As human beings were tool builders, and I can say without exaggeration that computers are the most versatile tool
that has been created in human history. Computers are power tools for the mind, and we’re just starting to discover the potential uses for this tool. In my own personal research on game AI, when I’m curious about how a game should best be
played, the computer allows me to effectively create an answer key. I can look to the back of the puzzle magazine, and see, you know, what was the
play that I should make in this situation because I can’t do the
trillions of mathematical calculations but I can have the computer do it in a
blink of the eye. It gives a feeling of having a superpower. Programming jobs are growing the fastest of any sector—50% faster than job growth in general. The average software engineer
earns more across their career than the average NFL or Major League Baseball
player, and of course you’re more likely to get employment as a software engineer. If a student is a problem solver
and they enjoy solving problems with computers, I strongly encourage them to
study Computer Science.

Computer Science at Gettysburg College
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