Hi, everyone. My name is Matthieu. I’m part of the PresenZ team. We are here at SIGGRAPH
on the Intel booth showing Construct, a volumetric
movie in our PresenZ formats, and we are showing it in the
brand new StarVR headset. This is a volumetric movie. So instead of watching
your movie on the screen you can actually
be inside the movie and move inside the movie,
get closer to the object and to the robots
you are fighting, because it’s a story
about one robot who is fighting for his survival
and the survival of his family. So the whole project is based on
something we wanted to achieve. It actually puts the
people inside a story. And we wanted to do that
with the quality of images that you get for a real
movie, for a standard movie. So when you are
going to a cinema, you are used to a
certain quality of movie, and that’s what we
wanted to have in VR. So we created a
movie format called PresenZ that makes it
possible to pre-render images and still have six degrees
of freedom at play back. So you don’t have to go
through a game engine. You can actually
keep your pipeline and use your movie assets
to create a VR experience. So for the moment,
we have a plug-in for [VRay and another
one for Arnold. But we’re going to
release the SDK soon that will allow any studio
to parse on their own engine. And so it will be possible
to keep their pipeline and create a VR movie
exactly the same way you create a standard movie. So its just like another render,
another way of rendering, but the rest is the same. So why we are here
on the Intel booth is because we are collaborating
very closely with Intel. We’re actually using the Intel
hardware and specifically, their fast SSD. Because PresenZ
Volumetric Format requires or produce
quite a bit of data. And the only reliable SSD
to play back our movies is actually the Intel
PCI-X Processor, the 750. But we are also using
recently the 760 and SSD. So this technology
really helps us to deliver our content in the
location-based entertainment center that we have. The one that we have
with Starbreeze in Dubai, for example, but I also the one
that our partners are opening. I invite you to check
our new website. It’s Presenzvr.com. So there, you have
a lot of information about what PresenZ is. You can also download the tools. You can start testing
directly without having to register or do anything. So you have also the player that
is available online as well. You have all the documentation
and everything there. If you have any questions,
you just reach out to us. You have all the contacts
on the website as well. For StarVR, they
have also websites, and they will ask
StarVR.com, and you can ask all your
questions there as well.

Construct | Volumetric Video Experience, by PresenZ and StarVR | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software
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