that is one thing that people got to remember this guy
like X is not sky like K this is not a 6700 K part 6700 K part was primarily a
mobile first part um sky like X is a server part so you know
powered be damned right for the most part so
it’s it’s got other it’s got avx-512 I couldn’t get in the weird thing is I
could not get avx-512 to run on my board after I updated the BIOS I actually ran
it a week and a half ago in a demo then I came back I i reloaded the OS and you
know and then I got the latest bios for it and I can no longer run avx-512 in
Sandra which is the only one I can think of where there’s a benchmark for it so
Sandra does have a built-in bench mark for avx-512 performance it’s awesome
because I will say I ran it again a week and a half ago but I there’s nothing I
have that I can show that to you but that’s probably realistic because
avx-512 which is supposed to give you awesome performance over you know we’re
not talking 10% games talking to 40% game if you know avx-512 is turned on
just pulling that number on my my nose orifice but there’s just nothing that
supports avx-512 today really so as but we will say as there’s more
avx-512 perform apps you know being shouldn’t see where we’re sky like x
ends up so i’m last one question oh go ahead a question first go ahead dear a
list so you talk about the bios right yeah i’ve heard other people say they
had some pretty severe bios issues or the reviewers as they reviewing this how
did the bios handle for you did you have any issues besides that i didn’t I so
originally the board I I have I ran this on X 99 or prime X 99 deluxe I ran with
an oo one BIOS initially then I’ve got a shipping closer to shipping BIOS of Oh
401 I had no issues honestly um I will say though I mean like I we were first
seated the board and processor at a workshop other people were having issues
there this definitely was not the smoothest launch let me say add and
besides the porn so the performance is awesome for what it is needs a lot of
caveats a lot of big ass Aster’s here but there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know
like uh my review is written all the reviews are written none of us know how
much Intel vrock will cost right and of course this is something we discussed
last time in the show until virtual raid on CPU awesome feature you can you know
you can raid up to 20 mdme PCIe drives to the CPU and boot into a Windows
partition I don’t know how much nobody knows
now Intel was I was like are we going to know like yeah yeah
again that info for you well it’s after launch you don’t have it one thing I do
want to mention which I probably should have the last time is this doesn’t mean
you can’t get raid 1 5 and 10 raid 1 5 and 10 and 0 still support it on the PCH
that is the chipset that is on the board just like it was an ex 99 just like it
is on z2 70 you can do all that but are you really going to are you really going
to raid for nvme PCIe drives on your PCH and then squeeze it through a by for Gen
3 connection I don’t think so it’s better to go straight using all that fat
PCIe into your CPU so I think it’s it’s a not a good sign that we don’t have
pricing for vrock and again so for Korra 9 this is the this is the soul core i9
chip the 10 core part the 12 14 16 and 18
does it come in later like I think August I think is for 12 and then
October for 14 dear 18 whoo that’s a ways out yes and I think you know yeah I
know that’s a long ways away in that and you know and again this we can get a
general discussion this is I think the pressure from AMD right I honestly think
this tank or part was what Intel was going to launch with originally when
they put skylake X on the roadmap two years ago and of course now we have rise
in that way a Verizon thread Ripper now suddenly we have 18 core core 9 parts
that probably were not planned two years ago so they will be taking their server
Zeon’s special like basically the best of the of those eons I can clock up that
has the the turbo boost to stuff and they will be moving those to consumers
so that is those direct I am I feeling is as a direct result of AMD and rising
and of course the price right I totally agree because all the higher court count
chips the 12 through 18 they’re just they told you how much they’re gonna be
and how much the cores are but that’s it they had everything else is a question
mark at this point yeah it’s rather odd isn’t it yeah we
know how we don’t how much we know what the core count is but we know nothing
else we don’t know clocks we don’t know anything else
so Oh PCIe lanes well yeah that’s right oh no we don’t even know that that’s
true actually we don’t I mean I don’t imagine they’re gonna like really like
we’re gonna give you 85 because AMD is given
sixty-four but I think it’ll still be 44 that’s my guess
I can’t imagine them going adding even more but maybe you know if you had an 18
core part with only 44 psi lanes and you get that river with like 64 I mean I
don’t think that looks great from a consumers point of view yeah I can
imagine I yeah but I I can also think I’m I
don’t imagine so many at Best Buy going well are you gonna sell me this bread
wrapper has 64 PCIe lanes well what well sir do you do you happen to are you
running or your home pornography a web server or something you need all that
storage yes I do okay well then I guess you need that you
know I would think that more PCIe it more PCIe lanes would be beneficial in
these kind of parts specifically because if you’re spending the money out of 18
core CPU you’re probably doing heavy duty stuff and you probably have
heavy-duty hardware accessories that go with it like a sound card with extended
storage maybe graphics card too so yeah I mean it’s fair but I mean I don’t
think I ever heard of anybody running out of bandwidth on a 40 Lane Broadwell
a year as well yeah the previous Extreme Edition chips all had 40 44 or something
like that PCIe lanes no one had a problem with it until now the thread
rivers coming out with 64 so right I think that kind of says something yeah
well I mean honestly I think they’re both fine I mean I take it I I my issue
I think 44 is great I’d be happy with 40 PCIe Lane what I’m not happy with and
then we did touch on this last time is for Cora 9 gives you 44 PCIe lanes core
i7 with the skylake X core gives you 28 and as well as a 6 core so the Intel you
know snipped off some of those PCIe lanes because you’re too cheap you’re
not paying them a thousand bucks right so so if you go eight core now it is
kind of yeah nerds they burn yeah because they’re $600 chips used to have
40 PCIe lanes so it’s purely a business decision right yeah I gotta say they got
a not like it matters I mean I mean for the most part people don’t need even 40
right but it just Bert it’s it would burn me to pay whatever the is it 500
bucks for the a core partner it’s got like Exorcist I think it’s like
600 600 cetera but other boards and the motherboard start like the cheapest one
you can get is two hundred and thirty bucks right so that would just that
would just burn me so do we acts I had one more tried I
don’t want to run it or not and should we do it let’s just yes I got it last
one this is just simply Cinebench r15 multi-threaded performance this is kind
of cool because it goes all the way from sky like x10 core down to that fork or
2,600 K now this is with the clock speeds not locked at 2.5 gigahertz and
it just it’s man we are just it is just the amount of performance you are
getting today on a core I 9 is very nice you know and again broader Willie and I
gotta say my broader Willie part when I test it originally I was getting about
1800 and I was looking at everybody else’s reviews they’re about 1850 1900
but i retested it and for whatever reason the board that I’m running now is
running all the cores at 4 gigahertz were it’ll run it comfortably and it’s
it’s you know you you don’t have to upgrade if you have a broader Willie so
no kidding ok yet same time you’ve paid 1,700 $23 for it so you’re ok with it
it’s a pretty decent jump too for our audio listeners we’re looking at what
2100 roughly for this 7900 X and then if you jump down to the Rison 718 or X part
which is number 3 on the chart that’s our that’s like 1600 right in its course
yeah and you know of course you know the moral victory is like hey I’m I’m only
paying $500 for that so I asked you think like looking at this chart for me
and of course I sort of keyed on this one I originally was like my cheapskate
was this I wanted out that rise in 7 1700 yeah and that is just like you are
getting 8 cores you’re getting you know and that’s the stock clock if you
overclock it to 4 gigahertz you get a little more more out of it you’re
getting a hell of a lot of performance for $300 right $300 you’re not that far
behind those 2 10 cores and you know it’s it’s tough to like it I think for
most people 6 cores or that that rise in 7 1700
a good part it’s a really good part yep especially because as far as we know
most pretty much all of them will overclock to three point nine four
gigahertz right around there so we’ll get you right up there with 1800 X if
you don’t mind spending half an hour tinkering right and of course you know
this is a multi-threaded benchmark you look at I think it’s actually pretty
cool – here’s we’re seeing the KB Lake and this kind of surprised me because I
hadn’t looked at the scores in a while but Core i5 7600 K no hyper threading is
pretty much as fast as a core i7 you know the the weird Broadwell part right
so that was the that was a broad well made for LGA 1150 X part and it’s the
same damn performance and that’s with hyper threading on that broad oil part
and it is more performance than you’re getting out of a Sandy Bridge acquired
720 600 K with hyper training so that that is that is very impressive that 72k
part I think a lot of people recommend that as sort of their like budget gaming
part and I gotta agree that’s a really good really good chip for it so uh
Gordon we got a lot of people in chat asking about real-world buying advice
charts are all good and well you know a lot of people tuned off it was just real
boring all those numbers I don’t too many members uh but but really you know
more importantly you’re not adding anything in here about price you know
price to performances is the whole other side of the coin right you know well
it’s I mean also people are like hey should I wait for the more consumer
coffee like you know stuff like that well I think it’s from a certain point
of view as obi-wan said right so look you’re getting from obi-wan or Obi Wan’s
point of view you’re getting more performance that Intel was charging you
one thousand seven hundred and twenty three dollars for just a year ago whoo
so that’s awesome but ya know it’s still four thousand I mean it’s really fun now
it’s just I thinking about this like what if they had Intel head and they
really should have introduced that broad we’ll eat at a thousand bucks right yep
if they come out with that broad well II was a thousand bucks everybody said
my god you gave us two extra cores for the same price you’ve been charging us
for an eight-core everybody would have been happy the a core would have like
migrated down to you know 600 everybody would everything would be you know but
we’re in a different world now yeah $1,000 for 10 cores versus you know 500
or $400 for an 8 core from AMD yeah then it’s a that is a that is it that’s a
tough one to swallow and for multi-threaded tasks right
so again when we’re talking about the strengths of this chip no sky like X the
strength is it’s going to kick ass and all your 3d rendering all your heavy
duty loads and media encoding things that were you really going to use 20
threads you know what people go like yeah thousand dollars that’s a ripoff
you know what if I’m sitting there and I’m getting paid as a freelancer to
render a project and it takes me five hours on a 77 2k and it takes me two
hours on a 70 900 X hell that’s worth it to me that’s money in my pocket right so
it pays for itself so it’s your point of view if you were looking at just purely
games yeah different world so and for best bang for your buck yeah clearly you
can’t be rising you just can’t beat it you can’t be eight cores for that look
at that that rise in seven 1700 part that is 300 bucks for 75% of performance
of a tank or part basically and what what do we think the upcoming coffee
like you know which is a little more geared towards mainstream gonna going to
bring in for this I mean it should people wait should people hang on should
they go for Rison I mean if they got the money to burn sure gopher sky like I you
know I don’t know what the core counts gonna be on coffee lake it’s another 40
nanometer part that we I’ve lost count there’s so many lakes can there’s cannon
lake there’s coffee lake do you remember Brad or Elena I just know so the next
one is another iteration it is a 40 nanometer part so they’re stretching out
40 nanometer again if we’re I think cannon Lake is a 10 nanometer part I
don’t know that’s I think that’s 20 that’s right we’re talking 2018 here if
you can wait if you can honestly wait that long then wait it’s always better
to wait price zero is better and I will say sky like X pricing will be better
next year you know thread Ripper will be here more
competitions better prices get lower yeah
you can afford to wait if you got to buy right now then you buy based on you know
what your needs are I was talking about this other day like there’s no such
thing as you’ll see a lot of people say what’s the best CPU there’s no such
thing as a best CPU there is such thing as the best CPU for you you play games
that’s all you do you play single-player games at home or you play games at home
you don’t do although I’m going to stream to twitch YouTube and Facebook at
the same time yeah 7600 K can’t beat it right it’s it’s
awesomeness for that kind of gaming purpose you play games but you also you
know work for living you do meeting coding you’re a video editor yeah then
honestly a hopefully the I would probably do you know for the best bang
for the buck then you’re looking at Rison seven right because a core or the
six core the Rison five but if you the problem those is there are they are PCIe
limited if you do need more PCIe lanes and X well the board the Brad can
probably talk about board prices but X 299 boards with the six core sky like X
part if you can get it which I don’t think you can right now is he’s not a
bad choice either to get all the PCIe lanes you just want more I mean 28s more
than 16 right so that that just burns me yeah it can be X part o the KB like X
part is yeah I didn’t even I did not review it but yeah keeping like X is
even worse because it’s 16 lanes of PCIe so that is I don’t even noticed a lot of
people talk to don’t understand it it’s aa really really no point in buying it
over KB Lake and especially because you’re going to spend $250 on that part
you then have to spend at least $250 on a motherboard and that’s crazy to me
yeah you’re so limited on what you can do with that motherboard at that point
dual channel only 16 PCIe lanes yeah but you know I sometimes I really suspect
until made that because they wanna cater to the overclocking sports people mmm
because I’ve said that even yeah so you know I guess I guess that’s fine but I
kind of wish you’d been the prices and been built that way because I honestly
think there’s six core sky like expert would feel more competitive you know
damn it like you know rise in fire pricing right because the six cores or
six cores like it’s probably gonna track a little
bit faster but you know is it is it $400 more you know it’s $400 versus you know
$200 for a 6-quart risin 5 parts so where’s it 250 the most the most
interesting part of this lineup to me even though you didn’t review it is
still the 8 core part which is $600 right which if you look at that that’s
only $100 more than AMD’s 1800 X yeah and you know it beats it in IPC
performance so it’s like sure Rison is damn good part too damn good prices but
if you’re looking to buy something similar and you want the best of that
core count next $100 doesn’t seem too extravagant to me yeah that is I have
that a core part does look attractive but you know then you’re burned because
you only get 28 piece a Elaine’s which is still better than what you’re getting
out of Rises a it’s still more than what you get with the 800 X yeah just yeah
just like you know it’s in there it’s turned off just to just to make you
angry well yeah because I mean they used to give you more with that core count so
not having it now feels a little bit like they just like yanked that string
you know you take something away it always burns you would just thought they
said luck we gotta be competitive this just give people give the people ah give
give the people of the 40 piece a 44 PCIe lanes right that’s that’s from
Total Recall uh what else do you want to cover on this topic we do have a couple
people in chat asking about the new sound blaster oh really
so yeah well what else we’ve got a cover on this I think we’re good we’ve watched
the bottom line I want to hear the straight bottom line so the bottom line
is straight talk um if you got to buy if you need to badass multi-core part now
and you got to buy right now by skylake X if you can wait wait for thread Ripper
let’s see what AMD can bring let’s see if they can bring him out in enough
yield to compete at the same time I was looking today you can’t buy no tank or
apart on New Ager Amazon right so impossible to get I would you know again
if I had to do today is sky like X but if I could wait I don’t know until
whenever you know thread river comes out I’d wait a couple months
justyou just want to see what what what AMD has offered before you make a move
is it’s a big investment for a system like this so I I would wait at some time
currently until thread Roper shows up this right now is is the is the big bad
moment right at 4000 bucks 10 cores hi clocks better IPC then even what you’re
getting out of KB like human so it’s hard to beat that
except for this thousand dollars nice better than 1700 yeah alright cool
move on to a sound blaster really so people actually want to know okay yeah a
couple do you have fellow people out there I dunno yeah if yeah it’s probably
like is it actually everybody at crater right now like oh they’re gonna come out
creative so uh I’m gonna make do we want to roll b-roll or do we would say I’ve
got some b-roll here so just tell me you know you should talk so we just talk so
basically I did a hands-on preview of PC roll calm I have not reviewed it yet
because clearly sorry skyla gets more important than Sound Blaster card um
it’s a brand new sound card Oh course oh here we go lights we have a digital
connector looks like you can just beautify our LED digital lights string
brand new sound card is not something you’d expect to hear in 2017 well I have
LED lights too it just seems so like but really yeah why is that why is that why
are their lights on a say look that’s the thing now everything has to flash
I know but everybody was like okay I do you lost me there cuz I said sound cars
just to make it sound better not like make your case look better but it’s just
a you know creative says hey you know we throw the lights on there gamers like oh
oh boy I just got LEDs so look there you go the LEDs there I just spent like 20
or 30 bucks to get a LED strip for my new case I I’ll bow out of this company
I would say it’s also not just the strip but I mean the card itself they put RGB
lighting on the cards RGB lighting oullette that’s nice you get a lot of
out of it I mean so you know of course the lights are what everybody notices
but they’re actually under the hood there’s quite a bit of change for the
most part the the Sam core 3d stuff is the same but they have at
32bit ESS dak and the amplifier is now to two separate amps one for each
channel of your headphones and there’s a special jack on the card for the
headphones creativeness is like yeah you know no one’s really using speakers
anymore we need to address people that are using gray pecans
it’ll drive those really high impedance high resistance you know I like to say
resistance for some reason because I’m not an electrical engineer but I I it’s
it’ll drive those five hundred ohm you know cans that people run so the
studio quality cans so you know you have all the the cool creative stuff but for
the most part the audio quality should be pristine I did it just quick listen I
liked it over on board audio which i think is probably what I would put it
against Elena actually I think you have a different opinion but we didn’t have
much time to really look at it so well you also kind of spoiled the test for me
which you told me which one was which that’s like dude you kind of do a blind
taste test here now I don’t know if I’m like subconsciously tainted yeah so we
got a great question from the chat what is this tech and gamer for life on
YouTube says uh do you think the average person would need a sound card Wow
thought oh wait Brad’s gonna go Brad I have a thought yes I’ve been testing
some other a 24-bit Sound Blaster card and someone who has traditionally just
used normal headphones motherboard audio I mean why spend more uh and I’ve
actually noticed sounds that I didn’t hear before through my standard you know
I have raised Krakens I have uh other headphones and I’m hearing sounds like
an ex-con I’m hearing crackling speakers as I get next to him that I never heard
before so if you’re spending a bunch I don’t think it’s a must-have by any
stretch of the means but if you’re spending a lot of money on a gaming rig
already and you’re spending a lot of money like on the graphics cards and the
visuals I think it’s a good extra purchase to get more out of your audio
as well as your video and the rest of your games and everything like that
that’s pretty fair I mean I’ve always used a sound card so I think on board
doesn’t yeah it works but do you think the comparison is like I was saying
although I don’t think the scale is right it’s
like an eye GP somebody just playing you know a low-end game on an IG P versus
you know an entry level you know GPA what’s what’s better right yeah you
could do this on that IGP but it’s gonna be ugly right so motherboard I mean
motherboard as what I’ve always use motherboard audio and I’ve never had an
issue with it and I think that if you don’t have the budget for it then stick
with that because it works just fine but if you have you can get sound cards for
100 bucks this one’s a fancy 32-bit one I think that’s the first 32-bit one ever
and it’s 150 bucks if you already spending $1,000 on a fancy gaming rig I
think it’s worth the extra 100 bucks yeah just experientially yeah okay no I
also think need is kind of a strong word right it may really also depends on how
good your hearing is there are some people that I know who can’t pick out
certain details even if you have them set up on a really high-end kind of
setup whereas some people like my father I mean that man can pick out the
faintest detail in like a hail of bullets in a movie so it I would also
just tailor your purchases to what you know about yourself
that’s from having children I don’t say because you’re right Brad no no I’m not
making this up you’ll be sitting in the living room you you can hear that
crackle of the potato chip bag which it was that it’s like no what are you doing
right Mary Ann what are you doing opening the potato chip bag it’s like no
you can’t eat potato chips close to dinner now you don’t have that sound
card that’s like you’re not gonna hear your kid you know and that’s not the
same so there there is some chat in YouTube you know people are talking
about hey the the price you know versus getting an external deck which you know
as a video sound professional I’ve always run external decks you know so do
you guys have a preference you know do you want something a external like that
or would you rather get a video card or email sancar for me a card IRA
so the one thing that the whole external DAC you know external because I mean
your USB you’re used to cheap old USB kans that everybody runs today that’s an
external back right so you there’s no that’s all done outside the box that
sound when do even on the low end that sound will be cleaner than most of the
of a cheap motherboard the sound will be actually cleaner because yeah external
but so the one argument that I still believe in although it is very hard to
justify is a sound card lets them do post processing it lets you if if there
actually is any advanced you know 3d audio that is even done any more in
today’s games it will let you take advantage of that moreso than an
external deck which can be pristine but you’re not going to do all the fancy
direct sound 3d stuff now the problem is you know what direct sound 3d is dead
it’s really hard to get anything that supports kind of these Advanced Audio
API so it really doesn’t in that case it’s like yeah it’s probably better to
run a DAC I mean unless Microsoft comes back and says hey we want to support
direct sound 3d or there is also the Xbox audio I think X audio 2 or
something like that if that is that is done inside internally then yeah I mean
that’s that’s you’re probably going to get a better experience out of a Sound
Blaster card or or a zone are than you are from an external Asus make sooner
than you are from an external day long answer do you think it’s worth the price
difference i I don’t know yeah it’s tough like it depends right so yeah
you’re talking if I’m talking like you taking $150 and you taking a step down
from a 1080 to a 1060 or 1080 to a 1070 I got to say go with the 1080 I’m sorry
I love audio and all that but if you’re looking at given of that kind of
performance to go from a 1080 to a 1080p I take that ti and run at the same time
you’ve got your build you’ve got your 1080i you’ve got your all set of stuff
and you’re just looking for ways to justify paying for your forty four lanes
guys see me drop a sound card in there although I mean the card is like a buy
one card so it doesn’t take a lot of bandwidth but but clearly yeah if you
it’s an extra it’s like I actually thought I
would you consider an external I’m not external would you consider a sound card
like g-sync like you know I play on a 60 Hertz panel at home I’m fine
but I can tell you g-sync is just beautiful and free sync let’s get the
shout out to AMD – it’s beautiful it’s just like could you go back to running
on a sixty Hertz panel after you’ve done g-sync or free sync once you’ve used
that you can’t go back and I now that I’ve been dabbling in sound cards I
consider it the same I’m always gonna have some sort of either an external
deck or a cheap sound card and all my computer’s going forward they’re
luxuries that are nice to have and once you get used to them you can’t go back
yeah so uh igloo says uh so Gordon basically says unless you have 1080 Ti
and an i7 you shouldn’t even consider a sound card yeah I would agree I mean I
would not buy a hundred and fifty dollar zone our or our Sound Blaster to put in
a five hundred dollar bill I just think that’s a logical I would make my five
dollar build a six hundred dollar building put her better GPU in but a
larger SSD in I mean it’s unfortunate the PC every PC is a life raft right who
you gonna push overboard right and when you’re down at that low end yeah the
power supply goes overboard case quality goes overboard it’s like a little sound
card you’re gone – right and then yeah there you go subsc right to the
philosophy of dumping everything overboard and hard to get to your price
you know like you are so focused on specific parts where like you’re
actually willing to buy a case so that included PSU and unit yeah I’ll do that
because I got it audio is a big deal so I mean no that’s the beauty of the PC
right where you can actually tailor your bill to what really matters to you my
care even if you don’t game like if you just like listening to music I think
that would be to be good additions yeah yeah I mean well and hey to your earlier
point when you’re talking about speeds and feeds you know that not a lot of
people don’t have a PC just for gaming right they’re doing other things so if
you’re doing content creation yeah you want good sound you know like that like
it’s like I need that so it’s it’s a definitely I would I would much rather
take a you know one step down video card and be able to have good audio in there
because I do look but ton of work on there so to me it makes sense yeah go
ahead sorry I would say that if you’ve got a decent PC it’s a great addition
400 bucks like if you have like a Core i5 or horizon 1600 X PC and you have a
GTX 1060 or 480 you know a good 1080p machine I would rather spend a hundred
bucks on the sound card at this point then I would to upgrade to another
higher step-up graphics card or processor if you have a good enough PC
that’s a it’s a decent hundred dollar add in or less yep do you really have a
few spare oh no no I have all kind of cables I’m
just giving him crap it’s a usual lightning in like
SATA cable oh he’s got an official PC world fidgets spinner all right well uh
yeah I mean are you gonna do a review on this I’m what can people look forward to
I yeah so people look forward to what I really want to do actually I’m gonna
give shout out a tech yes citied actually did a pretty thorough analysis
of audio coming out of the the AE fog Sound Blaster 85 he said its stellar I’m
going to be running some blind cash test because I really want to see I’m gonna
take a very good motherboard great onboard audio and I’m going to put it up
against a e5 get a bunch of people I’m not going to tell them what’s in it
ask him what they prefer so that’s my plan for how to review the quality of it
so awesome see so do we want to get to the heavy hitter yes I’m gonna bet about
this topic alright let’s let’s let’s move it on a
little right Elena its Elena’s gonna bring us up to this one alright so you
know last week was it last week feels like ages ago last week was e3 it was a
you know like Oh week ago Microsoft Philly announces Xbox one X so it’s
there that’s their official name now for a project Scorpio the 4k console we
didn’t get any really new information in terms of what’s under the hood just
really the name and the games was where the main focus and the price and the
launch date so November 7th $500 once one configuration as far as
I can tell so for five hundred dollars I mean Phil the PC and honestly you can
build a 4k 30 but PC so I decided just as a fun exercise I would go through and
try to price out a PC and see how low I could get it given current pricing and
what the state of things are right now and oh boy people are really interested
in that topic is that like a plus interested or more like they they wonder
well it was interesting because I wrote it from a very neutral perspective right
because I have one foot on like each side of the divide where I really love
the PC I love what it can do but I mean I started as a console gamer and always
kind of kept up with that I think we are almost all started as console gamers of
course mine wasn’t in television so that’s I guess is an Atari nice
speaking of apparently Atari is gonna be bringing back some hardware TBD yeah
yeah I’m sorry is that Atari yeah oh I know but I really you guys are still
like doing that like death spasm thing like I thought you just kind of give it
up the only existing weight runner basically yeah so I real quick you know
maybe start off with you with your thinking that went behind this and then
kind of go over the I pulled it up here too you know so kind of step us through
what what what you put it okay so the one problem with the build is obviously
since Microsoft uses semi custom parts you can’t find the exact equivalent
off-the-shelf so I decided just for the sake of it partially for costs and
partially it thematically keeps up with that I went with as much of an AMD build
as I could so I grabbed for my part list the FX $8,300 that is on paper I guess it’s an
8 core part but we all know it’s not really a core part it doesn’t perform
like a modern 8 core yes right affects fanboys so it would still beat the pants
off of the Jaguar cores oh yeah
right when you’re when you’re putting what like maybe like a five-year-old up
against a four year old to have a punching contest it’s kind of like okay
well that’s that’s cute so FX 8300 and I also did my best to make sure it
was actually compatible and wasn’t going to fry and as best as I can tell that
CPU will work with that motherboard if people on forums are to be believed
should it should it’s a so the first as rock or the FX 8314 yep $45 yeah I mean
there’s like there are the whole motherboards that just like part of it
there are billed notes on this like that so this is all pricing as of June 15th
which was last Thursday I published out are gone Friday morning
so that $45 price includes I think a $10 mail-in rebate or $15 mail-in rebate Ram
I just grabbed eight gigabytes of standard ddr3 RAM 1600 megahertz single
dim single damn dates for cost on forty seven dollars and price is crazy yeah
yeah Ram stick cost more than that whole motherboards the kicker it does it’s
forty seven dollars kicker this is that you can get ddr4 Ram for like that price
they’re slightly lower ddr3 is just kazeer I don’t think anybody’s fabbing
it’s just like I know it’s sitting around in the car like a vintage part at
this point but I did that eight gigabytes just so that because it’s a PC
and you’re probably gonna be renting other things like I didn’t want to
hobble it unnecessarily even though for gaming you’re going to be relying on the
memory and live graphics card so that’s 47 bucks and then the graphics card
comes with a big fat asterisk because as we all know it is really hard to get
1080p cards right now so I picked for the build an rx 580 the 8 gigabyte
version and in theory if it were in stock it would be a it would be two
hundred and sixty six dollars from a vendor right now but we all know one
that’s not the list price and two that’s not the actual going price
the street because you can’t get them because of minors so I’ve used for $400
oh my god we’re not even more since we last talked we’re gonna save that for
after this really let’s get you I want to get to this part slow yeah so and
then just grabbed a one terabyte hard disk drive 50 bucks now Microsoft didn’t
give any details about what type of drive it was they didn’t say if they
were sticking with the 5400 rpm drive if they had gone to a 72 hard 7200 rpm
drive or if they were taking a page out of their elite configuration when they
released that was like a year year and a half ago which had a hybrid Drive
oh really yeah so that was like their premium one which cost like an extra
hundred bucks or something and since this is a $500 console I could see them
putting it in but there was no confirmation all there was was like in
the digital foundry like preview that we all read back in April they hinted at
some kind of like 50% more bandwidth and it’s like what the heck does that mean
you guys like did you change the connector type is it now six SATA 3
instead of SATA 2 or so I just picked for sake of simplicity 7200 rpm Drive
and I just moved on with my life looks 30 bucks 1 1 terabyte caviar blue
and if you want to read you can go to PC world the story’s still there yeah
optical drive because Xbox one has an optical drive this is this is where you
have to make a sacrifice even get close to 500 bucks I went with a standard
blu-ray drive for 43 bucks the next build up gripped the upgrade build
quote-unquote uses an actual 4k blu-ray drive and as I’ll explain in a moment it
completely like changes the pricing yeah and then for the rest of it I just kind
of picked the cheapest things possible that wouldn’t potentially blow up the
case so no no PSU case combos got really off here no no this is these are pretty
decent prices so $35 550 watt 80 plus bronze PSU just like a standard ATX case
from a manufacturer that was well-known enough that I don’t think
I’m gonna get cut when trying to put parts into it because you can go more
you can’t go lower but that’s when you start sacrificing actual blood for the
for the cause alright so Thermaltake 550 power spine
and Thermaltake versa case time being in thermal takes a known name 70 bucks 70
bucks for your case seven $69 that’s like a man that is not a that’s not a
budget build you should like my feeling is should be like $25 for case and power
supply I’m not really into missing the power supply that you would choose and
I’m also not willing to risk the like bloodshed that is sure to occur and
I have smaller hands and I still have more problems with that and then finally
OS we use Bratz technique of llena was it jinglun I don’t pronounce it like
penguin penguin license and then there kinguin another 10 bucks for shipping
because I couldn’t find anything that was completely free or didn’t qualify
for prime shipping okay total price not including tax now and if
you were really good with filing all your rebates 652 books so will this so
we think this would give you X Box 1 X performance or close to it I guess yeah
because I mean console gaming they’re they’re probably not they’re I mean
they’re not going to be able to shoot for anything like higher ultra so
they’re playing at normal game settings yeah and they’re not going for they’re
not going to get 60 frames per second in every game so 30 is the bare minimum for
what I was going for on this I mean that five the other the majority the cost is
the 580 do you think you could step it down and you know still try to get I 70
when you wouldn’t cut it ya know for 4k yeah that’s Brett Brad
you’re the GPU expert for that’s that’s for smooth 30 X 30 frame rate careful
someone’s gonna make that into a little clip buttery smooth 30 frames a second
experience there well yeah I mean if you look at the teraflops look because AMD
makes this and it makes the GPU inside the Xbox one X the the teraflops are
like one to one right there they’re basically the same it’s the same kind of
experience and that if you use a mixture of medium and high settings
is realistically what consoles use you could hit 4k 30fps the majority of games
with a 580 I think if you go down to a 570 you couldn’t if you go to like if
you try to spend 200 bucks on a three gigabyte GTX 1060 you cannot game at 4k
with three gigabytes of memory so okay Eve even if you bumped it down to you
know low settings oh you you could but an Xbox one X right
so Elena um it’s weird I’m seeing this part list
here but where’s where’s the controller oh man yeah so it’s not really that
price right well if so here’s the thing and I I should have made it explicit in
the article but I wrote it for PC world and so most people on PC rolled our PC
oriented they’re going to be interested in this from a PC perspective which
means most like the knots are going to play with a mouse and a keyboard so I
figured that the point of this build was from that perspective that you were just
building a PC to mimic the performance level of an Xbox one X and on top of all
that you would still have everything you can do with a PC but that was like the
number one piece of feedback I got in the course because of course this
article attracted a bunch of people who are console fans and so they want they
wanted to prove that there you know new thing to rally around is just that much
even like that much more better how was it yeah ok so thanks box 1x gives you a
ton of value for your money yeah that’s basically the short of it because if you
add on the 4k blu-ray drive to this you have to completely change his
configuration you have to add in a KB Lake processor either an i5 or an i7 and
then you have to change the motherboard and there’s only I didn’t know this
until I tried with Gordon and this is after I published the article because he
was so deep in the weeds with this guy like X a review that I didn’t you know
actually have a chance to really chat with him he’s like did you know that
that pioneer 4k blu-ray drive that you put in there is actually only compatible
with three motherboards for the for the you for the ACR stuff
yes you can do 4k blu-ray on the PC you just can’t do it with the HD are yours
right and so that’s specifically for just
watching movies off a disk in HD are because in order to have that capability
to match the Xbox one X you end up selling out like another 200 something
dollars so the final build total for that was I think like nine write
something and almost $300 more actually and keep in mind 44 that is for if you
want to watch HD are you have to have Intel SGX technology on the motherboard
and that’s only going to run through the IGP
so you’re not going to be running it on on rx 580 which is another thing that is
like oh so there’s there’s a lot of weirdness to getting and this is all for
the DRM components that’s embedded in a CR 8 and as oh those those blu-ray
drives so so so very rare they’re very rare and PCs it’s surprising actually
and like impossible to find a 4k HDR blu-ray drive yeah because I mean the
the the check off list they even get the thing to actually run power DVD which
the new version supports fine I’ve seen the demos it’s awesome but it’s like
okay this is not this is really hard to justify I’ll just I I will get an Xbox
one if I’m sorry sidenote there’s a lot of people saying they want more hardcore
hardware videos gordon people are fans of you serious if you have the last
Rison one but side note Elena um why not go with a free OS you know
steam OS or or Linux well do you want a smaller games library sure so I mean
that’s the only thing about this build so this number 2 thing that I got as a
comment was a bunch of people pointing out that Microsoft obviously gets volume
discounts you know is the scale of which they can men you have these manufactured
and like the volume pricing that they get right so it’s like
they kept saying people kept saying of course you can’t beat or match or beat
that prize I don’t think that’s necessarily true because right now we’re
in the middle of high RAM prices higher storage prices honestly there’s no SSD
in right and then on top of that there’s just that when we’re about to get to the
hole like crazy situation with the graphics cards that like that 1080p
ultra range yeah so I think as we get closer to holiday this could really
change so that by the time like November 7th rolls around wit combination of
deals and hopefully better availability you could match that honestly 500 bucks
I think at lower range as long as you don’t want that 4k HDR like disc
playback ability and honestly being PC gamers you can do law the 4k HDR stuff
through the graphics card as long as you’re okay with not doing it through
like optical discs so you’re set on that side of things I think possible we’ll
see I think it would have definitely been possible six months ago because six
months ago or a year ago you could find a gigabyte R X 480 the predecessor to
this selling for 200 bucks on sale sometimes so that would not 66 bucks off
you could knock if you don’t need the optical drive that would knock off
another 43 bucks that’s 100 bucks off you know the RAM would have been half
that price so that would have been another 25 bucks off and you could get
damn close to 500 bucks just right now it’s a really hard time to try to build
a budget PC yeah also another random side note you know to play games online
you know you got to have Xbox Live Gold you know and that’s you know anywhere
between 40 to 50 dollars a year yeah well retail bi usually can find a
cheaper prices but you know on the PC you don’t have to pay for that for
online so you know so reviving they’re here five times 60 that’s oh yeah Angie
it’s team sales and there’s all kinds of benefits to being in the beauty
ecosystem but that doesn’t I mean that’s kind of a different conversation that
raw Hardware discussion yeah although I gotta say I that 450 maybe even for $650
build that is how a lot of hard work even at the inflated
prices that it that it’s you know we’re sort of living in that’s remember $650
used to be IGP and a you know a four hundred gig hard drive you know it was
one of your specials with PS yeah that’s a Cuban Gordon look at the same you can
say forty bucks right here if you’d gone with the case power spike the secret
there my secret to the case combo move this is my signature Gordon move I’d I
pulled that on so many people over the years in assure you you buy from a
company that has that you can call and complain to so a lot of these people
have lifetime warranties but like Roswell is a house brand for new egg and
you can call a new egg and say my power supply blew up and you know eventually
you’ll get somebody and they’ll replace it eventually he’ll get something well
you know it’s home support is not we’re not you’re not paying you know Tier one
boutique pricing where they come out in the Swift you’re seen they’re gonna it’s
going to be work to get it but you can get a replace I think it’s you know it’s
a good way to really just cut a lot of the pricing off of it so so here’s
another good question from Facebook Steven Lopez wonders is Microsoft making
any profit from the Xbox one X you know now that you went through this what do
you think do you think they’re able to agree some problem actually said I think
it was a Business Insider interview that so they asked them are you losing money
on this and he he wouldn’t answer the question he just said they’re not making
any money off of it huh so that’s the mostly no that’s which is really good
because in the classic console model they just they taken in a shorts for
years and years and years on the hardware I mean I can man I think Sony
still paying off the ps3 right it’s like 25 years later they’ll still be paying
for it yeah thirty year loan for the ps3 I think so processor yeah so Spencer did
note that it’s not that way with this particular like model that there that’s
not their actual business model for this that they just plan to take like massive
loss on it to push the platform so it sounds like they’re close to breaking
even if not breaking even on this at least right
my feeling they’re right on the line yeah and they make the money up in the
software so it means for them it’s pretty good for both yeah for Sony and
Microsoft basically becoming pcs it’s actually been a good deal for them I
think this one like this pocket 1x actually like supports free sink
monitors and they’ve been talking about adding keyboard and mouse support over
time so no never yeah and it’s the it’s supposed to be VR
ready although they didn’t say anything about it at this year’s e3 yeah this
could definitely run VR oh yeah I’m just not bad there’s they haven’t said
anything about like what headsets they’re gonna support or whatnot and
they said they seem to be still you know touting that flag of Xbox games on PC
you know like PC anywhere stuff you know like I felt like PC was still getting
love you know even even during this round we got a guy on YouTube PDP draggy
ass can you etherium mine on xbox though
yeah that’s a great way that brings I want I wanted to say something about
this before we saw all right Brad the most interesting bit of this whole
exercise to me is seeing how much it costs between the motherboard and the
drive and everything to add 4k HDR playback to a PC and that makes me like
the Xbox 1s the cheap two hundred two hundred and fifty dollar one that much
more yeah it’s 250 I think yeah you get it
for 200 on sale right now but wait let me point this out though so the RX 580
in here it’s 266 we know realistically if you can get one that you have to
stand in line in front of the store and get it at five o’clock in the morning
right it’s gonna cost you five hundred bucks but isn’t it cheaper because now
you can mine with your PC like I’ve seen estimates
where they will pay off like the GPU your GPU purchase is paid off within
three to four months of ethereum mining right oh yeah it’s all about return on
investment yeah you can make a hundred and ten on the card I’ve seen up to one
hundred and fifty bucks a month Wow Wow recently cuz now they’re in the middle
of that pricing bubble which again is the segue I guess that’s a segue I think
that’s like well just that’s my move that was my senior
that was the news at eleven oh right feels like water is poison in your local
reservoir news at 11 it’s a tough are I not a toilet kill you but here’s the
national emergency I have declared I we have officially declared a national
state of emergency for gpus you can’t get the damn things no more right you
can’t you can’t you can get a you know a ten fifty or five sixty or a 1080 and
that’s it even those it’s ten eight I was looking
the prices have spiked up a bit they’re like six hundred and something dollars
again I what the hell’s going on is it really just the mining it’s the mine
it’s all kinds of money and all kinds of money they’re going through bubbles
right now and a lot of them uh I think we talked about this last time reliant
on GPUs so like back when the Bitcoin craze came about and you couldn’t buy
radians forever it’s kind of like that except for now it’s with like a theorem
and see cash and stuff like that different technologies but radians have
been sold out and impossible to get for a month now or so maybe a little bit
longer and now over the past week it’s starting to hit Nvidia to like I just
wrote an article about it today you can’t buy at GTX 1063 gigabyte for a
reasonable price you can’t buy uh the gtx 1070 don’t even try to buy it like
they’re sold out like this was would be three hundred eighty bucks the cheapest
one I found was four hundred and seventy and most were closer to $600 Adam so
Adam Saul you’re from $700 buy he had a 1080 at that point well that’s what I’m
gonna do it if you’re gonna do it for gaming you should buy ten eighty but the
power use and efficiency combo of the ten seventy makes it more efficient for
mining oh wow oh my god this has it I picture them
like you know like that the massive drug farms
one of the things they have problems like oh my god they cuz they can find
them by looking at how much power they use so they have to like we have to
minimize our power usage so they can’t spot we’re doing all this mine you go on
there there’s all the grow lights but it’s just basically a bunch of radians
and geforce cards okay I want to know how many people are
actually doing this from like their offices where like they don’t actually
track power consumption they just quietly have it runny under their desk
other you know doing their spreadsheets for the day I think you’re given people
too many ideas here yeah I don’t know if you’re quiet
yeah I know somebody who’s tell me even our nine cards like are fantastic in
aetherium like so our older the three 90s and stuff like that you can if you
have those sell them uh uh well the problem is now you can’t buy an upgrade
to attention be anymore so I don’t know if you have a couple of them someone get
a ten eighteen well it sounds like or at least uh we
got somebody in YouTube saying that there’s a no shortage of EVGA ten 70s
and they’re traded in program the refurb program really so who knows but uh
that’s their trade in program now that’s different than going out and buying one
yeah yeah you were thinking evj would just sell them to somebody at full
retail you know that a bunch of we got a truckload of these ten 70s will sell to
you you’d think they would take all these refurb parts and set up some GPU
mining of their own right alright good way to pass the bottom line oh there are
OEMs well there’s system integrators is the correct terminology apparently is
that the that that have actually done that they’ve actually set up farms for
for the last last Bitcoin thing I’m sure that they’re redoing all that over again
so what I’m worried about this is worse than the last time because with Bitcoin
you couldn’t buy radians for I swear like a year and a half is this ever
going to go away and then it’s so bad now that people are just doing buying
geforce even though they’re a little less they’re less efficient than Radeon
right they’re just getting a minimum it depends there’s different technologies
like they’re better at D cache so until fourth but yeah it’s spreading so what
do we do I mean because it’s only gonna get worse – you just lord what you
whining cry yeah don’t spill water on what you got my god
or you sell it at a tremendous profit yeah listen you can’t buy another one
that’s the thing like people what people were doing when this first happened is
taking their 480 and selling it for you know 400 bucks and then going and buying
a 380 gtx970 so upgrading a deer but now the
GTX and 70s are sold out too so so now you have to upgrade to attain a TTI
something that you can get at once oh that sucks I just had to you know just
have that it’s all that was in there and that’s crazy
so yeah that this all this got sparked we also had a question about about this
right but yeah we’re on the the Q&A section so if you have questions for
these guys just to chat them in and we actually have a bunch to rapid-fire yeah
so let’s go through some of ours I start going through them because these are
this is from dawn I can’t read my printout it so tiny down the wazoo
do you think which other mentions it oh no I just was on Twitter correct this is
on Twitter do you think this CPU jen is a mess and next would be I’m going to
guess he’s sitting and the next would be great for both the next generation would
be better for both Intel and AMD I have a core i7 3770k and a 1080 founders
Edition and see no reason to I’m gonna assume upgrade because Twitter he can’t
bit more words in yeah so yeah he was looking for gaming and he has he’d said
in the follow-up tweet a 1440p 60 frames per second monitor 1440 60 ivory bridge
with a 1080 founders edition i yeah i mean i think it i must go ahead Brad you
want to go and go unless you’re streaming or doing something else crazy
while you’re gaming I would sit tight on that right hey although I I gotta say
the chipset is just oh my god it’s ancient ancient crusty old chipset so
there are some reasons to upgrade em to USB 3 one all kinds of cool new new
technology but yeah new newer technology faster if you don’t need it then yeah if
you’re fine don’t spend the money way for something better right next Matt
Jarrett on Twitter when I turn on or off my PC build the fans go hard for 2 or so
seconds and then calm down temps and fan speeds look alright what gives question
mark anybody my past bill did that as well like what right as I powered it up
the they would spin up and then they would
come back down yeah so I would a standard yeah it’s pretty standard I
think it’s I go in it serve it’s probably your motherboard just spooling
the fans up to max voltage and you might be able to change the mode in the fan
profiles to turn it down some of them also have a dust blowout modes where
they attempt to blow the dust out of the system when you power up or power down
by spooling the fans up at full speed it could be that but my guess is it’s just
when you turn on motherboard is giving everything you know max amount of
voltage you’re spinning up to all they can and then it shuts off so I got a
random question for me I’m sorry I have a CLC system god I guess I bought it in
2014 I’m starting to hear the faintest little
bit of liquid noise you know when it’s pumping through yeah should I be worried
no I wouldn’t worry about it okay I mean I I would go till late the temperatures
are not running right yeah okay so I or you know what like everybody says they
all love their air coolers walk by big jar near cooler and scratch the hell out
of your hands when you put it in so no I you know there’s there is that that that
is true you don’t really have maintenance on a air cooler generally so
next question Garrett at metal head 11 12 487 on Twitter I recently upgraded to
a 2 kg sink panel I’m running to 9 64 gigabytes cards in SLI and it’s not up
to par upgrade now to 1080 or wait for next generation Brad sounds like you uh
if it’s not up to par what you doing today you can always wait for the next
generation with PC stuff I mean there’s always something new right around the
corner we have no idea when Volta the next generation Nvidia parts are
actually going to launch um we do know that
AMD’s Vega part is going to launch at the very end of next month whether or
not that’s a hard launch or a paper launch we don’t know so you might want
to wait a month and see what that offers compared to the GTX 1080 but I would
have no qualms buying a GTX 1080 right now it’s just a kick-ass garden it
doesn’t look like invidious next-gen is going to come out in the next few months
at least you know I died yeah boy you know and
actually he’s perfect he sort of he luckily mrs. assuming he’s a he yeah
it’s a he he misses that whole you know 1010 7480 thing because he’s got a 2 kg
sink panel so I’m gonna assume you know 120 144 Hertz panel 1080 would be great
for that so mm-hmm yeah I guess I’d wait and see what what
what psg sink yeah if you have G sink I would totally just get a 1080 but
don’t you want to wait to see what AMD does even if ya it’s not all that the
prices will that’s the price thing I would say that even though you’re not
going to move to Vega if they put enough pressure on a video is likely Nvidia
could drop prices a little bit more on the 1080 or even 1080 Ti so it’s a fine
point it’s it’s worth waiting if you’re not in a rush right yep
Nvidia is that being said SLI 4G for gigabyte 960s will definitely be have
issues with that display so if you feel like you need to upgrade now don’t feel
bad about upgrading now because you can only use the 4 GB of memory and sli and
a lot of games don’t support this Ally so you’re probably having a rough time
with that Bandol you know 960 is a little tough I think Donna on it G think
helps yeah but you know I could definitely see I know great definitely
would be nice PN you’re right nobody’s gonna not gonna
sell the juicing panel you wouldn’t go to Vega on your g-sync so locked into
Nvidia forever as much as I eat as much as I love Jason can precinct I hate them
too yeah I wish they would both just support a universal standard but this is
clearly why this dude’s gonna buy nvidia till the panel dies right so next
question oh wait we just talked about a Garwin we
did talk about the squeeze average gamers GPUs yeah we’re just screwed
national emergency we need we need like it there needs to be a Manhattan Project
to lower GP prices or something again okay Brad what’s your take our folks at
at kasuga this is from Fiona Fox at because kasuga gaming don’t think the i9
is a homerun for most gamers I don’t think extreme edition or thread
repair chips are in general home run for gamers I think you’re better with the
mainstream platforms but I gotta say isn’t art isn’t cazuca gaming aren’t
they like streamers I believe they are yes so if I were if I were Intel I’d say
well hey if you want to stream to Facebook YouTube and what’s the other
one twitch there’s one more to whatever twitch if you want to do all three at
the same time and probably also send it to Twitter you know they’re arguing that
yeah you need a you need a core I 9 for that because it does help and I think
gamers Nexus actually did some streaming tests and um he was finding that yeah it
does help if you’re doing multiple multiple multiple services so if your
yeah he said is a step up over risin if you are streaming to like YouTube and
twitch simultaneously yeah I think in the real world the number of people who
are streaming to both and not one or the other simultaneously is pretty small and
is probably professional outlets like us yeah I great will I be streaming to
twitch and YouTube simultaneous but I think most people either switched stream
to twitch or YouTube in which case something I cries and would still
probably be a better value proposition right but at the same time if you are
doing multiple multiple services that’s kind of a homerun right so mm-hmm all
right ah I don’t know if you just do it is I’m
just kidding Nathan Edwards a wire cutter Fame I used to work with Nathan
they needed to I think right uh he wants to know what the over-and-under on
actual Thunderbolt 3 shipping on mobos now that Intel’s opened up the spec uh
you’ve actually been able to get Thunderbolt 3 I’m not aboard for about a
year I know maybe about a year and a half sorry though not many mostly
gigabyte the first assisted to do some adding cards I definitely think it’s
going to be you know it’s going to be on the very expense of other boards now
especially because it’s hard to justify the need on a desktop it’s great on a
laptop you can run internal graphics you get all kinds of cool PCI external PCIe
stuff but on the desktop you’re gonna be running a GPU you really
don’t need Thunderbolt 3 it’s nice to have um it’s going to be a premium
feature for at least I think 18 months probably
let’s do bad though because even on desktop you can at least take advantage
of the faster transfer speeds if you want to do for like the systems that
really popped up like you think it would like there’s not that many hard drives
and stuff out there I know but I almost feel like it’s chicken-egg sort of thing
right like the ones really adapting like adopting it so then no one actually
makes products for it and so then it just kind of perpetuates yeah it’s
expensive and you know for the desktop again hey you know we got we got PCIe
lanes we have a whole 28th of a month some Intel CPUs so most people would
rather just do that so it’s a tougher sell it is a value-add I think and you
know I’ve got on some boards I’ve never used it outside of testing because you
just don’t need it so but yeah it will come because it’s gonna get cheap is
going to get free this is from Marshall victory PCIe nvme vs. m2 slot speeds is
the PCIe nvme slower slow enough to notice or about the same as an m2
anybody wanna take that like it I think that unless you’re transferring large
amounts of data regularly they feel the same than everyday practice yeah I think
sort of one thing you also have to remember with m2 is M 2 can be PCIe nvme
up to by for Gen 3 it could be ACI up to you know Gen 3 you know by 4 it can be
satis so if it’s actually a SATA 16 MDOT –
yeah it nvme will be faster but like Brad said are you gonna be able to feel
it I’m actually going to try to do some testing pretty soon so we can see the
difference hook up with two systems exactly the same one with SATA one with
an nvme PCIe drive and see what feels different to people so another blind
taste test another blind test says night I think
actually we’re gonna we’re going to try to do the video on that one and we’ll
play back to see you’ll be able to see where you start to see the slowdowns on
one machine that’s the plan anyway so that’s Syria this makes me want to go
off on a quick tangent just a sentence or two the current state of storage
technology is in in confusing to normal people yeah it’s
like what you just said about the m-dot – that’s totally true and house you know
my friends can come to me to say hey what kind of storage drive should I get
I can’t explain that to him in a sentence anymore
Brad you’re us go get a SSD but your friend will come to you and say should I
get the 70-200 or so to get the 5400 rpm hard drive that’s what most of our
friends will say I don’t get that I get just the what’s an SS de yeah yeah
that’s just by what I I gotta say yeah I don’t yeah yeah it’s a mess cuz there’s
definitely sad SSD there’s you know I’m that – there’s you – there’s PCIe
there’s God look it’s crazy well actually that’s a it’s a great
segue into one of the questions I had on YouTube elope as 580 as asking is you
dot – dead on the desktop I don’t think it’s dead I think it’s just it’s just
starting to get here there aren’t too many Yuda – drives I can only think of
one honestly um but it makes a lot of sense because you know although I say
the Train is from copy text everybody’s like going on our board supports three m
dot two drives down on the board knee Hey so it’s hard to see you two getting
hold right now but I would rather have a bigger fatter easier to cool you dot to
drive over an m dot two cards stuffed under a 1080 TI card or you know
whatever Nick’s in you know card it’s just they overheat
hey and like oh I need to pull this drive out to swap it out oh no problem
pull everything out of the dam on the board just to get to the dam dot to
drive that kind of sucks let me tell you so yes I hate when motherboard vendors
put that underneath the graphics card they don’t have to oh yeah and you know
because it’s you know they’re also doing now because all the boards they’ve got
like hey we’ve got three MDOT two slots on this there they’re taking them out
two slots and they’re putting it you know they’re low on the board and
they’re like the lower right quadrant and then they cover it up with the
heatsink and that’s a part that’s molded as part of the actual motherboard you
know plastic cover so you’re like I got to pull that – just to get the MDOT to
drive out of it then the thing that other the other
thing I really does suck it by m dot – Elena Kenda protests like that little
screwdriver that little screw right and you’re like trying to put that in and it
falls magnetized screwdriver man yeah but that’s just live without it and you
not to drive you’re just like it’s just like a regular you know normal external
storage that were used to we’re not external but internal right so I I would
prefer it you dot 2 over m the two there’s also power issues with them not
to I forget what it is like I think it’s bad I don’t remember 18 watts 20 watts
you really can’t pump that much power through em – you – you can use a lot
more power so u dot – is the future so the future you’re here to correct your
first like the future is PCIe they’re directly into the slot is probably the
the highest performance but you dot – makes a lot more sense all right we got
a good question from fabulous will the KB Lake Fork or eight thread have better
thermal performance than 7,700 k assuming both are deleted with liquid
metal I don’t know I mean it’s the one thing as I’ve heard conflicting
information I heard auto copy text some people
saying that all they did was shut off the IGP permanently shut off you know
fuse off the IGP on the on the big you know core X version but I also was told
by a vendor and I think God I thought I’d Intel said it too but they actually
had basically eliminated the IGP so because there’s no IGP they don’t have
to worry about oh my god you know this spec says this what if they run what if
they actually turn on the IGP it’s so much power the in theory KB like x vs kb
lake k shit overclock better assuming they’re both deleted and you know in
fact the overclocking record for kb lake X or kb lake period was set at Computex
on a kb lake export so i’m gonna guess it’s gonna be better because why the
hell go through all that work to make it absolutely no better than kb lake a but
that is entirely possible – so oh really I’ve never diluted a chip and I’m never
going to you know they interesting thing too is
I’ve heard conflicting information I’ve heard from vendors that a deleted sky
like X parts and it was hotter and then of course you know other people I think
gamers Nexus they did it and it was a thermal paste normal thermal interface
material which I don’t think is a proper to me like thermal interface material is
the material that gets you from the die to the heat spreader
so that’s solder T right so interface material you’re interfacing with it but
maybe that’s just because we’re kind of word nerds but um yeah versus pace
versus solder I’ve heard conflicting information I got to go with what I’ve
been seeing publicly which is it is just just cheap a space that Intel’s putting
under their house noisy P it was so yeah bummer
any more questions out of ah no nothing nothing of note I mean people asking
about more Xbox 1x stuff but yeah so you know we’re not really
let’s not really er yeah just get a PC build a PC yeah that’s that’s my advice
of course that everybody knows my bias so let’s wrap it up before before Brad
melts in the Sun he’s getting yeah in the Sun yeah looks hot in hell in there
Brad okay I’m gonna take us out anybody got any last words nope okay
thank you for joining us check back in two weeks for your fix of PC talk on the
full nerd for audio listeners subscribe to us on iTunes Google Play or stitcher
send questions and comments please do if you’re an older person like me who still
uses email at the full nerd at PC world calm yes the full Nerissa roll calm
that’s not perfect the PC world thanks for coming I’m Gordon done with Brad
charkas adios Eleni bye everyone and Adam Patrick
Murray will take us out and be sure to tweet morphing ball with all your xbox
1x questions thanks guys bye

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    BUT (and it's a big but)
    I could totally see why businesses would opt for the 7820 over the 1700: they have no interest in "overclocking" a bunch of boxes they're going to give to end-users. And if a business has large enough resources, the $150 difference between the 1800x and the 7820 is possibly worth the convenience and performance.

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    32bit dac? That's marketing talk… Even getting a dac that can perform with the noise floor of 24bit is amazing. Then again, still totally useless because with a typical ambient noise of 30db, hitting the limits of 16bit audio would make your music 96+30dB, in other words make you deaf. That's not including dithering which further increases perceived dynamic range.

    Sorry, but I feel like almost all people who talk about audio, particularly amps and dacs, have no idea what they are talking about. Nobody talks about output impedance for example. So and so fails to drive a headphone, but please first explain to me what driving means, what the related equations are, how one goes about reading specs to figure out if they have enough power, and logically what the result of inadequate power would be.

    But, kudos to Gordon for having the idea to double blind test… it's a sad I have to give kudos for such a thing, because it speaks volumes about how people treat audio and disregard scientific testing to weed out placebo and expectation bias.

    If I were to talk about audio the the first thing I'd do is write several papers on methodology to carry out a DBT.


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