>>STUDENT: You know, the world shares a common
language; and that language is fun. People everywhere play games, and I get the privilege
of making them. It’s a career that requires a broad range of skills,from working with
computers to being part of a creative team. That’s why I got my degree in Lane’s Computer
Simulation and Game Development program. It helped me get a great job in a growing industry.>>ANNC: Lane County is the heart of Oregon’s
simulation and game development industries. It’s a field that features scrappy start-ups
and established players. With the expansion of game apps for smartphones and tablets,
not to mention on popular sites like Facebook, there’s room to grow. Whether you’re an artist, a programmer or
a designer, you need a mix of technical and people skills. Our graduates are great communicators
who can work well with others. They also have strong computer skills, along with a methodical
approach that includes attention to detail and the ability to troubleshoot and solve
problems. They land jobs with small studios and larger companies. Some even become independent
developers.>>STUDENT: I love this career because I get
to work with people who are really passionate about what they do. It’s hard work but also
very enjoyable. And even though there are companies all over the world, I love that
I was able to find a job right here in my own backyard.>>ANNC: Design your future with the Computer
Simulation Game Development program at Lane Community College. Start your career here.

Computer Simulation and Game Development
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