Welcome to this video presentation that
is going to teach you how to log onto the Algonquin College WiFi network
from your Windows 7 computer. Once you have opened up Windows, in the bottom
right hand corner find your Internet connectivity icon and
right click on it. Select Open Network and Sharing
Center From here you can select set up a new connection
or network. Select manually connect to a wireless
network and click Next. Now enter the network name AC student. Make sure you use a capital A, capital C and a capital S. Under
the security tab, select wpa2 enterprise and click Next. Now click on Change connection settings under the Security tab, ensure that protected EAP is selected
for the network authentication method. Now click the Settings button, uncheck
validate server certificate and click Configure. Uncheck automatically use my Windows logon name
and password and click OK. Click OK, and now click on Advanced Settings. Check
the box next to specify authentication mode, select user
authentication and select save credentials. Here you’re going to type in your username and password. This is the same password that you use
to log into any computer at the college or on to Blackboard, and click ok Click OK and close all these
boxes. Now scroll down to Internet connectivity icon and left click on. Select AC
student from the list of available networks and click Connect. As you can see we are now connected to the AC student
network. If you need extra help, please visit algonquincollege.com/its/support/wireless Thanks for watching!

Connecting your Windows 7 Computer to the Wi-fi Network.
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